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100 Impressive Cloud tattoos — adorable way to show your dreams



Cloud Tattoos are just as they sound like in name – it’s nothing complex. Just some tattoos depicting clouds with other motifs. Flying in the clouds… If you can describe yourself with this phrase then probably you would love the idea of a cloud tattoo. Below we will discuss everything about this kind of tattoo and its special features.


Beautiful Cloud Tattoo Designs to Motivate You

Cloud tattoo designs are usually paired with other tattoo motifs. After all, it would seem a little weird if it is just a tattoo with a single cloud in it, right? If you want to learn more about cloud tattoos, why not take a look at some of our best picture collections below and find your favorite cloud tattoo design?


1. Cloud Tattoo with Sunlight Beams

A cloud tattoo like this one seems to give off a religious or even holy vibe. That’s mostly due to the flying dove designs with the cloud tattoo and the sunlight streaming down from the top.


2. A Cloud Tattoo Design with a Scenery

A cloud tattoo design probably doesn’t get much better than this – it is inked in a style that makes it look like a drawing, complete with the mountains and a view in the background.


How To Understand If Cloud Tattoo Is Good For Me

People often have doubts about their choice of sketch or tattoo idea. Helping you to make this decision we may say that a cloud tattoo is usually preferred by people having the next qualities of personality or interests:

  • Travelling;
  • Dreaminess;
  • Freedom inside;
  • Interest to everything new;
  • Enthusiasm;
  • Childish spontaneity.

If at least one quality from this list is describing your personality then a cloud tattoo is really that thing you were looking for.


3. Japanese Style Cloud Tattoos

The Japanese have a unique way of depicting cloud tattoos. After seeing a few, you will definitely start to recognize the Japanese cloud tattoo style.


4. On a Voyage

A cloudy sky can be a symbol of a difficult journey, especially when paired with what looks like a gloomy day out, with lightning and rain drops decorating the space around the cloud.


5. A Cloudy Mind Tattoo

There’s a saying that specifically talks about people with their heads in the clouds – people who are not seeing straight or seeing the truth. This cloud tattoo can be an example of such a saying.


6. Cloud Sleeve Tattoo

Perhaps you know what you want to ink for your sleeve tattoo, but there’s too much empty space in the other free areas. In cases like this, you can always use clouds as the background to your sleeve tattoos.


7. Clouds with the Angels

Cloud can be a part of tribute tattoos like this one. This cloud tattoo design specifically commemorates a person called Alan, now among the clouds with his wings spread out.


8. An Angel Among the Clouds

Who else can be more befitting of an in-the-clouds tattoo than a gorgeous woman to be loved? Let your wife or girlfriend know that you really do believe that she’s an angel from heaven with a cloud tattoo design like this one.


9. A Lighthouse with Rays Shining Through the Clouds

Clouds are most easily seen when there is light shining through it, breaking the peace and silence within them. A lighthouse’s rays will easily shine through the clouds just the same way too!


10. Cloud Tattoo with Watercolour Backgrounds

This cute cloud tattoo design is so simple that it is gorgeous! You only need some colors in the background to complement the lack of colors in a cloud tattoo.


11. Like the Aurora

Clouds have never looked more dreamy than this. If you want to go a little more creative for your cloud tattoos, you can opt for something more colorful like this cloud tattoo design.


12. Simple Japanese Cloud Tattoo Patterns

This simple cloud tattoo design might be similar to what you remember in the long-standing anime series, Naruto. They basically have the same style!


13. Waves & Clouds

This tattoo design is also similar to what you might find in a Japanese painting. You can see the mountain backdrop with rays of sun creeping out from the clouds.


14. Waves of Clouds & Smoke

There are a few things in this tattoo – a pond with blooming lotus flower, flames licking the air and causing smoke to rise up among the clouds. What do you think this cloud tattoo means?


15. A Stork Flying Amidst the Clouds

We have all heard tales of the stork bringing babies to happy families. This cloud tattoo with a stork may just be a depiction of this stork we heard about!


16. Harry Potter Tattoo Design

There are several things that would come to mind when we think about the Harry Potter series. That includes the owl, the Expecto Patronum and all the magical beings in that world. The mysteries of Hogwarts are shrouded in clouds and mists, and rightfully so!


17. A Girl Climbing Up the Clouds

In a way, the clouds can be a representation of reaching greater heights, something within our hopes and dreams. Here, a little girl is seen climbing up the clouds, just like how a person would try to achieve their own dreams!


The meaning of the symbol

There are a lot of words that can describe the general meaning of a cloud symbol. We have to mention the most important ones among them below:

  1. Dreams and bright ideas
  2. Love to the nature and especially the sky
  3. Cleanliness and purity
  4. Innocence
  5. Wisdom
  6. Enthusiasm

If you are making your own sketch without using someone’s ideas you may put in it your own meaning. Express it into some additions, colors and a size you can use.


18. Cheshire Cat Shrouded in Mist

Some cloud tattoos do not take on the form of clouds per se, but rather, they appear as mists shrouded in mystery. The Cheshire cat is one prime example of a mysterious creature!


19. A Drawing of the Clouds & The Mountains

A simple drawing style tattoo like this one can appear extremely endearing and beautiful! Cloud tattoo designs like these are suitable for both male and female, especially if they want to show off how adventurous they are.


20. A Little Man in the Clouds

Ever felt like you were on cloud nine? This tattoo might relate to you! The cloud tattoo above is oddly cheerful and happy, even thought it has no face or appearance to show.


21. The Purple Waves & Stars

Have you ever looked up into the sky in the forest at night? The views are incredible and gorgeous, especially on the night of a full moon where the sky is clear!


22. The Elephant Under the Clouds

One of the best motifs to pair with clouds, a natural phenomenon, is another natural creature. An elephant will fit nicely with the rest of a tattoo piece like this one!


23. Simple Geometric Stars & Moon in the Sky

Remember how we always say that simplicity is the best? This simple geometric tattoo of the moon, the stars and a few clouds look delicate and intricate just as it is, without complex shading or designs.


24. Angel Tattoo – Among the Clouds

We just have to say that the details in this angelic tattoo are simply stunning – it looks so realistic and 3D! If you are going to get yourself a cloud-themed tattoo, why not get something really like this tattoo design?

25. An Angelic Tattoo – Among the Clouds

The link between angels and clouds need little to no explanations. They are linked just as much as the sun and the moon are known to be connected.


26. A Sun Soothing a Crying Cloud

This is an adorable cloud tattoo! It’s simple yet adorable, without any complex meaning that needs to be explained. The sun always shines brightly after rain, sometimes even with a rainbow.


27. Doves Flying Through the Clouds

Doves, clouds and light streaming through the fluffy clouds are always a sign of holiness and religion. Add an angel or a cross and the meaning or significance will be even clearer!


28. A Rainy Cloud Tattoo

Really love cloud tattoos? How about staying true to a cloud’s functionalities and what it does? A cloud on a rainy day would be perfect as a simple and minimalistic cloud tattoo design!


29. Doves, Olive Branches & Cloud Tattoos

A chest tattoo piece that extends to the forearm area is perfect for cloud tattoos. Since these items are all inter-related with each other, a cloud tattoo design like this one will fit perfectly as a beautiful tattoo theme.


30. The Roman Empire

Ah, let’s not forget Athens! A tattoo of this significant place in the Roman empire will fit perfectly with the Gods and Goddesses watching over the area from above.



Short History

There is no official history of this symbol’s appearance. By the way, we may give some information about the cloud’s meaning in different cultures in the world:

  1. China. People here believe that the cloud shows you your own way to happiness and freedom. 

  2. Japan. According to Japanese traditions, cloud could help you to make your desire or dream real.

  3. Greece. In Ancient times people thought that the cloud brought the message from the gods. This idea appeared because.  

Olympus was surrounded by clouds. When clouds flew away it meant that gods sent something to the folk.
Some of the meanings from those times exist even now. Probably that’s the reason why the symbol of clouds is so popular.

Where To Get Your Cloud Tattoo?

It’s very important where you are getting your cloud tattoo. Every tattoo master knows that one place on your body can make your tattoo look better while the other one spoils it. 

Ideas For Girls

For girls it’s better to choose the next spots for a cloud tattoo:

  1. Arm, especially the forearm. 

  2. Back. 

  3. Breast. 

  4. Belly. 

Women choose a final place for their tattoo based on the size of the sketch and the whole idea. Rarely it can be their leg or hip.

Variants For Boys

Men usually prefer some of the next spots for their cloud tattoo:

  1. Neck. 

  2. Legs. 

  3. Breast. 

  4. Shoulder. 

Let’s repeat that you may choose different spots for your tattoo depending on its sketch.


Your Best Style

Choosing a style is a very important step in your cloud tattoo choice. It should be chosen very accurately. The next ones are the most preferable:

  1. Realism. If you love nature and think that clouds are very impressive as they are then realism is supposed to be your choice. 

  2. Dotwork or blackwork. Those are the perfect options for people loving dark colors and melancholia. This kind of people chooses a combination of this style and cloud tattoo because it’s a good way to think about something important.

  3. New school. Very vivid and modern style of tattoo that can make your sketch really unique and unusual through thick lines and bright colors.

If your cloud plays a role of just an element of the whole part (for example a sleeve), then you should choose the style according to your own tattoo idea.

Different Variations Of The Symbol

Put some additions to your cloud by playing with your tattoo idea and making it better!

Options for boys

Look at the ideas below to get inspiration for your sketch:

  1. Weather details. Lightning or stars, a huge variety of colors, you may express your current mood through these additions and update the symbol of dream with them.

  2. Picture. You may create the whole picture using the cloud. The only thing is that here you have to choose a realism style tattoo. 

  3. Faces. Make your tattoo funny by putting a face in your cloud. Probably it’s smiling?  

Ideas for girls

  1. Birds. For those who have a dream of being a bird or the ability to fly like a bird, this would be the best option.
  2. Planes. If you love traveling that plane as a symbol of this is supposed to be a part of your cloud tattoo.
  3. Rain. If you are a romantic person then a raining cloud like a crying cloud is your perfect option. 

Play with different tattoo styles to get the best unusual result. But don’t forget about the combinations between pictures and styles.

Famous People With A Cloud Tattoo

A cloud tattoo is a pretty popular option. Even celebrities do love this interesting symbol with its rich variety of meanings. Let’s look at them now:

1. David Beckham.

2. Justin Bieber.

3. Renee Phoenix.

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