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17 Cute Sister Tattoos For 3 To Rigid The Bond Between Sisters




sister tattoos for 3

Want to know why we have a list of sister tattoos for 3? Having one sister is awesome, but imagine having three! Matching sister tattoos for 3 are perfect for families with three daughters. If you are one of the three lucky siblings, here are some lovely tattoos for you to choose from. Show your bond with your sisters with the tattoos for sisters of 3 below!


Sister Tattoos for 3 to Show Your Love for Your Siblings

You can have matching sister tattoos for 3, or you can have different tattoo designs that can still show the same love and energy. Take a look at the lovely tattoo designs below and pick your favorite!


1. Flower Sister Tattoos for 3

sister tattoos for 3

Nothing shows sister love better than identical flower tattoos with the inscription ‘sister’ as the flower’s stem. A creative tattoo, we would say!


2. A Complete Quote

sister tattoos for 3

Bringing sisterhood to new levels with a complete quote separated into three parts! This is one of the tattoos for sisters of 3 that would require high cooperation and sync between sisters – who choose which quote to ink?


3. Matching Sister Tattoos for 3 on the feet

sister tattoos for 3

These 3 tattoos work well together and separately. Do you know what this means for sisterhood? They have individuality, but together, they are much stronger. An empowering statement!


4. Soft Flower Colors

sister tattoos for 3

Gentle sisters and gentle colors – a perfect combination! Sisters can have these matching tattoos, each with their own favorite color to express individuality.


5. Numeric Sister Tattoos for 3

sister tattoos for 3

Here’s a simple yet creative number-based matching sister tattoos for 3! Sequence yourselves according to your sibling hierarchy and you’ll have the perfect tattoo materials for a group photo.


6. Identical Tattoos for Sisters

sibling tattoos for 3

Technically, siblings do sort of share the same heartbeat – they did share their mom’s heartbeats when they were still in her womb anyway. Why not show this with an identical tattoo design?


7. Trio Tattoo

sibling tattoos for 3

Yet another adorable way to showcase your sisterhood! You can vary this design by having bigger dolls and smaller ones to show which sibling came along first. The perk? It’s identical!


8. Compass Tattoos for Sisters of 3

sibling tattoos for 3

Maybe the three of you are working towards the same direction, or maybe you are all hoping to be at the same, successful path together one day with the same guidance. Either way, these compasses look great!


9. Cute Emotes

sibling tattoos for 3

When you are really not sure of what to ink, you can use your millennial sense to choose a tattoo for yourself. Not to be derogatory or anything but emojis like this really just didn’t appear around the 90’s, did they?


10. Childhood Cartoon Lion King Matching Sister Tattoos

sibling tattoos for 3

Do you know what works well as matching sister tattoos for 3? Something that was a part of all three sisters’ childhoods! This includes the iconic movie The Lion King – so why not have this symbolic tattoo for yourselves?


11. Cute Sister Tattoos

sibling tattoos for 3

Elephants are magnificent creatures, but they can also be stunning, gorgeous or cute just like these three tattoos! Would you like to have these adorable elephants as your tattoos?


12. Identical Shoulder Tattoos for Sisters

sister tattoos for 3

We love their tattoo choice! Wolf tattoos are not for everyone, especially with its fierce nature. However, these women sure are rocking their identical tattoos, so rock on girls!


13. Three Little Birdies

sister tattoos for 3

What are sisters without some love? This adorable tattoo features three lovely birds on a branch. This tattoo can be good for families too – it’s not just limited to sisters.


14. FRIENDS Tribute Tattoo

sibling tattoos for 3

There are two ways to interpret this tattoo – either these sisters are really huge fans of the TV series, or they are just as well-bonded as the characters in it. We would bet that they are just showing love for the series though.


15. Unique Tattoo Pattern

sister tattoos for 3

So we aren’t too sure about what this tattoo design actually is all about, but we do know their name initials! If you look carefully, you’d see the letters V, E and C just surrounding the heart shape design. Creative!


16. A Looking Infinity Sign

sibling tattoos for 3

Nothing says forever more than the infinity sign. It goes on and on, it’s eternal, and it’s the sweetest that sisterhood can ever be. The great part about having an infinity sign as sister tattoos for 3 is that you can ink it on may places of the body.


17. Identical Tattoos on the Feet

sister tattoos for 3

Matching sister tattoos for 3 can also be something like this – you can have a tattoo on your foot where it won’t be too obvious, but your siblings will always know that it’s there.


And so, that’s 17 lovely sister tattoos for 3. What do you think of these tattoos, and which of these would you want to ink with your sister? Of course, tattoos for sisters of 3 can be made up of many other types of tattoos – you can choose any design that is memorable and meaningful for yourselves, and that’s all that matters!

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