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The 25 Best Marvel Tattoos & Designs



The Best Marvel Tattoos and Designs

Are you looking for some inspiration on the best Marvel tattoos to get inked?

Marvel superheroes are the world’s most loved animated powerful men and women. They have a tremendous fan following, from children and adults across the world. Everyone loves superheroes and we have all grown up reading them in comic books or watching them take on the bad guys on TV and in the movies.

Marvel tattoos are an amazing way to express a unique and individual style and tattoos are considered a form of body art.


The 25 Best Marvel Tattoos, Designs & Ideas

Superheroes are incredibly popular, and their astonishing abilities have elevated them to the point that they are now role models and symbols of strength and confidence for several people in society.

Marvel heroes are enjoying one of their most popular periods since they have first introduced thanks to the success of the Marvel cinematic universe, and including the tattoo industry.

Here’s a collection of the best Marvel tattoos:


25. Wonder Woman Tattoo         

This is a very realistic tattoo of Wonder Woman. It almost looks completely real and it’s truly an amazing tattoo.


24. Wolverine

This is a blackout tattoo of Wolverine from the X-Men franchise. It’s perfect to make this tattoo if you are a Marvel fan and looking to make something in the same style.


23. Vision

This tattoo is full of colors such as purple, pink, blue, and yellow. In this picture, we can see Vision staring straight forward.


22. Venom

In this tattoo, we can see Venom with his tongue out and some of this tattoo has some red color in it and the rest of the tattoo has black and grey color.


21. Thor

Here we see the avengers symbol and Thor being on top of it in blue neon color and having blue eyes.


20. Thanos Tattoo

Here we can see Thanos has all the infinity stones and he’s about to snap his fingers. This tattoo is located on the wearer’s arm.


19. Rocket Raccoon

Here we can see a tattoo of Rocket Raccoon. It’s one of the most realistic tattoos that we’ve seen on this list and it’s full of nice colors.


18. Nick Fury

This is a portrait of Nick Fury. Nick Fury’s superpower is not aging and this tattoo is very well done.


17. Nebula

Here we see a black and grey tattoo on the wearer’s inner thigh. The portrait looks very realistic like most of the marvel characters on this list.


16. Old School Mystique

If you’re looking to make something old school this is maybe it for you. This is a piece of Mystique in the old school style. “Mutant and proud”.


15. Mantis Tattoo

This is a cool tattoo because it looks realistic and animated at the same time. This tattoo is located on the wearer’s underarm and it looks so cool.


14. Loki

In this tattoo, we see Loki’s on the wearer’s arm. It has colors such as green, yellow, black and white.


13. Iron Man

Tony Stark is made of flesh and blood like you and I. Iron Man represents the crowning achievement of human ingenuity, the potential of the imagination, and the belief that, above all else, we can change and improve whenever we decide to. Here we see a realistic portrait of Iron Man on the wearer’s arm.


12. The Hulk

Hulk’s ripped physique masterfully complements any man’s sense of toned muscularity. The ink also reveals a dual nature, which is comprised of a mild-mannered exterior that hides beastly forces underneath.


11. Groot

Being a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it is well known that Groot has some decent skills as he was recruited to help protect the galaxy. Here we see Groot in a miniature tattoo full of beautiful colors.


10. Gamora Tattoo

In this tattoo, we can see Gamora. This piece mainly is made by lots of different shades and needles, and it’s placed on the wearer’s arm.


9. Dr. Strange

The Marvel superhero Doctor Strange is as comfortable practicing medicine to save a life as he is weaving magic to protect the universe. Here we can see Dr. Strange located on the wearer’s arm and it looks realistic and has some red color in it and black and grey.


8. Captain Marvel

Here we can see a portrait of Captain Marvel placed on the wearer’s back. This piece is full of colors and it’s a really big tattoo.


7. Captain America

This legendary hero stunningly mixes otherworldly heroism with American patriotism. Here we see an animated version of Captain America and its really a piece of work.


6. Black Widow

We know Black Widow from the Avengers franchise. Here we can see a tattoo of her on the wearer’s arm. The tattoo is unique because it looks like Black Widow has been water splattered with black and red color.


5. Black Panther Tattoo

Black Panther on the wearer’s arm. It’s full of black and white details and under the head, we can see the necklace.


4. Black Panther Geometric

This amazing tattoo is made half-face realistic of a panther and the other one as Marvel shows him. This is a perfect tattoo to make if you wanna keep it simple.


3. Beast

We all know Beast from the X-Men franchise. Here we can see a colorful portrait of him on the wearer’s arm.


2. Ant-Man

On this piece we see Ant-Man. Fun fact about him is that he doesn’t lose any of his strength when he shrinks. Here we can see a realistic portrait of him, and it’s placed on the located on the wearer’s arm.


1. Tony Stark

Here we can see Tony Stark/ Iron Man looking out from his helmet. What makes him special is unlike these superheroes, Stark is just a normal human being, albeit insanely rich but without any superhuman powers.



Thanks for checking out this collection of Marvel tattoos design and ideas. We hope that you found some new inspiration for your future Marvel tattoo. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones on social media.

Which one of these Marvel tattoos is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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