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120 Best Neck Tattoos Design For Men And Women



The neck tattoos are not for the fainthearted as most employers are still pretty strict about the visible tattoos. But if you are a creative unconventional personality and you know for a fact that a neck tattoo will not damage your career why not just go for it. After all neck tattoos look insanely bad-ass and cool.

Flower and Snake Wraparound Tattoo

A snake hiding in the flower tattoo wraps around the side of her neck with his head resting on her collarbone.


Skull and Mask Tattoo

This daring tattoo runs down the front of the neck and mixes a greyscale skull with a bolder butterfly visor.


Crows Leaving the Murder

This tattoo of crows uses body space to tell a story of young birds departing from their murder (group of crows). The available space is used fittingly for some smaller neck tattoos that complete the narrative.


Olive Branch Neckline

Another great example of using the bodies geometry to bring a halo of peaceful olive branches with these tattoos framing the side of her neck.


Birds Clutching Pearls

Perhaps a take on consumerism and natural beauty, this front of neck tattoo blend realist pearly with geometrically feathered birds.


Green Fern and Charm

This girl’s colorful tattoo is striking in its symmetry with some flair from an animal skull charm just below the neck


Butterfly Love Blind

The tattoo on this girl’s neck uses a vibrant read to warn against love blindness, with a set of eyes in the butterfly’s wings. It’s symmetry is striking and draws the viewers eye towards the meaning of the piece.


Colorful Flower

This colorful tattoo running up this girl’s neck is a great way to contrast dark hair and light skin and bring out some personality.


Skull with Petal Tattoo

This black and white skull is ominously hijacking a lift on this girls neck. A tattoo for the more daring amongst us.


Tribal Inspired Neck Tattoo

A beautifully symmetric tribal-inspired tattoo covering the front of this girl’s neck really grabs attention.


Watch Your Voice

Bob Marley would be proud of this girl, on the front of her neck, across her voice box, she’ll be sure to hold herself to a standard she’s set.


Large Rose Neck Tattoo

This rose tattoo, blooming from the side of her neck is scarily realistic.


Peter Pan

Lining the ear, these smaller neck tattoos grow towards the ear, like Peter Pan whispering to remind you to stay forever young.


The Advantages and Disadvantages

Only one obvious disadvantage is that this tat will be extremely visible and eye-catching. However, this can also be an advantage for some people. There might be times in your life when you need to cover the design but with some makeup or a turtleneck, it can be easily done. They work best on skinny people with a good neckline as the picture will not get distorted by the skin flaps.


Greyscale Large Spider Web Tattoo

Creeping and crawling along the front of her neck, this girl’s tattoo is not for the average office worker (or arachnophobic), but it’s certainly unique and full of attitude.


Stinging Scorpion Tattoo

This small tattoo aggressively guards against hickeys on the side this girls neck.


Demon Neck Piece

Until now you must have thought neck tattoos were the domain of women! Relax, reader here is a demonic neck tattoo for men to warn off other men.


Chandelier Style Neck Tattoo

This fresh tattoo along the back of the neck takes advantage of the pale skin and highly defined dots and lines for a great contrast intones.


Epicentre Pointed Shapes

Another one making good use of negative space, this girl’s neck tattoo integrates her skin as another color in this superb design.


Ink In the Veins Neck Tattoo

Some wear their heart on their sleeve, others get it tattooed on the side of their neck.


Demon Face on Neck

Another neck tattoo for men, apparently there’s something about goatees and demonic neck tattoos here.


Colorful Butterfly Neck Tattoo

This colorful butterfly springs from the symmetry of the front of her neck. Maybe it’s not a neck tattoo for men, particularly without a goatee.


Flower Heads Neck Tattoo

This simple, blue and orange tattoo along the side of the neck can be mostly hidden by wearing your hair down.


Colour Spectrum Rose

Another girl with a neck tattoo of a rose. The watercolouring and strength of the lines makes this piece really stand out

When you have a neckpiece, be prepared to be the center of attention. Some old fashioned people might not be able to understand you but you will definitely be the center of the party and very attractive for the opposite gender. Traditionally celebrities and other artistic creative people love to tattoo open body parts.


Tribal Style Tattoo

This piece is both minimalist yet intricate. There’s an intriguing contrast between the symmetrical lines and oblique semi-circles.


Draping Back and Neck Tattoo

This beautiful piece merges church style architecture with intricate designs that replicate ancient royalties body decorations.


Decorative Dagger

A recently done tattoo has an Arabian style decorative dagger running behind the ear and down the side of the neck, separating other pieces and blending the “modern” with the antique.


Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo

A popular tattoo style, particularly in the late 90s/early 2000s, it’s placement on the back of the neck means this tattoo can be easily hidden.


Purple Flower Tattoo

A purple flower tattoo runs straight down this girl’s neck and back.


Red Rose Tattoo

This red rose is bursting with color amongst the green leaves and blue peacock feathers.

Another advantage is that a neck tattoo can be a continuation of a bigger shoulder, back or chest piece.


Pendant Style Tattoo

A greyscale tattoo leads down the front of her neck, becoming thinner as it reaches her breasts.


Tribal Flower Design

This tattoo blooms from the back of the neck and across the shoulders. The piece maintains its form even if the shaved part of her head is regrown.


Abstract Flower Tattoo

Another example of how flowers can be integrated into complex and beautiful designs.


Does It Hurt?

The back of your neck is a firm area and it is less sensitive than the sides or the front. So if you go for the back of the neck like the majority of people you do not have to worry about the pain. But if you want something unusual, like the front of the neck or sides than prepare to go through a lot of suffering. However, there is a painkiller ointment that will help you withstand the process.


Heart Caught in Front of Neck Tattoo

This tattoo appears to show a heart leaping through the body but becoming stuck in the throat.

I suggest neck tattoos for experienced customers as it is definitely not a good idea for the beginners or tattoo virgins. And for the same reason the tattoo removal will hurt like hell as well.


Side of Neck Rose Tattoo

Proves the endless potential for flower and rose tattoos, its black and white color accentuates the design in its folding petals.


Symbolic Meaning

No matter what sketch you create together with your artist neck tattoos always convey a very important meaning that the owner needs to share with the world. People often go for a special quote to accompany the picture.

Roaring Wolf

Another goateed neck tattoo for men who seem to love vicious creatures around their throat.


Hands Gripping Skull

An ideal neck tattoo for men who don’t grow goatees, and focus on the occult instead.


Eye’m Watching You

Some say they’ve “eyes on the back of their head”  this tattoo gives you eyes on the side of your neck!


Greyscale Wolf Head

Black and white wolf head with a vicious appeal reminiscent of Shaggydog, Rickon Stark’s direwolf in GOT.


Spider Web Mummification Tattoo

Creepy mummy tattoo leers from the side of this girl’s neck, seemingly encased in a spider’s web.


Octopus Tentacles Tattoo

This octopus tattoo embraces the design based on movement and curved lines for a great effect.


Faded Font Back of Neck Tattoo

This script based piece embraces a black to red fading effect.


Realistic Chimpanzee Tattoo

This beautifully realistic chimpanzee is a neck tattoo for men who are in touch with their emotions and have a true sense of the beauty in nature and tattooing.


Beast of the Wild Tattoo

A colorful beast with glowing red eyes and a blood-red tongue. We’re back to neck tattoos for men with a wild side. No goatee though.

It might be a photorealistic portray of your family member at the side of your neck, some dates and lettering at the back of it, a symbol like a rose or a heart at the front.


“Patience Tattoo”

An angular script is tattoed down the side of the neck, following the natural curvatures of this area of the body.


Latin Crown Back of Neck Tattoo

This regal script embraces our kingly right to “be what you are”. Although a simple concept there’s subtly brilliant design in the crown.


Rose and Lantern Neck Tattoo

This piece combines shading with mixed messages of death (skull), life (text) and love (rose).


Black and White Faded Rose

Another striking greyscale rose tattoo on the side of the neck. The leaves are in stronger color, making the rose appear more delicate.

Whatever you put on a visible body area you need to think through the design well.

Some styles that work best for the neckpiece are dot work, black and gray, fine line, American traditional and neo-traditional. Since this part of your body is relatively small the design will have to be relatively petite with bold visible lines.


Big Cat Gowing Eyes/Mouth

Another wild animal to our growing list of neck tattoos for men with goatees. This cat has almost Maori looking designs integrated into its facial patterns.


Mixed Neck Tattoos

This androgynous-looking person has mixed two familiar styles, a rose tattoo on the side of the neck, and a wolf tattoo on the front.


Single Line Neck Tattoo

A  girl’s neck tattoo features a single line design in simple black.


Snowdrop Tattoo

By using thin lines this tattoo accentuates the delicacy of its floral subject.


Swirly Arrow Tattoo

Small neck tattoo that resembles an arrow uncurling from an infinity sign.


Snowdrop Tattoo

The tattoo on this girls neck depicts a snowdrop of a different, literal, kind, with multi-toned blue coloring for emphasis.


Devilish Love

Passionate and devilish, this red heart with black cursive “love” under the girl’s ear shows the duality of experiencing love.


Male/Female Neck Tattoos

Here are some creative ideas for girls’ neckpieces:
1. Various numbers and lettering as mentioned above. Those are very common for the back of the neck,

Black and White Rose

Classic design and easy to please. The writing adds a messier and more personal dimension.

2. Flowers and stars as a back or sidepiece for the neck,

Watercolour Rose

This rose tattoo on the side of the neck breaks its own borders by streaming down the shoulders and towards the chin.

Spotted Start Tattoo

Small neck tattoo that takes a different spin on a classic star design.

Vibrant Rose Neck Tattoo

This tattoo covers most of the side of her neck with a glowing and layered rose depiction.

Designers Rose

Another rose tattoo on the side of the neck, but this one focusses more on the interpretive side of art, rather than photorealism.

Abstract multi-colored Rose Tattoo

A testament to how many different rose-based neck tattoos can be featured yet still be fully original. The simple lines capture a petal in the wind quality amongst the blooming colors.

Glowing Petals

With subtle under-shading, this tattoo on the back of the neck appears to bloom out from a notch on the spine.

3. A butterfly for the side neck,

Butterfly Above Red Skull Tattoo

Although the red skull in the center is the most eye-catching part of this piece, it’s the tattoo of the butterfly at the front of the neck that makes the symmetry of the piece come together.

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

This small neck tattoo is a lesson in simplicity and the slight lean forward of the insect is a masterclass in capturing movement.

Tricolour Butterfly Neck Tattoo

By using asymmetric hue, this large tattoo on the back of the neck is matched well with the girl’s red hair.

4. A swallow or any other bird,

Colorful Bird Flying

Tattoo of a bird flapping its wings on a woman’s neck featuring a beautiful rush of color where the pink flows are contrasted with the stable green/blue.

Resting Bird Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a bird resting on a branch with red berries.

Outline and Shading Neck Tattoo

Small bird tattoo on the side of the neck subtly uses shading to enhance the wing and body design for striking emphasis

Origami Neck Tattoo

Through simple shading, this girl’s neck tattoo appears to be flying through some magical clouds.

5. Musical keys,

Inception Music Tattoo

This simple greyscale neck tattoo appears to be listening to the sound of its own note.

6. Stars of different tattooed close to each other to form a pattern,

Catch A Falling Star

This small neck tattoo, tucked in behind the ear looks as if it’s wooshing through the atmosphere.

7. Celtic pattern, 

Another small neck tattoo with a hearty twist on a traditional Celtic design.

8. Gothic pattern.

Black and White Pattern Tattoo

Another small neck tattoo that focuses on dark, bold designs, leaving space in between to enhance the lines between body and art.

Gothic Rose Neck Tattoo

This girl’s neck tattoo features a gothic rose, it’s moody and blood red to fit the style.

Women love to put smaller colorful designs that flow with the body shape and a dynamic feel.

Black Cat Tattoo

Tattoo of a cat on the back of the neck appears smaller than it is.

Abstract Bird Tattoo

This black ink tattoo is so intricate you might miss what it represents, look closer!

Roman Wreath Tattoo

Green and red roman wreath girl’s neck tattoo, symbolizing victory and honor.



This elegant and detailed dragonfly casts a unique tattooed shadow on the side of the neck

Feathers Tattoo

Nearly the size of this girl’s ear, this small neck tattoo is rich in detail but small enough not to be noticeable from afar.

Black Crucifix Tattoo

This tattoo features a bold, black crucifix on the back of the neck, surrounded by the wave-like walls.

Pendant Style Tattoo

Another girl’s neck tattoo featuring a black-toned bracelet style tattoo.


Illuminati Chandelier

A message to other secret society members, and an interesting take on a classic design.


Scorpion Neck Tattoo

Fiesty and strong in a dense black color, this girl’s scorpion neck tattoo could fight off even the biggest man’s wolf/lion on their neck. Small but strong.


Black Tied Feathers Tattoo

A good example of a simple tattoo done right, simple design but expertly crafted tattoo on this girl’s neck. Intricate small line fading that requires a true artist.


Patterned Neck Design

This tattoo covers the back of the neck, wrapping towards the shoulders and down the back. The large size of this piece allows for a more intricate and stretched design.

Boys love neckpieces just as much, here are some most common creative ideas that men love:

“Tomorrow We Die” Tattoo

As an extremely visible place, this tattoo shows this man’s core beliefs to the world. Red evokes a sense of danger and urgency to the message.

2. Various animals such as felines, canines, etc.,

Skulking Owl Tattoo

Why does this owl look like it’s judging you? This realistic neck tattoo is for men too masculine for a tiger, but not sensitive enough for a chimp.

Bird of Prey Neck Tattoo

This tattoo, of a red-eyed bird of prey on the front of the neck, uses the depression of a man’s throat to form the groover for a realistic beak to droop.

3. American traditional flowers and swallows,

Splash of Colour

The mixing of color in this bird based neck tattoo shows how important contrasting colors, blue and black can be to an art piece.

4. Celtic and Gothic patterns,

Demon Skull Tattoo

The use of shading in this skull tattoo on the front of the neck uses natural skin tones and darkened eye sockets to create a lantern effect.

5. Ancient symbols like yin-yang, runes, hieroglyphs etc.,

Persian Calligraphy Tattoo

This pays homage to ancient cultures with the tattooed script running down the front of the neck between two green designs.

6. Mythical creatures like vampire bats, zombies and other,


3D Style Neck Tattoo

The girl in this neck tattoo looks like she could move outside his body.

Smoking Skull

There’s only room for one head on your shoulders.

7. Arms and firearms.

Rosary Beads Praying Tattoo

Another 3D style tattoo where hands look like they’re coming out of the side of the neck.


Of course, I can only give you some basic guidelines and ideas for a neckpiece of your own. Whether male or female, you should come up with something unusual and unique. Talk to your favorite artist about your creative ideas and desires and together you will be able to design something really cool. Do not forget to send me the photos though.

Cyborg Neck Tattoo

Cyborg-like and Blade Runner-Esque tattoo. It exposes that we never really know what’s under someone’s skin. A metaphor for what’s in their head.

Skeleton War Tattoo

Blood gushes from this tattoo in the front of the neck, of this man, standing out strongly against the greyscale of the rest of his body art.

Goat Tattoo


This goat tattoo on the back of the neck is both beautiful and unusual.

Bloody Face Tattoo

The piercing hazel eyes in this tattoo are hard to avoid, even with the blood-flecked on the nose and splashed across the cheek.

Sniper Tattoo

At first, it’s difficult to work out the dimensions of this side and front of the neck tattoo of a black and white long-haired sniper, who could be firing from space.

Comrade Death

The red and roses in this tattoo express love and death, and maybe even communism.A neck tattoo for the closest things to a man’s heart.

Metal Rose

This tattoo, placed on the side of the neck has a space-age, mercurial feel, Like watching the sunset on Mars.

Animals on Neck Tattoo

A tattoo of two animals humans have tamed, although the dog has gone back to its wolf-like ferocity.

Owl Clutching Rose Tattoo

An owl clutches at a large rose. The eyes in this tattoo are on the front of the neck, and the rose in the center of the chest.

Bat Face Neck Tattoo

Another neck tattoo placed on the front of the throat. This large bat face in black and shading is very realistic and a little bit scary.

Crocodile and Cupcake Tattoo

While the tattoo of the crocodile takes center stage, there’s also a small neck tattoo of a crocodile below the ear that manages not to seem out of place.

Lava Throat Tattoo

This tattoo has a flow of lava on the front of the neck, talk about acid reflux!

Python Neck Tattoo

Python tattoo running up the front of the neck, tracing the spine and throat of the man.

Cartoonish Panther

This tattoo is both fierce and gentle. A true neck tattoo for men who know both sides of themselves.


Tattoo Aftercare

So how do you take proper care of the neck tat? We have some tips on how to help your skin heal faster. First of all, you have to follow your artist’s guidelines but I can give you some basic tips on how to take care of the post-tattoo skin and avoid getting an infection. Keep the bandage on for about three hours.

Part Man, Smaller Part Machine

Blood and metal-colored cyborg tattoo that masks a missing ear. A great neck tattoo for artistic men who have suffered injuries.

Remember not to touch your fresh tattoo unless you have just washed your hands. Wash your tattoo a few times per day with antibacterial soap. Avoid pools, saunas or sweating. The maximum you can have is a quick warm shower. To keep your tattoo bright and avoid fading remember to keep your skin moisturized.


Famous People with Neck Tattoos

Check out Rihanna’s stars, Professor Green’s “Lucky” or Britney Spears Kabbalah lettering tattoos, you can find hundreds of creative ideas on my site.



Audrina Patridge


Tattoo Gorilla was launched in 2016, and is the hub of list for tattoo designs and ideas. The ideal site for tattoo addicts who are struggling to find inspiration for their next piece of ink.

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