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120+ Cherry Blossom Tattoos Ideas – Beautiful And Fragile Sakura




The Japanese Cherry Blossom tattoos that you see is referred to as Sakura flowers in Japan. Sakura is the most beautiful, ancient and famous symbol of Japan. Its beauty and elegance are identified with the aesthetic principles and culture of this country. The flowering cycle is very often associated with the stages of human life, it reminds that each of us has to be born, flourish, fade, and die…


Cherry Blossom Tattoos That Will Leave You in Awe

The Japanese cherry blossom tattoo is not only popular in Japan. These beautiful and gorgeous designs can be seen everywhere in the world by people who appreciate the beautiful designs of the pink flowers. What do you think a cherry blossom tattoo meaning is? As it is for most tattoo designs, the meaning of cherry blossom tattoos are up to its wearer – just for aesthetics, their love for the flowers or Japan itself, or a special event associated with these blossoms.


1. Cherry Blossom Full Sleeve Tattoo

This requires only a minimal amount of effort to design, but plenty of time to properly ink and shade. In the background, you will also see the clouds inked in Japanese style.


2. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Enclosed in a Triangle

There is probably not much of a cherry blossom tattoo meaning behind this piece. However, if there is, we would love to know the story behind it!


3. Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on the Back

This cherry blossom tree tattoo looks more Chinese than Japanese, perhaps due to the Chinese style lantern that accompanies it. However, it still looks elegant and gorgeous with its fine designs.


4. Branches of Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

There is something soothing about seeing the branches of a plant slowly spread out to form budding and blooming flowers at the end. Can you think of a good cherry blossom tattoo meaning for this piece?


5. A Simple Sakura Flower Tattoo

A single stalk of Sakura flowers or cherry blossoms is enough to serve as a feminine tattoo option for ladies everywhere in the world. The surrounding petals add on to the overall aesthetics too!


6. Hummingbirds & Sakura Blossoms

What better to pair with cherry blossoms than similarly dainty hummingbirds? These little colorful creatures pair well with the soft pink hues of cherry blossoms.


7. Cherry Blossom Friendship Tattoos

Cherry blossoms are elegant flowers that can be inked on any ladies. Since that is already possible, how about inking it with your best friend to make it a unique friendship tattoo?


8. Almost Minimalist

If anyone has told you that your Japanese cherry blossom tattoo needs to be complex and intricate, you can show them this picture and tell them that they are wrong.


9. Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoo

O…kay, so we want to remind everyone not to ink any random Chinese characters onto their bodies, cherry blossom or not. This phrase literally translates to ‘Firepower angel originality’, which we don’t think means anything at all.


10.  A Japanese-Themed Full Back Tattoo

Honestly, what does this back tattoo not have? There’s the oni creature with some ropes at the bottom, a glimmering koi fish, sea waves and cherry blossom petals. It’s one whole Japanese artwork!


11. Growing Upwards

Are you looking at this simple cherry blossom tattoo and wondering why it looks as graceful as it is? Here are two hints for you – it’s done in a watercolor brush stroke style, and it has a very obvious center point.


12. Around the Ankles

No one said that a Japanese cherry blossom tattoo should only be inked on the back or on the shoulders. A beautiful ring of cherry blossom flowers like this one is good for around the ankle or around the wrists too!


13. Classy Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Shoulders

Yup, there it is. The classic cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulders. You might have noticed by now that most cherry blossom tattoos are inked with some petals flying about.


14. Just A Simple Stalk of Cherry Blossoms

Many people do not even think that there are different kinds of cherry blossoms, but there are! The most common sort of cherry is Somei Yoshino. It has large white magnificent flowers, but there are also varieties with pink flowers.


15. Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

These look a little more like the Chinese plum blossoms, but it can also be a simple design for cherry blossom tree tattoos too!


16. Like a Wrist Cuff

A tattoo with the image of cherry blossoms is often chosen by women. Such sketches commonly are executed in color, on different parts of the body. This includes the wrist and arm areas too!


17. A Japanese Artwork

This man’s cherry blossom tattoos are surrounded by other Japanese-themed motifs and designs. You can see Japanese-style architecture, waves, geishas and many more too!


18. Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo in Trash Polka Style

This man was definitely thinking of samurais and the Japanese swords when he designed this cherry blossom tree tattoo! Of course, the scenery of cherry blossom trees in the background is very befitting!


19. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning for a Lady

There is one more very important fact, it turns out that such tattoos are suitable only for adult women, while Sakura is no good for young ladies! If they wear such tattoos, their life and youth can be as short as the flowering of this Japanese wood.


20. A Japanese Inscription

One of the best designs that can match well with the cherry blossom tattoos is Japanese words and phrases. Since they share the same Japanese themes, they blend perfectly into a single tattoo.


The Legend

Once a proud and fearsome God offered Goddess of the Sun’s grandson  Ninigi to marry one of his daughters. The elder called High Rock, she was no beauty but was reliable and wise. The younger daughter was named Blooming; she was beautiful and fragile, like a delicate flower.

Severe God hoped that Ninigi would choose High Rock. But it was not surprising that the young man chose someone as young as he, the youngest daughter – Blooming. Then fearsome God said that from that moment the life of Ninigi and Blooming’s descendants would be as beautiful as his youngest daughter, but also as fleeting, as the color of the cherry. That is one of the most fleeting yet beautiful tales that might shed some light on a cherry blossom tattoo meaning.


21. Under the Cherry Blossom Tree

There is something forlorn about the image of a fully-armored samurai under a cherry blossom tree. What exactly is this samurai’s story? We can only guess.


22. Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo with a Ticking Clock

The two figures seated under the cherry blossom tree seems to give some significance to the entire tattoo artwork – perhaps reminiscent of the passing time when they are together.


Symbolism and traditions

In Japan it means:

  • Respect for human existence
  • Grief over the death of people
  • Life vulnerability
  • “Life is too short”

All this is due to the very short period of its flowering. All details of such tattoos in Japan have their own meaning: a number of flowers, their color – from white to deep pink (white color – a sign of death and sorrow, pink – life), how strong is depicted a tree, as in the European culture a sketch is seen as a whole.


23. 3D Cherry Blossoms Tattoo Design

Cherry blossoms are beautiful patterns for tattoos whether it is 2D or 3D. However, you have to admit that there is a certain alluring charm to seeing the flowers seeming to float above your arms!


24. Japanese Cherry Blossom Branching Tattoo

The perfect brush stroke ending of the cherry blossom branch gives this tattoo a graceful and elegant finishing! It also helps that the petals look like they are painted with a watercolor design too!


25. A Geometric Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Design

This tattoo shows everyone for once and for all that the simplest shapes can enhance the overall aesthetics of a tattoo. This tattoo only has two extra diamond-shaped designs surrounding the cherry blossom tree, but that is enough!


26. Western Style Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The vintage inking style for this cherry blossom tattoo is more commonly seen in Western regions as compared to the Asian community. It’s still unique and lovely though!


27. Dainty Little Sakura Flowers

It can only do the cherry blossoms some justice to be seen as the sweet and delicate flowers that they are. Opt for gentle colors and inking style like this one for the best effects!


28. Cherry Blossoms & The Japanese Culture

Tattoos with the figure of cherry blossom were applied to the back of the Japanese princes and emperors, as the symbols of devotion to their country. As such, it is also not uncommon to see cherry blossoms being linked to the Buddha statues.


29. Cherry Blossoms with Sky Background

In Buddhism, this tree is a symbol of the transience of life and its inconstancy, often associated with a bygone youth and love. This is why a simple blue background can suffice as the background to these lovely tattoos.


30. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree on a Rocky Area

In China,  cherry blossoms mean feminine power. A branch with flowers may mean the beginning of life. Sometimes, this tree is seen as a symbol of resistance, because its flowers appear much earlier than leaves.


A faded cherry – a symbol of lost hope or love. 


Sakura in The Art of Tattoo

If you have pale skin – it will be better to put a tattoo with pink flowers, for darker skin – something white. Pictures could be both large and small, depending on what part of your body you want to put it on. 

Often Sakura is combined with other symbols that can change the meaning of tattoos:

  1. Sakura and hummingbirds can mean femininity, tenderness. 
  2. Sakura and butterflies symbolize rebirth, a vivid life, love, tenderness, 
  3. With the image of a tiger, such tattoos will be a sign of power and justice.


How You Could Decorate Your Body

It is also important to choose a location on your body, which will be a blossoming Japanese tree and a suitable style for you.


Men vs. Women

Black and white cherry – a frequent choice of men, because this figure underlines sensuality and at the same time restraint. Some believe that a tattoo in black and white leaves more room for the imagination.

Girls who do not want to wear huge figures choose minimalism. This style is perfect for those who have a passionate, but secretive nature, like being all private and set apart and only having a very narrow circle of close friends.


A tiny, delicate sprig of cherry on a leg for a girl will be a great solution. Images of a Japanese tree on a woman’s body look great in combination with lettering, butterflies, lotus flower or peonies. Most often tattoos, according to the masters, look the best on feet, back or the side.


If you plan a large figure, as a flowering tree as a whole, fit it on shoulders, hips, thighs, back areas between the shoulder blades or even the whole back. If the size is not large then a branch with several buds can be drawn on your arm, wrist or even behind the ear.


Men commonly choose a combination with wild animals such as tigers or panthers, fantastic dragons, and fish koi. In the latter case, the value of the tattoo symbolizes the quality of character – determination, and this person by his nature is a leader.

How To Draw A Branch Of Sakura

  1. Draw the basis

Draw the basis of the big branch using waving lines. The top end of the branch smoothly splits into two thinner branches.


  1. Secondary branches

Every sakura tree has small side branches. Due to such a structure of the tree, the distance between flowers is pretty small. That’s why the blooming of sakura is commonly associated with clouds in Japan.


Add some smaller branches to every part of the big branch. All of them should be of different size, shape, and face different directions. Nature is so diverse – there are no two fully similar plants.


  1. Erase excessive lines

As you might notice the first stage of the drawing is made schematically. This way we make a task easier to complete. To get the right image we need just to erase the unnecessary lines. Then we’ll achieve the right form of the branch of Sakura.


  1. Draw the flower

Move on to the flowers – the centerpiece of this tree. Sakura has big flowers. Just recreate the flower you see on this pic. Attach the first flower to one of the smaller branches.


Now draw flowers on every branch


  1. Improving the drawing

In order to get a good looking drawing, don’t forget to erase all excessive lines that cross its elements. Just erase everything you don’t need.


  1. Finishing touches

In order to make the blooming sakura look naturally, apply a few more details to branches and flowers.


You can paint the drawing if you wish to.


Celebrities Have Chosen Sakura As a Tattoo

Aubrey Fisher, Adam Levin (the vocalist of the group Maroon 5) are also owners of a blossoming tree.


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