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120+ Mandala Tattoo Ideas With Rich Symbolic Meaning



You must have seen these beautiful circular shaped Mandala tattoos representing wholeness. A model of the organizational space structure with a repetitive pattern, it has transpired through cultures and centuries. No matter how ancient the symbol is, it will always be modern as well as timeless.


1. Chest Mandala Tattoo Design

Mandala design for men can be a centerpiece, paired with lots of other motifs surrounding it.


2. A Mandala Tattoo Design on the Back

A mandala back tattoo piece proves to be an elegant option for most ladies and men. There is always something calming about the design.


3. Complex Back & Arms Mandala Tattoo Design

A mandala tattoo meaning could be a little more elaborate if you have a tattoo as complex as this piece!


4. Mandala Arm Tattoo

mandala tattoo

The ever-expanding patterns work well as a mandala arm tattoo. That’s due to how easily the patterns can cover the entire arm!


5. Decorated Mandala Lady

mandala tattoo meaning

If you prefer not to use mandalas as your tattoo design, how about using it as a side theme? As an example, you can decorate a lady tattoo with mandalas.


5. Elephant and Mandala Tattoo Meaning

More often than now, a mandala tattoo meaning is associated with a sense of religion. The elephant as an example would be linked with Hinduism.


6. Mandala Tattoo Design on the Wrist

mandala tattoo meaning

A wrist mandala tattoo design is small and elegant, a perfect choice for individuals who do not want a complicated design!


7. Back Tattoo with Mandala Design

Mandala is one of the most popular tattoo designs of all times, but do not think that any artist can pull it off; it takes a talented artist to make all the fine lines crisp and patterns even.


8. Small Mandala Themed Tattoo

A mandala tattoo design can be small and simplistic, placed just on the small of the back. It fits nicely between the shoulder blades – just like in this picture!


Is Mandala Tattoo For You?

Looking to have a Mandala tattoo done? Answer these simple questions to determine whether this design is for you:

  1. Are you into ancient history and spiritualism?


9. With an Eye

You can’t make us think that this is anything other than a feline’s eye. The shape and color just point to felines! The color contrasts well with this mandala design.


10. Mandala Tattoo Design for Half Sleeve Tattoo

You can utilize some simple mandala patterns by adding the mirroring patterns into your tattoo piece. Mandala tattoo designs can fit well anywhere – even on a half sleeve tattoo!


  1. Do you like sacred geometry? mandala tattoo meaning
  2. Do you like circular repetitive patterns and thin lines? 

If you have answered affirmatively on these questions look through the sketches and photos of Mandala tattoo designs. You will definitely find something for yourself. 

Symbolism And History

Mandala means circle in the Sanskrit. It is a visually absorbing song making all the chattering thoughts go away and bringing you clarity and peace of mind. 

Basically, this symbol is meant to awaken the creative part of your brain by putting the analytical mind to sleep. The symbol is very common in the Native American, Indian and Celtic cultures. mandala tattoo meaning

Mandala as a symbol belongs to the sacred geometry and was well known and widely used in the ancient world way before Christianity. 


Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Each Mandala has its own meaning.

  1. Ancient Indian culture has various Mandalas for all aspects of life. Remember the seven circular symbols for seven chakras? Concentrating on either of them activates a certain chakra in your body. 

  2. In the Native American culture, Mandalas represented important symbols such as sun and wind. A labyrinth Mandala represents life as a journey; a feathered one represents spiritual strength. And of course, an all-time favorite female tattoo symbol, the dream catcher, was meant to protect people from nightmares. 

    mandala tattoo meaning

  3. The Celtic Mandalas represents the holy trinity, a knot that represents the complexity of our lives, and a spiral Celtic symbol to represent spiritual growth. 


Depending on your style and taste you can choose any spot for the Mandala tattoo design. Since the theme is so versatile you can make it work on any spot, as it won’t require an even skin area. You can put it on your torso, arm, leg, even armpits and elbows work for Mandalas; it all depends on your personal taste. 

mandala tattoo

small tattoo will convey just as much symbolic and spiritual meaning, so in case you cannot have any visible tattoos due to your career ask your artist to come up with an understated design. Make sure the skin area does not have folds, as it might distort and cover some of the pictures. 



Think black and gray, fine line, color realism, watercolor, Celtic and what not. The good thing about a Mandala tattoo is that it is so universal you can make it in any style you want. Work it into an existing tattoo or make it a part of the new design. If you have a thin body frame put a small fine line Mandala on your inner arm or your wrist, put a small one on your ankle, etc. It will depict your feminine beauty, softness and spirituality. 

Men love to make 90s styled bold line Celtic Mandala sleeve tattoos, back, and chest and shoulder pieces. Modern trash polka Mandalas look very stylish and bold. Any design will look beautiful if you have a good devoted artist and are willing to work together to create something unique.


Male/Female Variations

The amazing thing about the Mandala pictures is that they are unisex and work for both sexes. Boys usually ask for the black and gray style and bolder larger scale designs. 

Girls like to do color with finer lines and more intricate designs. No matter if it is a male or female tattoo you should cooperate with the artist to create a unique pattern and design a tattoo sketch that will match your personality.



Celebrity Examples

Check out the famous model Ireland Baldwin and her left upper arm Mandala tattoo, it looks very stylish in a fine line. And aspiring young singer Amira McCarthy has a bold line black and gray Mandala on her lower arm; she added a unique twist to the tattoo picture by incorporating a yin yang symbol in the center.



Asami Zdrenka from the Neon Jungle has a dot-work styled Mandala with a red rose in the center on her upper arm. Yugoslavian singer Ira Estrefi is famous for her BonBon hit and has designed a fine line Mandala inspired tattoo for her inner elbow by herself.

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