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The 19 Best Flower Thigh Tattoos to Look Gorgeous



flower thigh tattoos

Flower thigh tattoos are amazing. They’re feminine, elegant and wonderful tattoo choices for those who want tattoos but don’t want it to seem too rough on themselves. As such, we have come up with this list of flower thigh tattoos for females and males for you to get inspired!


The Best Flower Thigh Tattoos for Your Next Tattoo Session

Frankly, flower thigh tattoos are simply amazing. When you look at one, it can be elegant, innocent or even sexy. Of course, the vibe of the tattoo will depend on which tattoo style you have inked on your thigh. Let’s take a look!


1. Flower Thigh Tattoo with Triangle Outline

flower thigh tattoos

Mix flower thigh tattoos with simple geometric patterns like the outline of a triangle in this tattoo. It will surely give off a subtly feminine vibe!


2. Roses Down the Thighs

flower thigh tattoos

A simple yet classic rose tattoo series. Tattoo designs like this one are usually the designs that come to mind first when thinking of flower tattoos.


3. Flower Thigh Tattoos for Females with Skull Design

flower thigh tattoos for females

Rose tattoos are often accompanied by skull tattoo designs. It’s a fascinating mix to see something so blooming with life mixed with a death-related motif.


4. Black and White Flower Tattoos

flower thigh tattoos for females

You can tell that this flower thigh tattoo is going to have some fancy dotwork in it. While incomplete, you can already anticipate what it’s going to look like as the end product!


5. Flower Thigh Tattoos with Inscriptions

flower thigh tattoos

Inscriptions, scripts and texts are just as popular as flower themed tattoos if not more. It’s refreshing to see both designs being inked on at the same time!


6. With a Mandala Pattern

flower thigh tattoos

We love how subtly the moth design is added into this flower tattoo. The center of the sunflower thigh tattoo being a mandala pattern adds on to the charm!


7. Of Flowers & Ferns

flower thigh tattoos for females

If you are going to have some flower thigh tattoos, it’d almost be a sin not to include some greeneries and ferns into the tattoo design. Look how beautiful this turned out!


8. Simple Coloring In

flower thigh tattoos for females

The simplest and prettiest flower thigh tattoos do not need to be fully colored. This one looks just fine with basic dotwork, does it not?


9. Half Completed

flower thigh tattoos

Maybe this flower thigh tattoo is actually completed as it is? The longer you look at it, the prettier this tattoo looks without any color in the petals!


10. Flowers Next to Hourglass

thigh flower tattoo designs

Roses are thorny, a perfect companion in flower thigh tattoos next to an hourglass. Having time is good, yet time can also be a source of pain for those who do not have enough.


11. Rose Flower Thigh Tattoos for Females

flower thigh tattoos

Just like the design above, these rose tattoos here are also placed together with a pocket watch – a perfect addition for women who wants some elegance in their lives.


12. Simplistic Flower Tattoos

flower thigh tattoos

We love how this lovely flower thigh tattoo is colored in with just some basic shadings in the petals and the leaves. It looks absolutely stunning!


13. Unique colors for Flower Thigh Tattoos

thigh flower tattoo designs

So you’ve seen colored flower thigh tattoos – but have you seen one with colors like these? It’s a little rarer and you know it!


14. Sunflowers

flower thigh tattoos

Think roses are too typical? How about sunflower thigh tattoos for a change? This bright and colorful flower is bound to make you feel joyful!


15. Mix of Colors

flower thigh tattoos

The roses are inked with colors, while the mandala tattoo in the background consisted only of the line-art. We love how these two color themes mix to be so beautiful!


16. Beauty and the Beast

flower thigh tattoos for females

If this flower thigh tattoo looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s from the childhood movie Beauty and the beast! The details in the glass pieces are amazing!


17. Candy Skull Tattoo with Flowers

flower thigh tattoos

This should be the second picture in this list that has skulls with flowers… or is it the third? Anyhow, this just proves how flower thigh tattoos go well with skulls!


18. Mandala Flower Thigh Tattoos for Women

thigh flower tattoo designs

Mandala styled flower tattoos are beautiful and graceful due to the amazing symmetry for these designs.


19. Of Roses & Quotes

thigh flower tattoo designs

If you want an extra touch of elegance to your flower tattoos, you can put your favorite poem excerpt or quote with the flower as well.

And that’s it for our collection of flower thigh tattoos! If you are considering a thigh tattoo, remember that flowers can easily be an elegant and simple choice for both men and women. Good luck with your next tattoo session!

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