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The 25 Best Moon Phase Tattoos & Designs



moon phases tattoo

Moon phase tattoos can be very artistic, hipster-ish or elegant, depending on how you choose to style or ink it. Moons themselves are already common tattoo themes, but there are also many ways to portray moons in your tattoos due to their many phases.


The 25 Best Moon Phase Tattoos

Usually, moon phase tattoos are inked with just 5 stages – either crescent moons, half-moons or full moons. However, you can also ink your moon phases in its various other phases too! You’d be surprised at how many varieties you can find within these moon phases.


1. Geometrics In the Background

moon phases tattoo

Accompany your moon phases with well-thought lines and patterns in the back. While simple and easy, lines and dots do make up all artworks! As such, the addition of these designs can look superb when paired with moon phases.


2. With a Lotus

moon cycle tattoo

The moon phases and lotus flower here is inked with simple shadings only. We’re quite sure that this tattoo can be done better, but we won’t complain!


3. Connected

moon cycle tattoo

This intricate design pictures the moon in a more realistic way. What’s even better is how the moons appear interconnected with all the lines between them! This is definitely one of our most loved moon phase tattoos in this list!


4. With a Serpent

moon cycle tattoo

The phases of the moon picture in this tattoo are shown as a negative view – all black instead of highlighting the white parts. We think it looks just as good as the other portrayals of moon phases!


5. Moon Phases Tattoos on the Calves

moon phases tattoo

There’s so much space for you to ink on right on your calves and along your arms, so why not make use of the space? The moon phases, when inked vertically, will fit nicely on your calves!


6. A Solar System

moon cycle tattoo

There are two perfectly good surfaces for you to ink on at your feet. Be inspired by these beautiful rows of tattoos featuring the moon phases and the solar system!


7. Along the Side of Your Calves

moon cycle tattoo

You can ink more than just 5 moon phases on your calves with that amount of space, so why not ink it all with the addition of some dots in between? Look at how nicely these designs fit together!


8. Moon Phases Tattoo with a Colorful Background

moon phases spine tattoo

If you are not the type for tattoos with an empty space background, you might like this variant. This one features the entire galaxy in the background! We know that we definitely love this, but how about you?


9. Down Your Spine

moon phases spine tattoo

When inked vertically, the moon phases spine tattoo can be placed precisely downwards from your neck towards the middle of your back. Simple, gorgeous and absolutely beautiful!


10. Ornamental Background

moon phases tattoo

The moon phases in this tattoo is accompanied by a wonderful line art background. Each curve and straight line add up to the perfection of the entire tattoo piece. We love the attention to detail within the moons!


11. Moon Phases with a Watercolor Look

moon phases tattoo

So, we found several commendable things in this tattoo. There’s the watercolor-style background, the geometrical design that accompanies it, as well as the quote right below the moon phases tattoo. Do you have a favorite element in this piece?


12. Simple & Straightforward

moon cycle tattoo

Go no-nonsense mode with these moon phases tattoo! If you like simplicity, you can draw inspiration from this dotwork-heavy moon phases tattoo which fits nicely along this person’s arm.


13. Simple Drawing of the Moon Phases

moon phases tattoo

The fine drawing of this tattoo makes the piece looks delicate, elegant and gorgeous all at the same time! We do believe that thin and fine lines are the start to great tattoo designs but to each their own.


14. An Ornamented Design

moon cycle tattoo

The moon phases portrayed in this tattoo is a lot more ornamented than the rest. It doesn’t even look like moon phases, but we know that it’s a unique representation of it! This just shows that you don’t need tattoos to be obvious at all times.


15. Not in Focus

moon cycle tattoo

The bee definitely takes the main focus in this tattoo as compared to the moon phases used to decorate it above. The art style is still amazing though – no complaints here!


16. Transitioned with Flowers

moon phases tattoo

Flowers and moon phases tattoo seems to be quite a consistent theme for the ladies. We do understand why – look at how beautiful the tattoos here turned out to be!


17. Moon Phases Tattoo On the Fingers

moon phases tattoo

These simple moon phases tattoos are so stunningly simple! There isn’t much to it a tall other than the three basic moon phases. You can ink these on both hands if you want something a little more symmetrical!


18. glittery with Stars

moon cycle tattoo

So, as it turns out, moon phases tattoos can do well as an arm tattoo! Just like the ones inked onto another person’s calves as we have seen above, the moon phases can also be inked with dotted designs and matched with stars.


19. With a Gigantic Sunflower

moon cycle tattoo

Mandala sunflower designs also pair up well with the moon phases design.  Just ink the bigger designs where the shoulder is and ink the smaller ones right below it!


20. Witch-like design with Cats & Moon Phases

moon phases tattoo

With-vibe tattoos do not get clearer than this one. A black cat with a pentagon and moon phases on the top? That’s it, you already mastered the arts of witchcraft-themed tattoos!


21. In a Circle

moon phases spine tattoo

If you don’t want to ink your moon phases in a straight line, that’s fine too! You can portray your moon phases tattoo around another design, just like this one. We aren’t too sure that the design in the center is about though. Anyone care to enlighten us?


22. An Arm Band

moon phases tattoo

Create your own personalized moon phases armband tattoo with a design just like the one pictured above! A design like this relies heavily on geometrical patterns, dots and lines.


23. Moon Phases Tattoo with Colors

moon phases tattoo

We have seen plenty of black and white moon phases tattoo, but this one here is colored! You can present your moon phases with rainbow colors if you are planning to ink exactly 7 different ones.


24. Across the Neck

moon phases tattoo

These tattoos can appear elegant and simple too! Ink them in a semi-realistic way just like this one and you’re well on your way to a feminine and elegant moon phases tattoo for yourself.


25. Across Eight Fingers

moon phases tattoo

Didn’t we just talk about having the moon phases inked on our fingers? Here is one perfect example! We feel like this one could have been inked a little better, but the concept is right there.

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