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The 15 Best Unique Fingers Crossed Tattoos & Designs



fingers crossed tattoo

With a fingers crossed tattoo, you will be bringing good luck with you wherever you go! These tattoos work hand in hand with other lucky gems – golden horseshoes, four-leaf clovers and the like. There’s plenty of lucky signs, but a simple fingers-crossed tattoo is always lovable.


The 15 Best Fingers Crossed Tattoos to Ink Today

What are some of the lucky signs and symbols that you believe in other than the fingers crossed signs? If you aren’t sure if this is the right tattoo for you yet, you can take a look at the list of fingers crossed tattoos below and maybe you will be convinced!


1. Just Behind the Ears

fingers crossed tattoo

With this small tattoo behind your ear, you are always secretly hoping for good luck whether or not other people sees it. You won’t have to be too concerned about this tattoo making you look unprofessional either – it’s so small it’s unnoticeable!


2. Vintage Colored Style

fingers crossed tattoo

If you want some extra luck, you can use a tattoo design like this one. It’s not bad at all, isn’t it? If you love vintage styled tattoos, this could be the one for you.


3. Finger Crossed Tattoo with a Little Decor

finger cross tattoo designs

The shadings for these fingers crossed tattoo also follows a vintage style, and there is a small red flower accompanying this tattoo design. It’s just a small addition, but it adds more charm to the tattoo’s appearance.


4. Crossed Fingers Tattoo on the Shoulders

fingers crossed tattoo

These tattoos can also be inked on the shoulders as part of your arm sleeve design. Alternatively, you can ink this as a solitary tattoo on its own without other accompanying designs. That works too!


5. Crossed Fingers Tattoo with Snake Motif

finger cross tattoo designs

We aren’t too sure what it would mean to have a snake coiled around the sign that is supposed to be meant for good luck. What do you think it all means?


6. Surrounded by Beautiful Blooms

fingers crossed tattoo

The fingers crossed tattoo looks amazing with flowers surrounding it too – don’t you agree? The flowers seem to give this simple tattoo a more elegant look – at least that’s what we think.


7. Simple & Minimalist Fingers Crossed Tattoo

finger cross tattoo designs

Simplicity is good, and so having a tattoo this simple and beautiful is also good. Just look at this one – there are just the basic fingers, painted nails and as promised, crossed fingers. What’s not to like?


8. Fingers Crossed with a Stalk of Rose

fingers crossed tattoo

As a general tip, adding a flower is enough to make most tattoos a little more feminine. Adding this said flower to fingers crossed tattoo that happens to feature well-manicured nails, well, that’s just even more feminine!


9. A Little Different

finger cross tattoo designs

When you cut off the fingers that are supposed to mean good luck for yourself, do the fingers crossed tattoo still work? It’s hard to say, but if you pray really hard it might just work!

cross tattoos

10. A Little White Outlines

fingers crossed tattoo meaning

Here’s something you don’t see often in tattoo designs – white outlines. We feel like white ink is underrated when it comes to modern tattoo designs. Don’t you think this fingers crossed tattoo looks much better because of that white outline?


11. Simple & Straightforward

finger cross tattoo designs

Tattoos don’t get more straightforward than this. It’s just a hand with fingers crossed motion and we’re all good. If you like minimalism, this would be a good concept to go for.


12. Blame it on Bad Luck

fingers crossed tattoo

This post has just clarified what it means to have the fingers chopped off in an otherwise lucky finger crossed tattoo. Indeed, the fingers chopped would mean bad luck!


13. Right on the Neck

fingers crossed tattoo

That would be quite an odd placement for a lucky charm tattoo to us, but each of us has a different taste, so who’s to tell what’s right and what’s wrong?


14. Holding a Rose

finger cross tattoo designs

At this point, most of you would have noticed how it’s becoming a pattern to have flowers with the fingers crossed sign. How do you interpret the meaning of this tattoo? What do you think it means?


15. Unraveling

finger cross tattoo designs

Okay, we have to say that we are quite amazed by this one. We love how the tattoo appears to unravel at the bottom, and it has wonderful line art, replacing any needs for watercolor-style shading. We love it!


Do you feel inspired after seeing these fingers crossed tattoos? Be sure to check out some of our other collection of lucky-themed tattoos and plenty of other designs! You might just find the design that you’re going to fall head over heels with for your next tattooing session.

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