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100+ Amazing Rose Tattoo Ideas for 2020



Tattoo on the shoulder to the forearm of the girl - red roses

The rose is amazing, a beautiful flower which was adored by a lot of people.


Fight Club Inspired

With multiple fonts and some gory scenes, this Fight Club inspired piece has an attitude.


Slender Rose Tattoo With Cat

It appears these petals are mixed with the cat’s colors. The vertical script and curious cat make this tattoo a curiosity for viewers.


Mary and Jesus

By mixing colors, and having the dove hidden behind a rose this arm tattoo shows a masterfully crafted and emotional scene where the godliness is removed, and we mourn a mothers loss for her son.


Crow and Skull Dripping Rose

Although the crow is pecking at a skull’s eyes, it is the bleeding rose that makes this tattoo so sinister.


Black Watercolour Stem Rose

A vibrant red rose tattoo between the shoulders. The vibrant red of the petals has a dark side with black ink smudged across her back and into the petals.


Mirrored Leg Roses

Simple switching of color brings about the idea that there are two sides to everything. A great rose tattoo for girls who want to show off their legs too!


Crow Amongst The Roses Arm Tattoo

A striking color comparison for this arm tattoo. Crows, the most loathed of birds, take on an elegant significance in this scene.


Makeup on Skull

Another great example of mixing colors for a striking effect. This rose tattoo, positioned at the top of the arm uses brushstroke red, against precise black squares and outlined roses to make the textured definition of the skull more horrifying.


Dark Thick Petalled Rose

With this roses position on the lower arm, it frames the rest of the scene. Roses, a symbol of love, are placed below a blood-smeared face below a set of teeth and stars.

It was worshipped and many people created tattoos with this symbol.


Dew Dropped Pink Rose Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – rose
Rather than use contrast for emphasis, this tattoo indulges in richness of colors blending together in pink and green. It’s literally dripping with color.

This tattoo is for that person who:

  • Wants to decorate own body, give the image of uniqueness.


Blu Rose Watercolour

This blue rose features smudged watercolor that takes advantage of the bodies curvature to have a flowing effect spilling from the petals.


Red Rose Arm Tattoo

Running up the length of the arm, this red and black piece uses unusual detail when it comes to showing the grass the rose grows from in thin spirals.


Totemic Scene Tattoo

This rose tattoo on the arm has a totemic feel, where the scene runs linearly depicting a death, with the skull symbolizing the mid-point between heaven and earth.


Red Rose on Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on girls shoulder blade – rose red
A detailed red rose with smudged green and black shading surrounding its petals.
Tattoos in the form of a rose always look amazing;


Rose and Ribbon Shoulder Tattoo

A freshly done tattoo showing a rose sitting on a ribbon. Both are sexually symbolic depictions.


Skull in Rose Tattoo

A similar style, where the grass is accentuated. But this rose has a ghostly skull lurking within it.


Black Hole Rose

This arm and shoulder tattoo keeps the color on the outside. Black circles surround a filled in black hole.


Color and Writing Rose

A highly expressive tattoo mixing color, empty space and writing.


Greyscale Skull and Rose

Lower arm tattoo of a skeleton with a rose in its teeth.


Realistic Rose on Hand

Densely textured hand tattoo with dew drops on petals


Compass and Roses

Greyscale shoulder tattoo of roses surrounding a compass.


Two Roses on Shoulder

This double rose tattoo works for girls who want to cover up when they want or show off in a sleeveless dress.


Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Using Poison’s famous song as inspiration this tattoo is a rose without thorns.

  • Doesn’t afraid to show the world that in his soul love “lives”;


Vibrant Rose Amongst Briars

This rose with thorns tattoo evokes the poetry of William Blake “binding with briars my joys and desires”. A rose explodes with colour despite its hostile surroundings.

  • Dreams of harmony, happiness, joy. The tattoo can serve as an amulet;


Rose on Coil Shoulder Tattoo

Rose spreading from breast to shoulder.


Large Neck Piece

This is no small rose tattoo. Not only is this large and visible, but the detail really draws the eye towards its center like hypnotic circles.


Orange and Unbloomed Rose

Arm tattoo unusually featuring an orange/yellow rose.


Small Rose Tattoo on Back

The smaller flowers leaning against this red rose to give it a sense of delicacy. A strong contrast between the girl’s pale skin and the muted red rose.


Bouquet of Roses Shoulder Tattoo

Mixed color roses sit in a deeply toned bed of leaves and stems.


Rose and Design in Greyscale

A detailed greyscale shoulder tattoo of a rose with large petals amongst a detailed design


Purple and Pink Rose Tattoo

Pink rose surrounded by deep black and purple between shoulder blades.

  • Creatively manifests itself;


Opposites Attract

Rose tattoos on girls shoulders providing the attractive a-symmetrical color effect.

  • Starts a new life and tends to forget about the past;


Mexican Inspired Skull and Headdress

Mexican style tattoo featuring red and pink rose.

  • Able to demonstrate masculinity, he is an independent person. In this sense, even the girls can get such tattoos;


Red Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Red rose with green leaves on the shoulder

  • Wants to emphasize the beauty, innocence, or its own personal qualities, such as kindness, compassion, mercy;


Lock and Key Rose

Forearm tattoo of a rose with gold lock and key. For all the lovers out there.

  • Romantic person;


Pink Rose Tattoo

Delicate rose tattoo on the clavicle.

Wants to impress on the body a flower for memories of any important event in its life.


Flying Clock With Roses

Tattoo of roses with a clock on the side of a girls hips

The meaning of the rose tattoo is today one of the most profound and versatile.


Bright Red Rose

A realistic portrayal of a rose with dew drops on its petals.

During its long history, rose became commonly used in tattoo and universally recognized symbol not only for women but also for men.


Roses Facing Up and Down

Tattoo of delicately petalled rose on an arm.


Dark Shoulder Tattoo With Roses and Watch

Large and small rose tattoo featuring a clock

In general, the rose is a symbol of love, beauty, youth, purity, holiness and revival.


Origami Fold Rose

Petals folding in on each other amongst the thorns in this rose tattoo.


Green Backdrop

Rose tattoo on the shoulder of a girl, giving the impression of grass behind the flower.It embodies almost all the existing positive features and properties.


The meaning of symbols in different cultures

Gothic Rose

A girl with gothic style rose tattoo making a half-sleeve


Rose With Lillies

A colorful shoulder tattoo with roses amongst the lilies


Lotus Flower Tattoo

Tattoo depicting a glowing lotus on the spine of a girl. take place of lotus in the East,


Deep Texture Ros

Detailed purple rose lower leg tattoo on a girl. As a sacred flower, and they are very close to it for their symbolic meaning.


Small Rose Tattoo On Man’s Chest

Splashing color from his heart, this man shows both a masculine and feminine side with this colorful piece. Sometimes the rose symbolized the silence and hidden secrets.


Red and Black Collarbone Tattoo

Deeply hued tattoo of a rose with thorns, but also richly textured leaves and beautiful multifoliate coloring. The leaves of roses symbolize joy, spikes – sadness, the flower itself – the glory.


Purple Lined Rose

A foot tattoo of a rose-lined with purple flecks and shadowing in the gaps between petals. Golden Rose is the emblem of the Pope and signifies perfection.


Wallpaper Style Rose

A rose with a unique cracked wallpaper looking style. White Rose as a flower of light symbolizes fidelity, virginity and innocence, spiritual revelation, red rose – love, desire, passion, perfection.


Large Petal Rose

This glowing heart of the rose tattooed on the shoulder of a girl shows someone who is warm at heart but maybe dull on the outside.Blue rose – became a symbol of the unattainable and impossible,


Blue Rose Covered in Dew

Dew seems to be a common symbol in rose tattoos for girls .Yellow accompanies with grief and separation.


Petals and Flowers Blend

Blue flowers merge with yellow petals on this girls rose tattoo, perhaps used to symbolize loss and beauty. Perhaps she has had a mastectomy has found new peace with her body and its art.In Chinese culture, it is valued for its fragrance and is a symbol of prosperity.


Pink Rose Foot Tattoo

This delicate tattoo is in a place people often consider ugly or unclean.In ancient Egypt rose flowers were dedicated to the goddess Isis, as a symbol of pure love, liberated from all carnal.


Metallic Rose Tattoo

A metallic looking rose tattoo, for girls to sniff during a special time.In Greco-Roman – it was the emblem of Aphrodite, and as a symbol of always, triumphs love.


Rose and Calla Tattoo

A mix of detailed shading and pastel coloring. This rose tattoo looks great on the arm of this woman.In the famous Baghdad rose its first circle represents the law, the second circle – the way, the third is knowledge, and together they represent a true and names of Allah.


Sad Rose

Tattoo on the shin of the girl – red rose

Small tattoo of a red rose with deep green color tones. This rose has noticeable veins on the outside petal.

In combination with a cross rose met in the symbolism of the Templars and the Freemasons.


Yellow and Orange Petals

Dew drops sit on the leaves of this muted orange and yellow rose.


Red Rose With Thorns Tattoo

Tattoo on the wrist of the girl – red rose with leaves and thorns
Thorny rose tattoo leading down to the man’s hand. A very visible and striking position, with realistically curling petals.

In Buddhism is the sign of triplicate true.


Large Petalled Rose

Tattoo roses on the shoulder for men
Blood appears to drip off this tattoo of a rose on a man’s shoulder, running down the leaves onto his arm.

For the first time rose was grown in Persia, where it was seen only as a male flower.


Deep Red Hand Tattoo

Tattoo on the hand of a man – a red rose
Almost cartoonishly red rose tattoo on a man’s hand, petals spread down a knuckle and also towards the wrist.

After a few thousand years it began to be cultivated in all parts of the world.


Unusual Overlapping Petals

Tattoo on the foot of the girl – yellow rose
A more abstract interpretation of rose tattoo design for this girl with pointed petals and dewdrops falling down her foot.

So now the rose is the female flower that symbolizes beauty.


Black and Red Sleeve

Tattoo on girl’s hand – red roses
Full sleeve covering shoulder and arm, these rose tattoos fade into an obscure design the further from the shoulder they get.

Tattoo rose first came to the attention of sailors who went on the voyage for a long time.


Blending Classics

Tattoo on the chest of a man – red roses and anchor
Can’t decide between a rose or an anchor for your classic tattoo. Live a little and get both.

Rose tattoo is very popular among both women and men.


Large Pink Rose Neck Tattoo

Tattoo on the neck of the girl – Rose
Very detailed neck tattoo of a large rose in full bloom with lots of petals. There is great shadowing mimicking the effect of sunlight.


Rose Blooming Behind Ear

Tattoo on the neck of a man – rose
As the smaller tattoos spread up this man’s neck the color becomes more enhances until it reaches a peak in this beautiful tattoo of a pink rose that hopefully won’t someday be covered by hair.

Rose tattoo embodies two principles: the male and female


Wave and Rose Circular Piece

Tattoo on the biceps of a man – rose
Rather than dew drops, this rose tattoo on a man’s arm mixes the motion of petals blooming into a series of waves. This makes the tattoo come alive as if it could roll across his body.

Snake and Rose

Tattoo on the shoulder blades of the girl – rose and the snake
An angry snake attacks a thorny rose in this tattoo on girls back. The greyscale coloring makes the snake appear more ferocious.

as symbols of yin and yang. Bound together dark and light prickly rose is the symbols of these principles, symbols of harmony.


Black and Red Roses

The tattoo on the side of the girls – roses
Many of the images so far have been of rose tattoos that don’t have thorns. This woman has embraced her thornier side!


Roses Mirrored on Feet

Tattoo on feet girls – red roses
Girls prefer to put a tattoo of a flower on Legs; There is a beautiful symmetry to this piece. The blackened red is striking against the deep green leaves.


Cartoonish Rose and Clock

Tattoo on the hips of the girl – red roses and clock
Move over Ted Burton, this rose tattoo is for girls who embrace their “Alice in Wonderland” side. Perfect for all the dreamers out there


Cupcake and Rose Sleeve

Tattoo on girl’s hand – a rose and a cupcake
This girl mixes her sweet side with her loving heart in a beautiful rose tattoo for girls with a sweet tooth who just wants to be loved.


Deep Red Rose

Tattoo on the shoulder blade of the girl – red rose
The petals, as well as some of the leaves, embrace a deep red with black veins in this shoulder tattoo of a large rose.


Bloomin’ Beautiful

Tattoo on the chest of the girl – red roses
Roses in different stages of blooming across the chest of a girl.


Delicate Rose

Tattoo underbelly of the girl – pink rose
This tattoo of a pink rose seems so ethereal that it might leave her body.


Peeking Out From Beneath The Roses

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – red roses and girl’s face
Eyes peer out from under the roses in this richly colored shoulder tattoo.


Overlapping Petals Neck Piece

Tattoo on the neck of a man – rose
Neck tattoos often have the most detail, and we can see why, literally everyone you meet will have to look at it, so it’s best to get a highly skilled artist to do something detailed.


Blown Pride

Tattoo on the wrist of a man – rose and inscription script framed by petals and musical notes. This arm tattoo of a rose has shown a soft side to its wearer.


Leg Roses with Locks and Keys

Tattoos on the feet of a man – rose and locks with keys
Bright pink roses draw the attention of onlookers like a bird of paradises display. These rose tattoos will have girls pulling at your legs to unlock your potential.


Watercolor Painting Style

Tattoo on the arm of a man – rose and other flowers
A red rose stands out boldly amongst other flowers in this dreamlike scene.


Realistic Greyscale Rose

Tattoo on the forearm for men – rose
A bloody hand grips a rose with no thorns to be seen. This is perhaps a metaphor for the unseen pain of the death of a loved one or relationship.


Styles of The Rose Tattoo

To make such a tattoo, first, we must decide with the color of roses.

Blue and Purple Watercolour

Tattoo on the biceps of a man – the blue rose
Colors splash around this unique take in how to color a rose.

Once a color has been selected, you can think about the future design of the tattoo. The design can be so varied that it is possible to emphasize in these feminine traits as well as masculine.


Pixellated Petals

Tattoo on the forearm for girls – rose, embroidered cross
While the leaves are greyscaled and realistic, this tattoo of a rose on a girl’s arm has the pixellated appeal of the traditional craft of embroidering.

Roses can be applied in the style of tribal or used in conjunction with other images: with skulls,


Classic Skull and Roses

Tattoo on the shoulder blade of the girl – rose and skull
A gothic style shoulder tattoo with a rose splashing blood like ink on a skull with dark, hollowed eyes.


Skull, Lantern and Rose Tattoo on Arms

Tattoo on the forearm of a man – rose, skull and lantern
These tattoos give two sides to a story, both contain roses, a symbol of love, but one side is dark and deadly, the other shows us a light. Chose whether you’re an optimist or pessimist.


Angel Holding Rose

Tattoo on the shoulder of a man – rose and angel
An angel holds a glowing rose, spreading light onto her body in this haunting shoulder tattoo.


Angelic Child Praying Over Rose

Tattoo on the forearm of the girl – rose, the angel and the name
A child prays over a rose in this scene depicted on an arm. There’s an innocence to the child’s expression, but the lack of color suggests something tragic, a loss, the white of the rose suggests it has frozen over, like love crystallized in time.

and even fish Koi (symbol of courage).


Carp and Roses

Tattoo on the side of the girl – rose and Koi fish
Land flora and aquatic fauna. This girls tattoo of roses with fish swimming through them suggests she is comfortable with being out of place.

Also on the body, it is possible to draw a huge picture, a photo, in which many more stories exist in addition to roses.


Fading Colours

Tattoo on feet girls – roses
Black and red roses tattoed on this girl’s feet have a death like quality to them because of their well-mixed shading of colors.


Variants of symbols

These tattoos are usually girls choose:

Rose Half-Sleeve

Shoulder tattoo girl – red roses
A perfect half-sleeve tattoo on the arm comprised of two realistic roses with white coloring and dark shadowing to complete the realism.

A flower without thorns means pure love or love at first sight. The flower can be drawn with the insects,


Purple Roses

Tattoo on the hips of the girl – purple rose, compass and butterfly
Although the butterfly is in the center, the viewer’s eye is drawn to the folding petals of the purple rose petals in this girl’s tattoo on her leg.

typically, with a beautiful butterfly.


Colorful Butterflies and Red Roses

Tattoo on the blade of the girl – red rose and butterflies
A large rose with detailed red petals is surrounded by colorful butterflies and small roses in this tattoo. Butterflies are animals that “bloom” from caterpillars into large, beautiful creatures, this tattoo shows us the process a rose goes through until it takes center stage.

Then the tattoo gets the value of lightness, freedom, love, purity and spirituality.


Waterfall Like Rose

Tattoo on the edges of the girl – rose and butterflies cascading petals of this rose, mixed with butterflies and dripping colors is a perfect tattoo for girls who love roses and nature.

Such tattoos are suitable for both men and women:


Love and Roses

Tattoo on the foot of the girl – red rose and an inscription
A literalization of the symbolism that a rose tattoo has for girls. Roses and love will always be linked to each other, from poetry to real-life romances.


Love is in the Hips

Tattoo on the stomach of the girl – red rose and an inscription
“Love is the way to my self-development” this girl’s tattoo is explicit in meaning as well as detail.

As a rule, these are the names of loved ones, close friends;


Lovers Name Tattoo

Tattoo on the chest of a man – rose and name
Getting a name is always risky, perhaps that’s why he left some room to fill it in and make a jungle out of “Alejandra” on his body if she leaves him.

Doubles flower means devotion and loyalty;


Eternal Love

Tattoo on the hands of a guy and a girl – rosesTattoos last forever, the process of removing them is difficult and expensive. This couple hope that their love will be like their tattoos, and got these rose tattoos on their arm to prove it.

Barbed wire with a rose represents the pain and suffering;



Tattoo on chest men – Red roses, barbed wire and two pistols
A battle between love and vengeance is wrought on this man’s chest. Rose tattoos with thorns wrapping around guns, although they look like they’re dying, a brighter, bigger rose stands out amongst them. They outnumber the guns.

Dagger with a rose is associated with a twofold feeling – love and hate;



Tattoo on the lower leg at the guy – rose and dagger
Often we think of cupid piercing a heart. This tattoo of a rose on his arm shows mixed feelings towards love.

Cross with this flower is the memory of the dead man.


Rose and Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the man’s shoulder – a rose and across
A detailed tattoo of an innately carved cross with a blooming rose in the center.

Roses can be made large, medium and small:

Large images look spectacular.


Large Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder blade of the girl – a large pink rose
A large petalled pink rose tattoo spreads up these girls back and shades around her shoulder.

They amaze others with their beauty. These figures applied to the back,


Large Roses Glowing Inside

Tattoo on the back of the girl – the roses
A dull light like a dying fire illuminates the white rose petals on this girl’s tattoo featuring multiple flowers and a dark scene with pointed green leaves.


Guy Fawkes and Red Roses

Tattoo on the chest of a man – roses and mask
Another movie reference of V for Vendetta is depicted where V lies down amongst the roses in this tattoo spreading to the shoulders from a smirking Guy Fawkes mask in the center.


Gente Watercolour

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – watercolor the roses
A stark contrast to Guy Fawkes’s death scene. This shoulder tattoo of roses allows watercolors to spread around the shoulder and outside the confines of the flower.


Red Rose Shining

Tattoo on the side of the girl
and guys may decide on such body-worn picture;

The sheen on this girl’s rose tattoo looks like the floating rose Beast keeps in Beauty and the Beast….be careful


Fish Scale Rose Tatto on Arm

Tattoo on the forearm of the girl – rose and the fish
Fish scales mix with delicate rose petals in this unusual piece that blends color and texture in an unexplainable depiction of an impossible scene.

You can put them in any other body part;


Glowing Mouth of Flower

Tattoo on the lower leg of the girl – rose

A tattoo of a purple rose on my shoulder at the girl

You’re unlikely to see this on all but the manliest of men. But this pink and purple rose tattoo is mostly for girls who appreciate the fragility and beauty in nature.

Girls select small tattoos.


Small Rose Finger Tattoo

Tattoo on the finger of the girl – little roses
Two small, yet well-inked rose heads with green leaves on a girl’s finger.

They emphasize their femininity and beauty.

Sketches of small roses attract attention no less than medium-sized or large drawings.

Sketch a small tattoo – Rose


Celebrities and tattoos

We can see that many celebrities have tattoos. We can see it from photos with celebrities,

Tattoos with a rose, for example, have Chris Brown (he has a bright red rose on his chest),

Tattoo Gorilla was launched in 2016, and is the hub of list for tattoo designs and ideas. The ideal site for tattoo addicts who are struggling to find inspiration for their next piece of ink.

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