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The 160 Best Sister Tattoos & Designs



The strong desire of close people to unite in one with invisible bonds led to emerging of such notion as sister tattoos. No matter how two people are connected, either by blood or by strong friendship, sharing one image for two is one of the ways to show the appreciation and devotion to each other.

Parrot Sister Tattoos

sister tattoos

Above are parrots done in watercolors. These beautiful birds are known for having a strong sense of family.


Batman and Robin

matching sister tattoos

Sisters are partners in everything, and the famous superhero partners, Batman and Robin, are great sister symbol tattoos.


Puzzle Piece Initials Sibling Tattoos

sibling tattoos

These sisters have two puzzle pieces slotted together, each carrying their initials.


Glaring Owls Matching Tattoos

sister tattoo ideas

Pictured above are tattoos of owls looking at each other. When put together, the branches make up a heart.


Wolf and Dragon

sister tattoo ideas

A wolf’s and a dragon’s heads are done in graphic-style in these matching sister tattoos. Wolf and dragon tattoos both can mean wisdom and strength.


Watch Out!

In the image above, a blue whale tries to avoid a flower pot from falling onto it’s head.


Surfer Sister Tattoos

matching sister tattoos

For those who like surfing, getting tattoos of a surfing girl, like in the picture above, is a good sister tattoo idea.


Hand Gestures

sister symbol tattoos

Commonly used hand gestures can be used as inspirations for sister tattoos.


“I’ll follow you into the dark.”

Pictured above is black and white key and lock pair tattoos with the quote “I’ll follow you into the dark.” written in a semi-circle.


Pastel Unicorns Sister Symbol Tattoos

In this sister tattoo design, a unicorn’s head done in pastel colors and negative space with no black outline.


Pastel Cupcakes

Three cupcakes of different designs and colors represent a different person in these sister symbol tattoos.


Tina and Louise Belcher

In the picture are the trademark hair and accessories of Tina and Louise Belcher, sisters from the American cartoon series, Bob’s Burgers.


Nautical-themed Sibling Tattoos

These matching sister tattoos feature a compass with the quote “I’ll keep you wild”, and an anchor with the quote “I’ll keep you safe”.


Triplets Matching Sister Tattoos

Three girls are talking through can and string telephones and are located on the lower calves of the wearers.


M No 4/4

This sister tattoo idea is good for siblings who have the same initial: their initial and their rank according to age.


Bumble Bees

A bumble bee with a dotted line trail is tattooed on the feet of these two sisters.


“Live Fo The Love”

Pictured above are matching tattoos of a four-lef clover with a yellow banner with the quote “LIVE FO THE LOVE”.


“Per Sempre”

A line heart and lifeline tattoo ending with the words “Per Sempre” in the script is shown above. “Per sempre” is Italian for “forever”.


Face Key and Keyhole Matching Sister Tattoos

These key and keyhole shaped negative space tattoos are each filled with a portrait of a woman’s face.


Cosmic Mountain Sibling Tattoos

A black and white mountain view is done with a watercolor galaxy night sky, with a silhouette of people in the foreground.


Minimalist Daisy Tattoos


The sister tattoos design idea above features a minimalist daisy flower done in black line work.

Thus such tattoos can be done by people who are not sisters or brothers by blood but are those in their minds and souls, that’s why sister tattoos became one of the favorites among best friends.


Sleeping Cat Tattoos

The subject of these pair tattoos are sleeping cats laying on tropical plant leaves.


Love and Rock & Roll Small Sister Tattoos

Done in black work are hands doing a “rock on” hand gesture with a negative space heart on the palms.


Watercolor Koi Tattoos

If put side by side, these watercolor koi fish tattoos make a circle.


Cosmic Nautical Sister Tattoos

This steering wheel and anchor matching sister tattoos are done with a galaxy design on the inside, with the quotes “You can try to guide me” and “But never hold me down” framing each respectively.


Color Wheel Venn Diagrams

In this tattoo design, three circles if different colors overlap each other, the overlapped sections either their combination color, or common primary color.


Ink Splatter Heart Wolf Heads

These ankle tattoos are of snarling wolf heads with red and black ink splatter hearts below. The initial is written in print inside the black heart.


Black Work Sitting Foxes Tattoos

On the wearers’ forearms are sitting foxes done in black work.


PB&J Slices Sibling Tattoos

One tattoo has a design of a cartoon piece of sliced bread with jam, while the other is with peanut butter.


Owl and Tree Sister Tattoos

The owl and its tree are a good combination of sister symbol tattoos.


“An We Learn As We Age”

A compass and a clock have banners containing the words “And We Learn” and “As We Age” below, with simple flowers in the background.


Black Wolves

These finger tattoos are of stylized wolves done in black work.


Skull Sibling Tattoos

One of the skulls has a ribbon, and the other a top hat for the gender of the siblings.


Winged Heart Hand Tattoos

These matching sister tattoos are designed as half of a winged heart on opposite hands, which complete a picture if put together.


R2D2 & C3PO

R2D2 and C3PO are the mascots of the original Star Wars Trilogy. They are popular sibling tattoo design ideas.


Lightsaber Finger Tattoos

On the sides of the fingers, lightsabers from the famous Star Wars franchise are inked in color.


Geometric Raccoon Faces

Geometric raccoon faces colored in cool color schemes decorate the back of the wearers’ upper arms above the elbows.


Musical Staff Tattoos

This tattoo design uses a musical staff with a G clef and musical notes.

In spite of the name sisters tattoos, they can be shared both among men and women as well, though the sketch may vary in design.


Watercolor Rainbow and Black Arches

These watercolor pair tattoos differ in coloring: one is done in color while the other is in black work. Together they form a circle.


Golden Gate Bridge

These matching tattoos form a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge when putting together side by side.


Flying Birds Tattoos

A silhouette of a flock of birds fly down the blade of the arms of the wearers.


Cartoon Parrots Small Sister Tattoos

On the inner wrists of the wearers are matching sister tattoos of cartoon parrots.


Pink Ribbon Sister Symbol Tattoos

Pink ribbons are tattooed at the inner wrists in the image above.


Things to Know Before Making Sister Tattoo

In order for the sister’s tattoos to look beautiful on your body and perform its function in the best way, consider taking these small tips into account:

  1. Tattoos look more balancing if both of the people get inked in the same part of the body. In the image above, two girls’ hands make pinky promise, with the word “sister” written on the back of one hand.
  1. For those willing their image to consist of two parts and unite in one, it is better to make them mirror like, while one person gets the tattoo on the right leg, the other one should put on the left one.

twin sister tattoo on leg

A half of a mandala design adorns the foot. Together, the pair complete the design.

  1. Before choosing the place where to put your sister’s ink, ask yourself whether you would like it to be hidden or visible for anybody else?

sister tattoo with moon and sun on edges

One of the common sister tattoo ideas are the sun and moon combination. In this design, arrows pierce through the sun and moon.


The Main Types of Sister Tattoos

If you finally decided to celebrate your sisterhood or friendship, you will face a rather difficult choice, what kind of sister tattoo to apply?


Bluebell Stalks Matching Sister Tattoos

There are basically three main types to choose from for women:

  1. The regular design representing the same image and shared by both.

Bohemian-style Pointillist Moth Tattoos

sister tattoo with a butterfly and a moon

Pointillism was used to create these bohemian-style moth tattoos with crescent moon-shaped wing tails and different colored jewels in the body.

Pinky Promise Tattoos

sister tattoo with heart and handshake

One of the most popular sister symbol tattoos is the pinky promise tattoo.

Watercolor Mario Mushroom Tattoos

sister tattoos шт cartoon style with Mario mushrooms

In the image are tattoos of watercolor galaxy Mario mushrooms.

  1. Same design inked exactly at the same part of the body which is rather unique and special for two of you only, which doesn’t mean anything for the others but carries warmth and deep meaning for you, as best friends.

“Queen of My World”

rebel sister tattoo

The design of these tattoos are of a cartoon gangster girl in inverted colors and the quote “YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF MY WORLD” written in script above and below the portrait.


Compass And Anchor Tattoos

sister sea tattooon hands with wheel and anchor

These black and white pair tattoos showcase a compass with the quote “I’ll keep you wild”, while the anchor with the words “I’ll keep you safe”.


Night and Day

sister tattoo graphic day and night

On the wearers’ forearms are geometric black and white tattoos of night and day seaside mountain landscapes inside triangles.

  1. The last one and the most complicated one is to invent your own picture of the tattoo which will be understandable only when you stay next to each other.

Halves Fractions Tattoos

sister tattoos with nomber on hand

Fraction tattoos are common for sister symbol tattoos, especially of multiple births like twins or triplets.


Heaven and Hell Quote Tattoos

sister tattoos on wrist lettering heaven and hell

The pair tattoo above spells out a quote when put together: “Forbidden In Heaven” and “Useless In Hell” written in script.

The tattoo can be shared with more than one person, like fore example, Miley Cyrus, Elsa Pataky and two other pals did: a matching tattoo in order to preserve their sisterhood and friendship in the ink. All of them have a small symbol inked between the fingers, wrist and forearm.


Which Are The Most Common Designs Symbolizing The Sisterhood or Friendship?

For those in search of inspiration and some ideas on which symbol to choose for your sister tattoo, there are few options:

  1. Hearts.

same simple heart tattoo for sisters

Small minimalist line hearts are drawn on the wrists for these cute matching sister tattoos.

colored sister tattoo with heart on thigh of girl

A simple sketch of two sisters holding hands are the focus of this thigh tattoo.

sister tattoo double heart on sholders

The above design makes use of hearts and stars, differing in color: one in pink, and one in blue.

Usually, the symbol of heart is rather small in size and can be just matching, meaning both of the wearer have it on the same part of body or shared – each half of the heart belongs to each of the holder.

  1. Moon.

nursing black tattoo on crook his arm with moon and sun

In the above image, the sun and moon pair are drawn to look like tarot card art. The word “sisters” is written on the side in cursive handwriting.

Dual tattoo yin-yang with moon and sun for sisters

These tattoos are made popular by the tattoos worn by brothers from the movie Boondock Saints. In Latin, “veritas” means  verity or truth, and “aequitas” means  equity or justice.

cool sister tattoos with moon and sun on back

Int he image, the sun and moon tattoos are located on the wearer’s upper back.

The picture of a moon and sun is rather symbolic when it comes to sister tattoos, as according to the Greek culture the moon represents sisterhood, while sun symbolizes light and truth.

sister tattoo with moon and sun on hand

These matching tattoos are done simplistically with black outlining and simple shading.

sister tattoos on back with moon and sun face

The design of these tattoos have the crescent moon and the full sun together inside a black line circle.

When joined together, the moon and the sun show that two people are totally different but still remain the same.

  1. Infinity.

sister tattoo with infinity and birds

Two crescent shapes and bird silhouettes make up the infinity symbol in this sister tattoo idea.

sister tattoos infinity with inscription on legs

For these small sister tattoos, the infinity symbol is designed with the word “sisters” written in cursive. One is done in blue, the other in pink.

The ancient symbol of eternity and limitless have found itself in the sister tattoos as well,meaning that your blood or mind connection sees no boundaries, neither limits and will be preserved forever.

  1. Initials or sentences.

sister tattoos on back with name family letters

These sister tattoo ideas feature putting the initial of each sister into a logo.

big and litle sister tattoos on hands

In this image, the tattoos are labels of “BIG SISTER” and “LITTLE SISTER” with their respective birth dates written below.

They can vary from either sharing the same sentences or inking the names of each other or complement each other.  

The design of the above sister tattoos features the sisters’ names done in each other’s handwriting with flowers dotting the ‘i’ and crescent and full moon motifs.

So whenever you stand by each other, you can read the whole message. 

Each sister wears half of the yin and yang symbol which are filled in the mandala-style on their forearms.

These are some of the most common ones among the sister tattoos, which are more female, but if you would like to make your design truly special and yours, the chosen image should be known and shared only by two of you.

fun miss poppy sister tattoos

The female versions of the red and green mascots of the M&Ms candies are tattooed on the back of the wearers’ legs.

old school style sister tattoos

This beach-inspired sister tattoo features three women with their hair braided together and the quote “The most important things in life are not things” written in cursive above.


Which Part of The Body Should You Put a Sister Tattoo On?

From ancient times, wrists have been the most popular spot for tattoos, as this part you can always hide behind the long sleeves or show off.

sister tattoo with berries in realistic style

A small render of a yellow flower is inked near the wrist of the wearers.

Besides the wrists,

tattoo with a flower on hand for sisters

This matching tattoos design is of a clematis flower whose stem spells out the word “sister”.

such body parts as ankles,

sister tattoo on leg in botanical style

Above is a black and white tattoo of a jasmine flower plant, one on the forearm, and the other above the ankles.

identic tattoo with pineapple on his feet sisters

Common sister tattoos ideas feature fruits, such as the simple black and white pineapples featured in the picture above.

sister tattoo on leg with fingerprint

The hearts are done to look like fingerprints in the pair tattoos pictured here.


small tattoo on fingers for sisters

These sisters had their favorite song title tattooed on the side of their pinky fingers.

one sister tattoo on finger with flower

These small sister tattoos of wildflowers are located on the base of the wearers’ thumbs.

small sister tattoo with initials on fingers

These sibling tattoos had their initials tattooed on the base of their middle fingers.

and neck are the most favorite ones for these types of tattoos.

identical sisters tattoo with eye on neck

A minimalist eye done in black outline are located on the nape of these sisters.

sister tattoo Indian style behind the ear

This tattoo on the side of the wearer’s neck is of a feather and bead charm done in red and negative space.


Men Sister Tattoos or Better Say Brother Tattoos?

Men are not an exception when it comes to sister tattoos, and they do get inked in order to show their true devotion either to brother or best friend.


Sketch and Birthday Sibling Tattoos

tattoo for brother and sister in children's cartoon style

These siblings have tattoos of a child’s drawing of children with their respective birth dates written below and the words “Brother” and “Sister” scripted above.


Keeper and Protector

brother and sister in form heart with infinity tattoo

This sibling tattoo idea has a heart and infinity symbol entwined together, with labels of “My Brothers Keeper” and “My Sisters Protector”.

For men, it means much more than having tattoo with a name of beloved woman, as love can seize, while men’s friendship is rather hard to break.


Infinity Sibling Tattoos

tattoo for brother and sister with sign infinity

The infinity symbols feature the words “Brother” and “Sister” in this sibling tattoos idea.

Men mostly prefer minimalistic tattoos when it comes to siblings bonding or showing true friendship.


“Brothers never let go”

sister brother realistic tattoo with picture of handshake

Two hands shaking are in between the quote “Brothers never let go” and done in black and white.


Birth Detail Stamps

tattoo for a brother and sister with their date of birth

The wearers’ birth details, like place, date, and time, are featured in this tattoo to look like a stamp or seal.

You may commonly find the sentences inked either on the inner side of the hands.


Feather Charms Sibling Tattoos

tattoo for brother and sister in Indian style

These sibling tattoos are of Native American feather charms and the wearers’ names written in print handwriting.


Geometric Diamond and Hot Air Balloon

geometric design brother sister tattoo on shoulder

These geometric tattoos are of an elaborate hot air balloon and a simple 3d diamond.


Clock, Compass, and Roses

tattoo for brother and sister on arm with a compass and rose

These clock and compass sibling tattoos are paired with roses. One is done in black, while the other is done in color.



“Love You to the Moon & Back”

brother sister moon tattoo on leg

Overlaid a black and white rendered full moon are the words “Love You to the Moon and Back”.


Disney-themed Tattoos

Tattoo for brother and sister with cartoon characters

Pictured bove are tattoos of Disney characters Nemo and Stitch with each other’s famous quotes of “Ohana” (family in Hawaiian culture) and “Just keep swimming”.


Geometric Gorilla and Bear Heads

brother sister leg tattoo with animals

These sibling tattoos feature geometric gorilla and bear heads in red and blue color schemes.



Secret Codes

Sholders brother tattoo sister with letters

Sibling tattoos can also be in secret codes. In the image, the wearers had coordinates of their birthplace tattooed on.


“Blood is Thicker Than Water”

brotherly tattoo on shoulder in realistic style

Over a background of a black and white Japanese-style red sun is the quote “Blood is Thicker Than Water”, with two clasped hands underneath.


Connected String Sibling Tattoos

forever linked desing brother sister tattoo on sholders

The wearers each have a hand with one half of a connected string tattooed on their shoulders.

or back.


Feather and Anchor

kindred tattoos for brothers and sisters

The tattoos above pair up the quote “I’ll be your wings…” with a watercolor feather and “I’ll be your anchor” with a black work anchor.


Viking Rune Tattoos

desing brother sister tattoo rune on back

These rune tattoo designs are combined letters Z and an inverted O, which mean protection and family respectively.


Arrow Snowflake Sibling Tattoos

brother sister tattoo on back in indian style

This snowflake design uses arrows for prongs, with the quote “A sister’s/bother’s love will forever follow/protect you…”

One of the most favorite ones is the moon and sun as well and the more adventurous go for more male sketches.


Filigree Sun and Moon

brother sister tattoo moon and sun on sholders and back

These line work sun and moon tattoos are done with a filigree motif.


Watercolor Graphics Moon and Sun

Watercolor sun and moon tattoo on sholders for brother and sister

These moon and sun tattoos are drawn in simple sketch-style and colored in blue and red watercolors.


Dragonfly Tattoos

These pair tattoos focus on dragonflies. One is geometric and dot work while the other is in black work with watercolor and negative space background.


Cat Semicolon Tattoos

Pictured above are semicolons shaped as cats. Semicolon tattoos could mean continued life, and usually worn by survivors and their friends and family.


Dryad Heart Tattoos

In Greek mythology, dryads are female nymphs that live in trees. These dryads make a heart with their trunks and branches.


Winnie The Pooh

These pair tattoos feature the famous children’s books characters Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet.

The wish of people blood – related or no to create a special connection is often shown through sister tattoos: another way to celebrate such event as having somebody so close in your life, as love, unfortunately, can sometimes vanish, but friendship will remain with you forever.


30 best tattoo designs sister’s tattoo

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