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150 Leg Tattoos Design & Ideas For Men And Women (2020)



Leg Tattoos

Tattoos on a leg – the most sensible choice for: it can be easily hidden and shown. If you suddenly need to conceal from the employer the fact of a drawing on the body (probably he could be hidebound conservative, and the work, however, would be ideal), or else if you have to protect your grandmother’s nerves and hide from her the tattoo, a leg – the perfect choice.


1. Rose Leg Tattoos for Girls

Rose Leg Tattoos for Girls

Leg tattoos for girls often involve a floral theme – a big rose tattoo with its stalk and leaves just like this one, as an example. The colors are vibrant and striking too!


2. A Partially Geometric Leg Tattoo Design

A Partially Geometric Leg Tattoo Design

A design like this one can work either as leg tattoos for men or for women – geometric tattoo designs do not discriminate against any genders!


3. Wolf and Dream Catcher

Want some dreamy leg tattoo ideas? Well, here you have it! It’s a wolf with blue eyes, enclosed in a dream catcher. It can’t get more dreamy than this, right?


4. Vintage Leg Tattoo Design

Vintage Leg Tattoo Design

If all else fails, just go for vintage styles and designs. These can never go wrong! This one right here features a red Indian with a traveling ship. You can tell that it’s in a vintage style from the colors in it.


5. Adventurous Leg Tattoo Ideas

Love the ocean and marine life? Show your love for Mother Nature’s marine offerings with a leg tattoo just like this!


6. Hidden Meaning Leg Tattoos for Girls


A girl with a moth as her mask and covering her eyes? What could this leg tattoo possibly mean? Can anyone take a guess? We know that we have no idea, that’s for sure.

Masters usually share the following areas on the leg: a thigh, a shin, and a foot. All seats are good for tattooing, and sometimes even all three areas are involved in the great work.


7. Princess-like Leg Tattoos for Girls

A unicorn with super detailed mane designs with intricate flowers around it? Wow, this leg tattoo would look good anywhere else on the body too, but this right here will do!


8. Inscriptions & Fragments Leg Tattoo Ideas

You can go for something a little more abstract if you have leg tattoo ideas like this one right here. The inscriptions and fragments can be totally random, or they can be connected in a way that only you will know.


9. Up in Flames

As far as we are concerned, if you see lots of fire, cash, morbid and gambling designs, then you can probably guess that you are looking at leg tattoos for men. What are they even trying to prove?


10. Simple Leg Tattoo Ideas


We are not quite sure what we’re looking at here. Do you know what this design is? In any case, the design looks surprisingly simple with a few fine lines and floral details.




Withal, even if not touch upon questions connected with professional and family spheres, and you want to change the image or a pattern on your leg, as opposed to, say, a skull on your shoulder, there are no hindrances.





Does It Hurt to Do A Leg Tattoo?

Almost everyone who wants to perpetuate the body the image is wondering would it be painful. On the one hand, it is a natural interest in the process of tattooing, but on the other – when you ask this question –  if it hurts to do,  the master may regard it that a customer not ready for such a process.









Pain Depends On

1. How the wizard works and what kind of equipment. Professional masters only work with quality modern machines, which reduce pain treatments to a large extent.


2. The size of the pattern and the application of the technique.

 Snap?: Sabi.eS (@black___foxx)Июл 23 2016 в 6:08 PDT

Large drawings will take time, and hence, skin and wound surface will be greater. 


Large drawings will take time, and hence, skin and wound surface will be greater.





But small patterns could be quite painful if the main part consists of contours. 



3. Typically, the sickliest areas are located closer to bones; contain a large number of nerve endings. 



It hurts to do the tattoo on ankles and feet, because of a small layer of subcutaneous fat and a large number of nerve endings.


What Is Used For Pain Relief When Applying The Leg Tattoo?

The most commonly used analgesic agent in the form of sprays or gels, based on lidocaine or benzocaine. The use of local anesthesia in the form of injections involves risk, and most masters refuse these drugs.


For pain relief – you can not take alcohol and drugs, as well as enhance bleeding drugs, changing pressure and violating blood clotting. 

To date, the reduction of drawings with the help of a laser is the safest and effective method. This removal avoids scarring after the procedure, and the healing lasts for 3-5 days.


Sacred Meanings of Drawing Place

Tattoo – it’s not just a decoration of the body, it’s a whole philosophy, lifestyle. 





The place where you locate the pattern, bear no less, and perhaps even greater meaning than the picture:



Left leg: external influence – isolation of fundamental basic human capabilities, on what he, by nature, likes to draw attention. Internally influence – soul-searching for hidden reserves, dissatisfaction with existing;



Right leg: external influences – the direction of movement and human aspirations; 


Left foot: external influence – search for a partner in life. Internally, the effect – lack of support from family and friends.

Right foot: external influence – selfishness. Internally, the effect – discontent communication, relationship.

 Tattooing – it’s still a culture that has a deep philosophy, and on the other hand, it is a promise to others, it is useful to know what the semantic value carries one or another element, even in a large multi-component drawing.


Ideas of Ornaments for Female

Bracelets. Women’s tattoos on foot can often be seen on an ankle, instep and upper thigh. Especially popular tattoo in the form of bracelets and chains. This kind looks quite feminine, especially, if it is emphasized with high heels of open shoes.




















Pictures. Girls like different images of animals and plants. Here, for the field of art is offered a huge number of cool sketches:



Of course, such drawings on the leg bears some information, such as cats symbolize sensuality and independence; Butterfly – freedom, brightness; 



Dolphin – harmony, flowers – the tenderness and vulnerability;

tree – deep feelings and wisdom;

lizard – update. 


Hieroglyphics or quotessmall letters are increasingly popular nowadays. Liana – persistence, success in your endeavors.



Star – means hope and divinity.











Grapevine – devotion. 


Now there are a lot of sites that offer a variety of photos. 













Do not rush to make a choice, maybe it is better to create your own design, produce at least a small search work. 



Men Tattoo on Leg

Definitely, the aesthetic effect of patterns for men on the leg depends on the skills of the master. With this in mind, you need to pick up a sketch of the male tattoo, which will be clearly visible from almost from any angle.












Best Ideas of Sketches for Boys:

The sun – means for boys- the entrance into the world of immortality and cognition;

Cross – the source of the connection between heaven and earth; Disc –  the ability to command; Octagon – protection from all sides of the world.





Charlize Theron,

Penelope Cruz,



Nicole Richie have adorned their long beautiful legs with tattoos.



30 Best Leg Tattoo Sketches

Tattoo Gorilla was launched in 2016, and is the hub of list for tattoo designs and ideas. The ideal site for tattoo addicts who are struggling to find inspiration for their next piece of ink.

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