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The 25 Best Gorilla Tattoos & Designs



The Best Gorilla Tattoos

Are you looking for some inspiration on the best gorilla tattoos to get inked?

When it comes to gorillas DNA, you might be surprised to know it’s 95-99% similar to that of our own. You also might be surprised to know that Gorilla tattoos are one of the most common things to get tattooed today.

Within this article, we’ll show you some of the best gorilla designs and tattoos. Hopefully, you will find some inspiration for your future tattoo.


The 25 Best Gorilla Tattoos, Designs & Ideas

There’s no arguing with the fact that the body of the gorilla replicates the main features of our own human body, or at least, the one we had in our more primitive form.

The gorilla is the master of the jungle and a noble creature. Gorilla has hundreds of tattoos in all styles from all around the world.

Here’s a collection of the best gorilla tattoos:


25. Serious Look Gorilla

Gorillas are a natural symbol of leadership and strength. At the same time, they are an animal associated with honor, compassion, and dignity. On this tattoo, we can see that the gorilla has a serious face. This tattoo is placed on the biceps.


24. Baby Gorilla

The gorillas are notoriously sociable animals with sophisticated systems for communicating among themselves. This tattoo shows us a baby gorilla that looks up at his leaves.


23. Space Gorilla

This tattoo gorilla is full of colors and is positioned on the leg. What’s unique with this tattoo is that the gorilla is some kind of astronaut.


22. Humble Gorilla

This tattoo is extremely well done and has lots of blackwork which means that wide and thick needles have been used which can be quite painful. The gorilla is crossing its arms and we can see that he/she has two different necklaces.


21. King Gorilla

This tattoo is not realistic but it has some dot work and fine line work. Around the gorilla’s face, it’s a triangle and above the head, we can see the crown.


20. Multiple Faces Gorilla Tattoo

Here we can see multiple gorillas with many faces. The first gorilla shows his whole face while the gorilla behind him only show their eyes and upper head.


19. Oldschool Colorful Gorilla

This colorful gorilla has some amazing colors. The head is surrounded by tropical green leaves and the gorilla has a long and extremely red tongue.


18. Old School Gorilla

Traditional tattoos, also known as American, Western, or Old School are characterized by its clean black outlines, vivid colors, and minimal shading. Here we can see an old school gorilla tattoo, and it looks like it’s been placed on the leg.


17. Realistic Gorilla

This gorilla almost looks real right? It’s amazing how real this gorilla looks. You can see every wrinkle and many details such as all the hairs and eye color.


16. Screaming Gorilla

This gorilla is very realistic as well, and we can see how some leaves show up on the left side of the gorilla when it screams. There has been some shading in this tattoo but there’s no color. The tattoo is placed on the arm.


15. Sea Wolf Gorilla Tattoo

This gorilla is an old school style, and as we can see the gorilla has three different eyes. All the eyes have a yellow and green fading color and the gorilla looks a bit angry.


14. Smoking Gorilla

“The Godfather” gorilla is smoking from a pipe and has a cute hat on. This tattoo is placed on the leg and it’s really well made.


13. Soldier Gorilla

As you all can see this small soldier gorilla is placed on the chest, which can be quite painful. It looks like an old school design and this gorilla is ready to fight.


12. Symbolic Gorilla

This is a really unique style of a gorilla, unlike the rest of the list, this is really different. There’s a lot of colors in this tattoo and many details, and also many thick lines.


11. Watercolor Style Gorilla

This cute watercolor gorilla is placed on the side of the thigh and it has two different colors, blue and pink. The face of the gorilla remains black and grey, and this is a really great art piece.


10. Wild Gorilla Tattoo

This cool and wild gorilla tattoo is really a unique one. You can see how this gorilla has some shades on and also has a septum piercing through his nose.


9. Badass Gorilla

This badass gorilla tattoo is placed on the chest and the tattoo is full of fine details and dots. You can see that this gorilla is blind on his left eye and that he smokes a cigarette.


8. Cool Gorilla

This tattoo is placed on the arm and this is a portrait of a gorilla but it’s also some things going on around the gorilla which is really cool.


7. Evil Gorilla

This is a really dark tattoo, and we can also see a skull under the gorilla, and the tattoo is full of thick lines. At the top of the head of the gorilla, we can see that the gorilla has some kind of crown which kind of reminds of Maleficent.


6. Detailed Line Gorilla

This gorilla is made my multiple lines all over the face and this tattoo is placed on the leg. This tattoo is not a big tattoo.


5. Flower Eating Gorilla Tattoo

This flower eating gorilla tattoo is so amazing. It’s positioned on the leg and there are some old school colors in there as well as some of the other tattoos that been brought up on this list.


4. Simple Gorilla

Sometimes simple is the best if you’re looking for something simple to do this can be one option. This gorilla is made by no shading, just some fine lining.


3. Fireman Gorilla

This is a huge tattoo, and as you can see this tattoo has a lot of ink in it. The tattoo it’s not only big it also has lots of different shades and colors.


2. Geometric Gorilla

Here we can see a portrait of a gorilla that has one realistic face and one geometric face. Really cool tattoo.


1. Unique Gorilla

This tattoo has barely any shading, it focuses more on the lines and the small details. This tattoo is placed on the chest and this gorilla also has some kind of tribal crown on its head.



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