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The 20 Best Crescent Moon Tattoos & Designs




crescent moon tattoo meaning

A crescent moon tattoo is mostly feminine, although some other ways of the image being portrayed can make it look like a masculine one as well. With so many stories and songs centered around the moon and stars, it’s not too surprising to see that there are many people who opt for a crescent moon and star tattoo as their first tattoo.


20 Crescent Moon Tattoo Designs to Inspire You

If you have ever wondered about a crescent moon tattoo meaning, just know that you are not the only one. You’re not the first, nor will you be the last. In any case, I think we can all agree that these tattoos are beautiful and gorgeous. Let’s take a look at the list of crescent moon tattoos below!


1. Crescent Moon with Dangling Ornaments

crescent moon tattoo

The sun and moon always go together. Even when the sun isn’t the focus of the tattoo, you can still see it hanging just below the crescent moon tattoo!


2. Crescent Moon Tattoo with Flowers

crescent moon tattoo

No outlines? No problems. This is still an elegant tattoo choice to have, especially when you surround the feminine crescent moon design with flowers!


3. Like a Drawing

crescent moon tattoo

This person with a crescent moon and star tattoo also depicts some planets in the background! We love the simple line-art and overall design of this tattoo. What do you think?


4. Small Crescent Moon Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo

The crescent moon tattoo meaning in this particular piece might lean more towards peace and love kind of vibe, but there could be other meanings too. Who are we to dictate its meaning when we are not the bearer of the tattoo?


5. Decorated Crescent Moon Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo

A part of the crescent moon in this tattoo is wrapped with a flower design. This would be one of the more ornamental tattoo designs which are still relatively small as well!


6. Geometrical Crescent Moon Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo meaning

Love something a little more geometrical? Go for a crescent moon tattoo with some geometrical shapes just like the ones portrayed in this tattoo! It’s simple and elegant, so why not?


7. Slightly Creepy Crescent Moon and Star Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo

This moon with a skull motif hidden in it also has a star accompanying it. It’s not the most classic crescent moon tattoo, but it sure does look good!


8. With a Flower

crescent moon tattoo

We would take a guess that this crescent moon tattoo meaning is more associated with some flowery ones. I mean, with that flower there, what else could it mean?


9. A Hint of The Crescent Moon

crescent moon tattoo meaning

While this isn’t outright a crescent moon tattoo, the shape does resemble one. There’s a rose at the side, and the moon shape is hinted at with the repetitive motifs.

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10. Crescent Moon Thigh Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo meaning

Just like the tattoo above, this one sports a rose motif along the side. Both crescent moons and roses are relatively feminine patterns, so it’s no surprise that this is an elegant tattoo for women!


11. Colored Crescent Moon Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo meaning

While also adorned with flowers, this tattoo is a little more special than the rest because of its colors. Do you prefer your tattoo black and white or colored?


12. Reverse Colors

crescent moon tattoo

This crescent moon tattoo is mostly inked in, a contrast as compared to the other crescent moon tattoos that we’ve seen in this list. Special and unique!


13. Beads & Patterns

crescent moon tattoo meaning

In this tattoo, the crescent moon acts more like a pendant or accessory for the foot bracelet pictured above. We won’t complain – it does look dainty and delicate. We love it!


14. Crescent Moon Back Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo meaning

The crescent moon tattoo pictured here is also ornamented with dangling beads and patterns. If you prefer decorated patterns in your tattoo, this can be one of the options for you!


15. With a Face

crescent moon tattoo

It’s not often that you see a doodle-like crescent moon tattoo like the one pictured her. It certainly gives this crescent moon tattoo a more unique appearance, doesn’t it?


16. No Outlines

crescent moon tattoo meaning

Some of the best tattoos do not have any outlines, just like the crescent moon tattoo pictured on the back of this lady! The accompanying sakura flowers make the tattoo even more delicate and lady-like.


17. Princess Mononoke with Crescent Moon

crescent moon tattoo

The classic Studio Ghibli movie definitely deserves its own tribute tattoo! This one here is an image of perfection with the delicate and precise art style. The crescent moon sure is a suitable companion for the tattoo!


18. Just a Small Crescent Moon Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo meaning

Want a really small and minimalist crescent moon tattoo? Look no further! This is it – it’s small enough that you can place it along the sides of your finger. It’s simplicity only adds elegance to the tattoo!


19. Dotted Crescent Moon with Faded Flower Inking

crescent moon tattoo

If you have seen watercolor style tattoo before, you are bound to love it. These tattoos are much more difficult to pull off as compared to normal tattoos, and you will see why n the delicate inking style of this crescent moon tattoo!

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