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The 25 Best Penguin Tattoos & Designs



The Best Penguin Tattoos

Are you looking for some inspiration on the best penguin tattoos to get inked?

Over the past one hundred years, penguins have become inseparable from pop culture. Through movies, TV, and books the penguin has become a beloved animal among children and adults across the world.

Today the penguin tattoo has many meanings but has mostly become a symbol for cuteness and uniqueness. The amount of penguin tattoos has increased over these past few years.


The 25 Best Penguin Tattoos, Designs & Ideas

The distinction of getting penguin tattoos allows you to associate your tattoo with a variety of unique meanings that are associated with this bird.

Penguins are birds who can’t fly at all. The symbolic representation however can be many different. For some people, the penguin tattoo symbolizes their uniqueness and their way to be different.

For others, these designs can be symbolic of dreams, protection, and community. Within this article, we’ll show you the best penguin tattoos, designs, and ideas.

Here’s a collection of the best penguin tattoos:


25. Snowflake Penguin Tattoo

Here we can see a cute penguin looking at a snowflake. This tattoo is placed on the wearer’s foot. This is a really cute tattoo.


24. Wonderlust Penguin

This tattoo shows us a penguin who dreams of traveling. We can see that the penguin has its backpack with him already. This tattoo is placed on the wearer’s leg.


23. Watercolor Penguin

On this piece, we can see a penguin with some beautiful neon colors such as blue, purple, and pink. This piece is rendered over a series of multicolored splatters.


22. Tropical Penguin

On this fantastic piece, we see a tropical penguin having a drink. In the background, we can see some birds and palm trees. This tattoo is full of different colors.


21. Swimming Penguin

A penguin accented with multiple images is illustrated over a smear of blue watercolors in this tattoo rendered on the wearer’s torso.


20. Stylish Penguin Tattoo

Here the tattoo is placed on the wearer’s arm, and it’s a simple tattoo. In this picture, we can see the full body of the penguin and is some small shadings as well in this ink.


19. Spaceman Penguin

This colorful spaceman penguin is placed on the wearer’s leg. This tattoo depicts a fragmented penguin in colorful ink.


18. Smoking Penguin

A realistic colorful penguin having a smoke, surrounded by snowflakes. This tattoo is extremely well done and it is placed on the wearer’s leg.


17. Skinny Penguin

Here we can see a skinny disabled penguin. The penguin itself is made really small lines and we can see that this ink is a black and grey color.


16. Simple Penguin

This simple penguin tattoo is really popular to make today. Here we can see how the outside line is medium thick and the tattoo color is black only.


15. Sailor Penguin Tattoo

This is a penguin wearing a sailor’s cap and is pictured in a style reminiscent of old scrimshaw on the wearer’s forearm.


14. Penguin On Ice

Here we can see a cool tattoo piece that is placed on the wearer’s leg. This penguin stands on some kind of ice block or crystal which keeps the penguin up. On the body of the penguin, we can see that it’s some dot work done.


13. Music Penguin

This imaginative tattoo illustrates a penguin wearing headphones with a stream of different watercolors and musical notes coming out from the headphones.


12. Geometric Penguin

Here we can see a geometric penguin flying with a grey balloon. As we all know, penguins can’t fly so this piece make it very unique.


11. Old School

This tattoo shows us a rich penguin wearing a monocle, suit, and top hat sits above a banner reading, “Money.”


10. Moody Penguin Tattoo

An angry-looking moody penguin bursts through a block of ice while wearing a red beanie in this tattoo.


9. Love Penguins

On this cute ink piece, we can see that two penguins are kissing each other. The color of this tattoo is black and grey. This tattoo is placed on the wearer’s neck.


8. Freddy Krueger Penguin

This colorful tattoo shows the serial killer Freddy Krueger but in penguin style. This fantastic piece is full of colors such as red, black, blue and orange.


7. Super Simple Penguin

This is a simple and fine line tattoo. In this picture, we can see three penguins standing on a line. The momma penguin is the biggest one, and it looks like the original line began with the momma penguin which can also symbolize motherhood.


6. Family Penguins In A Jar

This ink is a black and grey piece. This pictures a pair of penguins in a jar. Series of dots and thin and small lines are used in a traditional shading.


5. Devil Penguins

Here we can see a pair of penguins with devil horns, one of which is holding an umbrella, hold flippers in this cartoon-style tattoo.


4. Cute Penguin

A cartoon penguin is rendered on the wearer’s back neck. It illustrates a happy penguin who’s laughing.


3. Bartender Penguins

This hilarious piece shows us two people who have made a matching penguin tattoo. One of the penguins has the mixer and the other one has the drink.


2. Balloon Penguin

This penguin is pictured with a string wrapped around its chest leading to a blue balloon. The tattoo is positioned on the wearer’s arm.


1. Cartoon Tattoo

This tattoo renders a penguin wearing a rosette on top of her head. This adorable illustration shows us a cute cartoon penguin being shy. This tattoo is rendered on the wearer’s forearm.



Thanks for checking out this collection of the most popular penguin tattoos design and ideas. We hope that you can use this for inspiration for your future penguin tattoo.

Which one of these penguin tattoos is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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