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The 25 Best Giraffe Tattoos & Designs



The Best Giraffe Tattoos

Are you looking for some inspiration on the best giraffe tattoos to get inked?

One of the best tattoo designs that will make your attractive is the giraffe. Not only do giraffes have a unique look that most people love, but they also have quite a few great meanings that you can attach to these designs.

The giraffe composition is both interesting and unique to their species, serving as a representation of a distinctive individual.


The 25 Best Giraffe Tattoos, Designs & Ideas

The giraffe is a testament to the adaptability of animals and a symbol of the majestic planes of Africa. Giraffe images are often designed with African symbols such as trees, grasses, and flowers native to the area, a Sahara landscape or sunset, or tribal patterns representative of the culture.

Within this article, we’ll show you the best giraffe tattoo and designs.

Here’s a collection of the best giraffe tattoos:


25. Wildlife Giraffe

In this beautiful piece, we can see the head of the giraffe and it’s full of watercolors such as orange, green, brown, blue, and purple. It’s located on the wearer’s thigh.


24. Simple Giraffe

A simple giraffe placed on the inner biceps. There’s no color involved in the tattoo, it’s only made my smaller and thicker lines.


23. Realistic Family Giraffe Tattoo

Here we can see two adorable giraffes where the mother kisses the head of her baby giraffe. This tattoo is extremely realistic and is made of black and grey work.


22. Realistic Cute Giraffe Tattoo

As mentioned above, this is also a realistic tattoo. The difference is that this tattoo only has one giraffe on the arm.


21. Old School Giraffe

This giraffe tattoo is very unique and cute. It’s an old school type of look and the tattoo has a lot of colors in it such as two shades of green, red, and orange.


20. Neon Giraffe Tattoo

A neon giraffe with different tropical colors such as pink, green, and blue. In the background of the giraffe, we can see some kind of plant.


19. Giraffe Family

This blackout tattoo we can see multiple small giraffes walking after each other. The tattoo is located on the wearer’s wrist.


18. Mandala Giraffe

This a mandala giraffe tattoo, and it’s full of details that look like different types of flowers. The tattoo is located on the thigh.


17. Old School Licking Giraffe

Old school tattoos are really popular to make nowadays and has been popular in many decades. Here we can see a colorful giraffe that’s showing its tongue.


16. Geometric Giraffe

This remarkable piece features a geometric giraffe, we can only see the face and the tattoo has no other color than black in it.


15. Two-Faced Giraffe Tattoo

Here we see another example of a two-faced geometric giraffe face. This tattoo is placed on the wearer’s arm.


14. Full Face Giraffe

This is a tattoo of a full-faced giraffe that has its tongue out. The tattoo has a lot of blackwork in it and it’s cool.


13. Big Giraffe

Here’s a huge tattoo located on the wearer’s back. We can see the full giraffe and it’s standing up and has some great details in it.


12. Cartoon Giraffe

This tattoo features a colorful cartoon giraffe that’s sitting down. The animated giraffe has big blue eyes. We can also see some blue spots in the background of the giraffe.


11. Matching Giraffe

Here we can see a matching giraffe tattoo where there are two giraffes one bigger and one smaller which can symbolize the mother and her baby giraffe. It’s located on the arm.


10. Detailed Giraffe Tattoo

A giraffe’s detailed face is full of dots and black and white colors.


9. Cute Flower Giraffe

This cool piece is located on the wearer’s back and this tattoo has lots of details. The face however looks realistic but the neck it’s full of mandalas.


8. Smoking Giraffe

A giraffe smoking and having tattoos and shades on. It’s easy to say that this tattoo is cool and it’s placed on the wearer’s thigh.


7. Colorful Giraffe

Watercolor tattoos have become more and more popular as well. Here we can see the full body of a giraffe and it’s very authentic.


6. Blackout Giraffe

This giraffe is placed near the person’s foot and has no other color than black in it. It’s a small and simple tattoo.


5. Beautiful Giraffe Tattoo

Here we can see a small realistic face of a giraffe and around the face, it’s a circle. This beautiful piece is perfect to make if you’re looking to do something smaller.


4. Authentic Giraffe

This is an authentic giraffe tattoo embellished with watercolors in the background of the giraffe’s head and neck.


3. Abstract Giraffe

This tattoo is placed on the wearer’s thigh and this tattoo also has a lot of colors such as orange, green, blue, brown, and purple.


2. Sunbathing Giraffe

Here we can see a colorful realistic piece of a giraffe. In the background, we can see the sun and some clouds as well.


1. Tribal Giraffe Tattoo

Last but not least, this tribal giraffe is cool. It has a lot of black spots that remind of a leopard’s skin. It’s placed on the wearer’s back.



Thanks for checking out this amazing collection of giraffe tattoos and designs. Hopefully, you can use this if you’re a big fan of giraffes or if you simply just planning to make a giraffe tattoo in the nearest future.

Which one of these giraffe tattoos is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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