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The 25 Best Family Guy Tattoos & Designs



The Best Family Guy Tattoos and Designs

Are you looking for some inspiration on the best Family Guy tattoos to get inked?

Good old-fashioned Family Guy values can be found in these awesome Family Guy tattoos. The popular show has been around since the ’90s.

Now that this show has officially been on TV for over a decade, there is a lot of folk out there paying homage to their favorite, foul-mouthed cartoon family by getting ink inspired by the Griffins.

One of the most popular characters to make is Peter Griffin. The cheerful, yet idiotic, the family man has brought laughter to millions and continues to do so on a regular basis.

From fighting chickens to assaulting a whale at sea world, there is never a dull moment with Peter and many have now been immortalized in ink.

Within this article, we’ll show you the best Family Guy tattoos and designs.


The 25 Best Family Guy Tattoos, Designs & Ideas

So what are the best Family Guy tattoos out there? Many are inspired by Peter Griffin himself, the lovable, rotund father figure who always seems to get up to hijinks in Quahog, Rhode Island.

Some people prefer to get a more interesting, tertiary character tatted on their skin, such as Quagmire. Others, however, have chosen to document some of Family Guy’s jokes.

Here’s a collection of the best Family Guy tattoos:


25. Soldier Brian Tattoo

Here we can see Brian being a soldier holding a weapon. In the background, we can see the American flag, with some watercolor splatters on it.


24. Smoking Brian

This simple tattoo is showing us, Brian, with a bong. This tattoo is made with fine lines and the only color we can see is the red color that symbolizes his necklace.


23. Shooting Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin is holding a gun and looking angry. He’s wearing some blue shoes, red pants and an orange shirt.


22. Sad Peter Griffin

Here we can see a sad Peter Griffin sitting down holding his knees. This is also a simple tattoo with barely any shading.


21. Peter Griffin Surrounded By Flowers

In this beautiful piece, we can see a happier Peter Griffin dancing around a purple and pink flower. He’s using a purple fading scarf.


20. Peter Griffin Drinking Beer Tattoo

Here we can see Peter Griffin holding a beer while he’s cheering for something. He looks happy and he’s wearing his original clothes that he’s normally using.


19. Naughty Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin looking naughty like he’s about to plan something that will make him happy.


18. Mermaid Peter Griffin

This hilarious piece is recommended if you wanna make something funny. Here we see Peter Griffin in a totally new outfit, he’s a mermaid.


17. Who Wants Chowder?

Who wants chowder? Here we see a cool tattoo that’s located on the wearer’s arm.


16. Lois Griffin

This tattoo features Lois Griffin in a sexy suit. The ink is black and grey and it’s placed on the wearer’s leg.


15. Joe Swanson Tattoo

Here we see Joe Swanson in an old school style tattoo. Under him, we can see a colorful flower with colors such as pink, purple, yellow, and some green leaves as well.


14. Inked Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin having his face, neck, and arms fully covered with tattoos. He’s wearing his original outfit.


13. Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire is looking happy and holing his thumb up. He’s wearing a red shirt with yellow flowers on it. Behind him, we can see a blue square. This tattoo is located on the wearer’s ribs.


12. Family Portrait

Here we see a lot of eyes, from the Griffin family. This is a collection of the family, so if you’re looking to make a simple tattoo with all of the family members this could be a great one to do.


11. Darth Vader Stewie Griffin

In this tattoo piece, we can see Stewie Griffin looking like Darth Vader.


10. Crazy Peter Griffin Tattoo

Here we can see Peter Griffin looking crazy and holding in some kind of pink drink. He has some tattoos in his face and there are some tropical colors in this tattoo.


9. Badass Stewie Griffin

Badass Stewie is taking a ride on his bike while he has a cigarette in his mouth. He’s wearing some tough boots, jeans, and a flannel.


8. Baby Stewie Griffin

Unlike the picture above, here’s Stewie baby like and happy and he’s only wearing a baby diaper.


7. Tired Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin looks so tired here, and his eyes have some black bags.


6. They See Me, Rolling

They see me rolling, here we can see Stewie again with a naughty face sitting on his bike. This tattoo is located on the wearer’s leg.


5. Superman Peter Griffin Tattoo

Imagine Peter Griffin as the real superman. Here we can see him in the superman suit.


4. Stewie Plays Guitar

In this tattoo, we can see Stewie sitting down playing guitar. He looks very chill and humbled by the situation.


3. Stewie Plays With Brian

Here we can see Stewie playing with Brian. Brian is a balloon and he doesn’t look very happy about that. The colors in this tattoo are very clear and colorful.


2. Glenn Quagmire and Deadpool

On this piece, we can see the Marvel icon Deadpool sitting on Glen Quagmire’s back. Deadpool is holding a unicorn.


1. Old School Peter Griffin

Here we can see an incredible tattoo that is located on the wearer’s arm. Griffin is full of colors and looks like an old school tattoo.



Thanks for checking out this collection of Family Guy tattoos. Hopefully, you can use this for inspiration if you’re a big Family Guy fan.

Which one of these Family Guy tattoos is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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