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120 Brilliant Forearm Tattoos Designs And Ideas



Forearm Tattoos look really modern and cool. They also go well with different styles and can fit both genders. You may ask if this kind of tattoo has any disadvantages or special features? Let’s try to answer this question below.


1. Cool Forearm Tattoos with Animal Theme

cool forearm tattoos

You probably have never seen a deer tattoo so badass until today. This tattoo reminds us of the last zombie movie that we have seen – perhaps because of the empty expression in the deer’s eyes!


2. Scattered Forearm Tattoo Ideas

This forearm tattoo looks like a typical sleeve tattoo. There are so many different designs covering the arms here! If you can’t pick one design, just pick a few and make it your forearm tattoo design.


Forearm Tattoo: Pluses and Minuses

If you want to know about forearm tattoos, we should pay attention to its minuses first:

  1. It’s really hard to hide this kind of tattoo. If you need to hide it for your job, you have to prefer full sleeves only, which is usually uncomfortable.


3. Microphone & Roses

Does this tattoo design remind you of karaoke nights and classic night clubs? It does for us! After all, flowers often accompany the singers’ renditions in these places.


4. Cool Forearm Tattoos for Guys

Ah, what better tattoo design to feature on a typical ‘manly man’ forearm area than some half-naked ladies and roses, right? Of course guys will want tattoos like this – hopefully, his boss doesn’t mind!


5. Illuminati Eye Tattoo

Some cool forearm tattoos can feature just a simple symbol. In this case, the tattoo only features an eye with some light rays in the background. Do you think there are any meanings associated with this tattoo?


6. Flowers Line Art Forearm Tattoo

A big flower tattoo design like this one can work well as back forearm tattoos too! Not all forearm tattoos need to be inked like it’s wrapped around the forearm after all.


7. Colorful Birds and Twigs

If you’re looking for beautiful forearm tattoo ideas, try a design that has gentle color tones and nature themes. This simple forearm tattoo has two birds sitting atop a twig with fruits on it, and it will just do!


8. Ornamental Cage Decorated with Cherry Blossoms

This is surely one of the most lovely forearm tattoo ideas that women will love. The soft color tones, contrasting gem and intricately decorated birdcage is surely an appropriate choice for women!


9. Lion with a Crown – Back Forearm Tattoos

By back forearm tattoos, we just mean that the tattoo is inked on the back of a forearm instead of on the front. This lion will be giving a fierce gaze to any onlookers from the back!


10. A Shady Tree

Want some Mother Nature themed forearm tattoo ideas? How about a tree tattoo like this one? The way the tree’s leaves and trunk spiral its pattern is most certainly a lovely choice for a forearm tattoo design.


  1. When you get older you may lose your interest in your forearm tattoo. Ink’s used for tattoos can lose their brightness of colors and become deforming. Be ready for that.

  2. Even nowadays the process of getting a tattoo is pretty unsafe. However, there is always the chance that a needle could damage your skin easily and if it’s not sterile, you can quickly get an infection. 

Don’t get upset: nevertheless, forearm tattoos also have a lot of pluses and advantages. Among them:

  1. The forearm is one of the most aesthetic zones for a tattoo. 

  2. This tattoo will highlight an attractive form of your forearm. 

  3. Every tattoo style or design looks great on a forearm. 

    cool forearm tattoos


The only advice connected with forearm tattoos is the following: Try to make a sound decision. If you’re managed by your emotions, then be ready to get tired of the sketch you chose or spot you prefer.

cool forearm tattoos

Pain Level: Getting And Removing Forearm Tattoos

People who wanna get a forearm tattoo ask if it’s painful to get it. Frankly speaking, it’s impossible to give an answer here. As pain level can be named only individually. We can identify only several factors that are important in this case:

  1. Size of chosen pictures or sketches.

  2. Your tattoo master’s experience. 
  3. Person’s individual pain threshold. 
  4. The thickness of skin.
  5. The number of tattoos you’re getting. If it’s your first one, the pain level’ll be higher for sure. 


Talking about the process of removing tattoo, it’s important to clarify that there are no exceptions. Tattoo removing is a really painful process whatever part of the body we take.

Cool Ideas For Forearm Tattoo For Boys And Girls

Even if you’re looking for unique ideas for your forearm tattoo, the next pictures can be useful. Pay special attention to the meaning of this or that tattoo and probably you’ll be inspired by them to create your own adorable sketch. 


Forearm Tattoo: Ideas For Boys

  1. Nature. Tattoos connected with journeys show endless freedom lives in a person’s heart. It’s the best way to show how open-minded you are.

  2. Ethnic motives. Ethnic style tattoos are really cool if you respect traditions and can put up with them very well.

  3. Letters. What is hidden behind tattooed letters? Only you can answer this difficult question. You may choose different quotes or your own interesting thoughts.

  4. Animals. Tattoos with animals show that this person loves nature and animals. Sometimes it means that the man has special features in his personality from this or that animal – courage, confidence, etc.

  5. Journeys. The passion to the new emotions, far-away countries, interesting places all over the world. It’s everything hidden behind different symbols of journeys tattooed on the man’s forearm. 

Forearm Tattoo: Ideas For Girls

  1. Ethnic. Ethnic motives on a woman’s forearm symbolize her belief in super powers or the power of nature.

  2. Flowers. That’s some kind of typical female tattoo style showing the innocence of this person and her romantic nature.

  3. Animals. A small or big animal on the woman’s forearm is a great symbol of freedom. Persons having a tattoo of an animal probably have special features of it’s animal – slyness, beauty, witness, etc. 

  4. Bows. A bow is a perfect way to decorate a woman’s body. It symbolizes her courage, sexuality, and attractiveness. Usually, bows are tattooed not only on the forearms but also on the hips.

Taking Care of The Tattoo on Your Forearm

If you wanna keep good quality for your tattoo and keep its bright colors, then the recommendations below will be really useful for you:

  1. Be especially careful the first 10 days after getting your forearm tattoo. Try to wear only natural kinds of fabric and avoid long sleeves. Also, you would better off avoiding doing sports, or going to the swimming pools or bathhouses this time. 
  2. Don’t touch or scratch your forearm tattoo, especially the first 10 days after getting it. cool forearm tattoos
  3. Use special cream which can help your skin to expedite the process of recovery.
  4. Every time you are exposed to the sunshine, be sure to use strong sunscreen. forearm tattoo ideas
  5. Be very attentive to your skin: if it hurts or you feel uncomfortable, then call your tattoo master and explain your problem carefully. forearm tattoo ideas
  6. If you got special recommendations from your tattoo master, then follow them without ignoring it! Remember that not only the quality of your tattoo but also your health depends on it! forearm tattoo ideas

Also, your tattoo master should provide you with special recommendations saying how to take care of your forearm tattoo in a proper way. So keep them and follow them if you don’t wanna see any deformations of your awesome tattoo.

Celebrities With Forearm Tattoos

Some famous people prefer the forearm as a spot for a tattoo. Let’s get acquainted with their pictures and ideas:

1. Justin Timberlake.

2. Brad Pitt.

3. John Christopher «Johnny» Depp.

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