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The 150 Best Lion Tattoos & Designs




1. Lion Tattoo like Marble Statues

A lion tattoo cannot get more badass than this! This lion tattoo looks like it was carved straight out of marbles – a beautiful addition to a person’s back!


2. Lion Tattoo with Horns

What do you think a lion tattoo meaning is when the lion is a little different from what we remember in the textbooks? This lion tattoo shows its sharp teeth, giving an aura of a fierce predator.


3. A Different Style for a Lion Tattoo

Not only is this lion tattoo inked in a different style – but it is also fully colored! Who doesn’t love full-color tattoos?


4. Full Lion Face Tattoo

The easiest way to ink a lion tattoo? Just ink the entire lion head and call it a day! After all, when inked properly, a lion head is all you need for it to be majestic.


5. The King of the Jungle

This person might be stressing on the lion tattoo meaning a little more than others. There are three lions in this tattoo – which looks cool too!


He is laying on the sands and look around, truly know, that everything, that he can see around – belongs to him. 



You need to understand, that this kind of sign on your skin it is not only a picture of the ordinary sketch, it doesn’t mean how beautiful will it be.





Moreover, girls and guys need to have a separate approach while choosing this tattoo type, as female and male symbols always have totally different meanings.









Lion Tattoos Were Meant Especially For

Want the lion logo look beautiful and harmonic on your skin?







First of all, such patterns will suit you in case you were born under the lion Zodiac sign.


This is a special situation when your character is the same as the image of the prairie king, and the basic features of your personality are the same as the lion instincts.





Another story with those, who are just fans of the greatest cat in nature.



Such a logo will be a visualization of pride and elevation.




As mostly this animal associates with the “blue blood” especially those people, who have or want to be like royalty always were partial to this “writing” on the body.



There are also some distinguishing between female and male lion tattoos.










Women prefer small images, which can have the next sense: 

note for her and message for the others, that she is not ordinary and worth royal respect.

She worth to be the best and she is really the only woman you will be able to see today because others can only be hidden in her shadow.



What about man, they make this note as big as possible to keep everyone informed with the note he is the only one who can pretend to have everything best in this life.





What Certain Sign Means

Apart from the facts, written above, this animalistic image can also have the meaning of the chief.






Put it on your skin and let others know, that today and for the rest of your life you will be the boss in this gang.


Moreover, maybe you adore the features of the “brave animals king” character and want to develop them in yourself.


In this case, you will be pleased to realize, that such a “note” was created especially for you.


Just believe every tattoo changes you.


And it can turn your life upside down if you make the right choice.


Moreover, this great cat is not the only boss, but it is a loving mother also.


Women can let surrounding people know, that her children are a sense of her life and she is really proud of them.


Different Cultures, Different Understanding

Lion tattoo is a really interesting choice because it is connected, first of all, with the African tribes


It will be quite logical to connect appearing of this body-picture with nature “animal kings” live in.


Well, while ancient people wanted to make these huge animals kind, they put portraits of the savanna chiefs on themselves and believed, that it will make them closer to each other and bring a note of understanding.


Moreover, if someone wished to prove to the others that he is ahead here or wanted to fix his “royal” status – he also was choosing note, we are talking about.

Perfect Parts of The Body

It is very important to understand, that man and women can’t leave this reminding on the same parts of

Usually, men put these images on the back,  


Shoulder Tattoo:


or hand 


and ankle

Girls to stay tender,

but more gorgeous, choose neck,


and wrists.

Styles To Try

Masters have their own taste and will recommend different things, however, you should always listen to yourself because it is the talk about your bode and nothing else.

However, it is better to choose between

    • vintage

The last ones for those, who want to take only clear and light qualities from the animal you are putting on yourself.


Realistic tattoo will better look at the large scale,

and vintage, 

by tradition, 

becomes a woman’s choice.


Variants of The Symbol

The basic difference between millions of photos you can find out surfing the Net is color.


Lions are ordinary painted with the crown or roses
Color, as usual, bright and “warm” – something around yellow, orange and red.


By the way, black and white symbols, in this case, look not worse, but only better. They can be contoured or filled with the grey or black color inside.


Celebrities With The Lion Tattoos

You find in this long list:

Cara Delevingne,


Mena Suvari,


Christina Ricci,


Rumer Willis,


Robbie Williams


and many others.


30 Sketches of The Divine Tattoos With Lions

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