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The 20 Best Skull Rose Tattoos for Men & Women



skull rose tattoo

Skull and rose tattoos are often seen together, which makes sense in a weird, morbid sort of way. Where there is life, there will also be death, and so roses and skulls are a popular theme for both males and females! Take a look at the list below and pick your favorite skull rose tattoo.


Which Skull and Rose Tattoo Would be Your Favorite?

Some people will call these tattoos a skull and rose tattoo, while others would just refer to it as a skull rose tattoo. In any case, the meaning is clear – there will be a skull and a rose in the tattoo, and that’s all that matters.


1. Shoulder Skull and Rose Tattoo

skull rose tattoo

The shape of the skull and roses makes it easy to be fit as a tattoo on the shoulders. The skull can be placed around the shoulder area, while the roses will be higher up.


2. In a Rose

skull rose tattoo

A rather unique take on a skull rose tattoo, this skull is placed inside the rose rather than under it. Normally, the skull tattoos would be wearing the roses like their crown, but this will do too!


3. A Rosy Bandage

skull rose tattoo

This is another unique take on a skull rose tattoo. If you thought that all skulls and roses tattoos are going to look the same, you will surely be proven wrong in this list.


4. Bright Blue Rose

skull and rose tattoo Why stick to the conventional red roses when you can ink these flowers in a beautiful blue? As shown in the image above, you can have these roses creeping out of the skull’s eye socket – a creative choice.


5. Black and White Skull Rose Tattoo

skull rose tattoo

You don’t need colors to make a tattoo beautiful – just like shown in this beautiful tattoo right here. Which skull and rose tattoo colors will you choose? Bright, showy colors, or black and white like this one?


6. By a Stalk of Rose

skull and rose tattoo

This elegant skull rose tattoo has the colors done right. The tattoo artist has given plenty of attention to the shadows and lighting in this piece, making the skull just as attention-grabbing as the brightly colored rose.


7. Small Skull and Rose Tattoo

skull rose tattoo

Remember that not all tattoos need to be as big as life when inked to get attention! Sometimes, a petite and subtle tattoo just like this one is a lot more elegant and beautiful.


8. Vintage Style Skull Rose Tattoo

skull and rose tattoo

A design as simple and graceful as this one is beautiful too! The roses are inked in blue and red, two colors rather than sticking to only one color. It’s simple but it works well.


9. Delicate Dotwork

skull rose tattoo

Here’s one simple and straightforward way to ink an otherwise black and white skull and rose tattoo. Fill the space with dotwork and you’re all good to go! Every little dot’s position matters for tattoos like this.


10. With a Moth

skull and rose tattoo

In some cultures, moths are associated with death, which is why it’s not too surprising to see how these two design motifs are placed together. We do think that it’s an elegant design – what do you think?


11. Rosy Skull Motif

skull and rose tattoo

The shadings within the skull’s eye sockets sure do seem realistic! This skull and rose tattoo arrangement is one that easily comes to mind – it’s simple but effective.


12. A Blooming Rose

skull rose tattoo

Look how big and blooming this rose is! The rose is definitely the center of attention in this gorgeous tattoo. It sure does look good to have a blue rose around the arm – that much we can all agree.


13. Full Back Tattoo Skulls and Flowers

skull and rose tattoo

This is one stunning skull rose tattoo. There isn’t much focus on roses – there are other flowers and fractal patterns, but it all looks lovely and amazing just the way they are. A full back tattoo featuring skulls always look good!


14. Random Assortment

skull and rose tattoo

There’s a lot going on in this tattoo. There’s a pearl necklace, a skull, a rose, and even a shark and a sword! To each their own, we suppose, and you can put everything in your tattoo if you really wanted to.


15. Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo of Skulls and Roses

skull rose tattoo

This tattoo looks amazing too! In fact, we think most full sleeve tattoos rock. It takes a certain level of commitment to even consider inking your entire arm, and much more creativity than a half sleeve.


16. A Quick Job

skull rose tattoo

This one might not be as pretty as the rest, but we can all reflect on the coloring skills and take inspiration from the design concept. It can definitely be made to look prettier, that’s for sure.


17. A Rosy Skull

skull and rose tattoo

The shading on this tattoo can be summed up in one word – perfection. Look at how this skull rose tattoo just fits itself so naturally on the wearer’s arm!


18. A Little Realism

skull rose tattoo

A lot of attention has been given to perfecting the spacing and placement of these two tattoos. The skull and rose tattoo use some semi-realism design, and it looks pretty amazing if you ask us.


19. Shrouded

skull and rose tattoo

Here are a skull and rose tattoo which happens to be shrouded in some kind of mist. This tattoo looks more realistic than most of the others in this list, perhaps for the careful line work, shading and dotwork.


20. Skull Rose Tattoo for Women

skull and rose tattoo

As it should be known, a skull and rose tattoo are not limited to men only. Women can wear it just as perfect if not more! This picture just proves our point.


That’s the end of our list of skull and rose tattoos! Of course, there are many more designs available for skull rose tattoos, but most of us can decide on a concept that we favor from a simple list like this one. Let us know which one you like best or share it with your tattoo buddies!

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