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120 Bright Sunflower Tattoos That Creates Positive Mood




When a person wants to get a bright natured tattoo, Sunflower Tattoos are the way to go. Sunflowers are known to be happy flowers – always leaning forward to the direction of the sunlight. It is in fact, a big and beautiful flower unlike most of the smaller counterparts. However, these sunflower tattoos are still some of the best designs preferred by men and women when it comes to floral tattoos.


Sunflower Tattoo Designs for Your Bright, Sunny Days

While you don’t have to be very optimistic of sunny person, your sunflower tattoo can still be! Sunflower tattoo designs have boundless possibilities. You can create your tattoo in the most simplistic ways or decorate them with intricate lines, dots and colors. Which type of design will you choose? Take a look at some of the more common sunflower tattoo design inspirations below to find out!


Who Might Like A Sunflower Design?

Usually, it’s females who prefer to have sunflower tattoo designs on themselves, although there are several exceptions here and there. If anything is for sure, it’s that individuals who are more joyous and have a better outlook on life will prefer sunflower tattoo!


1. A Sunflower on the Shoulder

A sunflower tattoo always looks beautiful with its bright and joyous appeal. Even when it’s just a simple sunflower design, it will still look gorgeous.


2. A Little Sketchy

Not all sunflower tattoos look the same. This particular sunflower tattoo style looks like someone drew it with a watercolor brush and dripped the yellow spots on top!


3. Van Gogh Sunflower Tattoo

If you have seen Van Gogh’s artwork, then you would be familiar with this sunflower tattoo design. Since it is associated with an art piece, this tattoo idea is suitable for both men and women.


4. A Shoulder Sunflower

The beauty of sunflower tattoos is that it is always simple and you don’t need to complicate it to make it look beautiful. This exactly how the flower appears!


5. Sunflower Tattoo on the Hands

A sunflower tattoo’s colors are calming – it’s not too bright, nor is it too dark. It sits comfortably on the back on a person’s hands with a pleasant, warm color tone.


6. A Tattoo on the Ribcage

Sunflower tattoos are often inked along with their leaves and buds. The gentle orange color and the dark green color of the leaves mix well together.


7. Sunflower Blooming Tattoo on the Arms

Usually, sunflower tattoos are depicted as being fully-bloomed, when they are at their most lovely state. This realistic sunflower tattoo even depicts its center accurately!


8. Sunflower Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

A sunflower tattoo does not need to take the center spot all the time to be meaningful. It can also be depicted among other smaller tattoo designs, just like in this half sleeve tattoo piece.


9. Sunflower Tattoo for Men

What did we just say about sunflower tattoos being not just for women? This man right here has a bright, blooming sunflower inked on his shoulder and it cannot look more perfect!


10. A Little Blue Bird with a Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower tattoos can also be portrayed together with animals. Usually, the animals depicted along with these bright flowers is also carefree and bright colored, such as this bluebird.


What Having a Sunflower Tattoo Tells Us About You

This is what a sunflower tat can tell about its owner:

  1. You are fun and adventurous
  2. You have a very positive outlook
  3. You are very creative and unconventional
  4. You love flowers and sunshine
  5. You simply live your life as it is
  6. You love Mandalas and sacred geometry.

11. A Different Sunflower Tattoo Design

This sunflower tattoo even looks a little like some of the artwork that you will find in an art gallery! The rough shape is there and you know that it is a sunflower, even though it is not realistic.


12. Black and White Sunflower Tattoo Idea

Want a sunflower tattoo but don’t want the tattoo to appear too bland? Give your tattoo a hint of colors by adding a few yellow spots at the back of your black and white sunflower arm tattoo!


13. Sunflowers & Fern-Like Plants

If you want to portray your sunflower tattoo with other plants, try other dark-colored plants that do not have flowers. When you add these plants into the picture, the sunflowers will still appear bright and shiny and remain as the point of attraction.


14. Sunflower in 3 Colors

This tattoo is mostly black and white with only a few yellow spots. It is also more artistic than realistic, with the simple lines adorning this tattoo.


15. Sunflower Petals Flying Away

There is a bittersweet feeling associated with this tattoo, isn’t there? The petals seem to be floating away in the winds, signifying a form of farewell.


16. The Sunflower in the Skull

It’s hard to believe, but yes, sunflower tattoos can still appear morbid! This one right here shows a sunflower poking through a skull that we can safely assume is female. We say that only because the skull has its hair tied in a bun.


17. Bright & Sunny Sketched Sunflower

Even if the sunflower tattoo is not very detailed, you can still see the bright personality of this beautiful flower! This can be one of the more unique sunflower sleeve tattoos that you can ink on yourself.


18. Sunflower Tattoo Design with Compass

Compasses are used to help us find our way. When sunflower tattoos are inked with these compasses, it shows a sense of direction and purpose seeking.


19. Sunflower Tattoo Design on Hand

This is why color choice is important when it comes to tattoos! While the sunflower is bright yellow, the pink buds are getting all the attention because of its highly contrasting color!


20. Small Sunflower Tattoo Idea

This can be one of the cutest sunflower tattoo ideas that we have seen! The smaller sized sunflowers are fully colored, contrasting with the black and white elephant tattoo outline.


21. A Floral Arrangement

If you aren’t sure if a sunflower tattoo meaning is suitable for your own personality, perhaps you can mix it in with other floral tattoos. This one, as an example, presents an assortment of flowers in a single tattoo piece.


22. Cat and Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo

Whoever this person is, kudos to them! They managed to create an epic cat and sunflower sleeve tattoo! We absolutely love to have pets portrayed with floral tattoo designs.


23. The Cat & The Sunflower Tattoo Idea

If you want to pay a tribute to your own cat with a tattoo, it might just as well be this one. This sunflower tattoo design looks exceptionally delicate due to the color choices and inking styles.


24. Line Art for Sunflowers Tattoo Design

Want to go back to basics? There are no simpler ways than this – Just create your sunflower tattoo with simple lines and dots!


25. Subtle Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo Design

You can even hide a sunflower in your sleeve tattoo! This one is hidden right behind the moon and star motifs. That is definitely one unique sunflower tattoo idea that we didn’t think of.


26. Sunflower Tattoo Dotwork

The sunflower tattoo design here is cleverly integrated with the triangular geometric pattern and we are thrilled! The dotwork in the middle of the flower is so intricate that it almost looks 3D as well.


Meaning of a Sunflower Tattoo

This bright yellow flower follows the sun throughout the day and has many fans. This flower is a symbol of life and joy conveying a personal symbolic meaning. Another amazing thing is that a sunflower has a specific petal pattern that resembles a Mandala.


27. A Big Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo

Live large with a single big sunflower shoulder tattoo like this one! Off-shoulder blouses are definitely going to look good when you have such a beautiful flower adorning your shoulders.


28. Sunflowers & Crystals Tattoo Idea

Aren’t sunflowers just precious? What about their tattoo designs? If you love sunflower tattoos a whole lot, you can consider a sunflower sleeve tattoo just like this one!


29. Like a Sketched Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo

The rough lines just around the sunflower tattoo design make it appear more like a sketch than it actually is. The watercolor drops at the background give the same direction too.


30. Beautiful Black and White Sunflower Tattoo Design

Some of the best tattoo designs are inked just like they were drawn with a normal pen. This amazing sunflower tattoo is no exception!


31. Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo with a Quote

You can add a creative twist by adding your own touch to the flower like a lettering, framing details, etc. This shoulder tattoo piece has a lyric from a childhood song!


32. Sunflower Tattoo with a Skull Twist

To make the sketch even more unique try experimenting with the pit of the flower, adding an illuminati eye, a key hole or any other symbol – even this skull!


33. Floral and Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo Design

Sunflowers can blend in very well with other floral patterns in a sleeve tattoo. This simple black and white tattoo is the prime example!


Sunflower Symbol History

It might sound a little obvious, but sunflower symbols were related to sun worship. Sunflower tattoo sorts of giving off the vibe that says, “No matter what happens, I am going to stand tall and follow the light.” Sounds extremely fascinating, as sunflowers follow the sun and humans follow their belief system. Also, did you know that the seeds in the sunflower follow the rules of the sacred geometry?

There are also other significance to the sunflower symbol.

  1. In Greek Mythology, the sunflower is a symbol for Clytie, a water nymph who turned into a sunflower as she grieved over the loss of her love, Apollo. The symbolism of the sunflower is that its direction, facing the sun, signifies Clytie’s hope for Apollo’s fiery chariot to return.
  2. In Chinese culture, the sunflower symbolizes good luck and long prosperous life. It is also believed to bring happiness.
    In the Christian culture, this flower is a symbol of God’s love and unwavering faith that guides a soul to their spiritual atonement.
  3. In the Native American culture, a sunflower is a part of the late summer festival embodying harvest, bounty and provision. It is believed to have vital energy giving fertility.
  4. In the Indian culture, the sunflower is associated with the solar plexus chakra or Manipura. This chakra governs intellect, self-awareness, and perception, as well as spiritual enlightenment.


34. Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo with A Mix of Other Objects

This is quite a complex tattoo, isn’t it? There are several different elements and colors in it. Nevertheless, this is still a lovely sunflower tattoo design that we would love to have.


35. A Sunflower Tattoo, Mandala Style

Okay, so maybe not exactly in a mandala pattern, but you have to admit that it does appear quite similar!


36. Simple Sunflower Tattoo Design on the Back

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. This back tattoo of a sunflower is one prime example! It’s simple and straightforward with just a big sunflower in the middle.


37. Floral Assortment with Sunflower Tattoo Design

There are a mandala-like pattern, a few white daisies and other flowers aside from the big sunflower design in focus.


38. Florals & Sunflower Simple Sleeve Tattoo

This sunflower sleeve tattoo design looks like it was printed onto this person’s arms – it’s so clean and neat! Even when the colors are more vibrant, the tattoo overall design still looks awesome.


39. On the Elbow

This mandala-inspired sunflower tattoo is by no means an easy feat to ink. After all, it is tattooed at the back of a person’s arms. What are some of the tattoos that you will ink on your elbow area?


The Best Spots for the Sunflower Tattoo

Such a gorgeous flower deserves to be seen, so it is best to use it as an element in a sleeve tattoo, a lower or upper arm piece, chest or shoulder. Make sure that the chosen area of skin does not have any flaps or bending areas so that nothing will distort the design.


40. Enclosed in a Moon

There is a certain sense of contrast and irony in this tattoo. The sunflower is a bright flower, yet it is contained in an element of the night – a moon. What a unique appearance!


41. A Sunflower Garden Tattoo on the Wrist

Why tattoo a single sunflower when you can ink so many more in what looks like a garden full of it? This small sunflower tattoo looks absolutely gorgeous, don’t you think?


42. More Sunflowers on your Arms

Is there ever enough sunflowers? No, there isn’t! This arm sunflower tattoo fits nicely along the arms, creating a unique sleeve tattoo.


43. A Lonesome Sunflower

There are some watercolor elements in this tattoo – at the backdrop. There is no line art at all in this tattoo – it’s just pure color and no outlines!


44. Gentle Sunflower Tattoo Idea

Men’s sunflower tattoos design can just be incorporated as a single flower – no need to make things complicated! This single sunflower tattoo with a green backdrop will do.


45. Along the Body’s Curve


As a very universal image, you can incorporate some sunflowers into a bigger picture, as well as add a transcript, some words, or use special lettering. It also looks beautiful as a female tattoo side-piece with the round flowers flowing onto the female curves.


46. Sunflower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Look how elegantly the sunflower tattoos line the area flowing from the hips to the top of the thigh areas! There is no complicated design either – it just appears a little more detailed, but that’s it!


46. Sunflower Tattoo Design on the Stomach

While this is admittedly an uncommon area for inking a tattoo, this relatively small sunflower tattoo design still appears quite normal. Not a bad idea!


47. Realistic Sunflower Tattoo

This sunflower looks like it is just trying to look cheerful for its onlookers while its stem and leaves are slowly wilting away. Quite a sad tattoo design, isn’t it?


48. Half and Half Sunflower Tattoo on the Back

This is one stunning take on a sunflower tattoo! This tattoo breaks a sunflower into two halves, and ink them across a line down the back. Now there’s space on the shoulders and the lower half of the back for more tattoos!


49. Small Sunflower Tattoo on the Neck

You can still get a tattoo on a limited amount of space, such as just below the neck. This small sunflower tattoo design proves our point! If your hair is long enough, you can even hide this tattoo whenever you want as well.


50. Sunflower Tattoo, Watercolour Style

Tattoos look absolutely lovely when they are inked on without any outlines. This is even more true for sunflower tattoos with bright colors like this one. Would you like to have a tattoo like this on your arms?


51. A Little Segment of Your Legs

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo on this area of your body? We heard that this is one of the more painful areas! Well, that aside, this is definitely a lovely tattoo to adorn the calves area.


52. A Mother with Sunflowers

When it comes to tattoos, you can opt for a small design, a simple sketch or any other tattoos. The most important part about inking a tattoo is to ensure that these tattoos hold a special meaning for yourself.


53. A Single Sunflower Arm Tattoo

You can even get a similar shoulder sunflower tattoo! With the flower being significantly bigger than the stalks, a sunflower can surely fare well being inked on various parts of the body.


54. A Sunflower Tattoo Design with White Color

It is relatively uncommon for people to ink with white color in their tattoos. As such, sunflower tattoos like this one will look unique. Perfect for people who wants something a little different!


55. A Sunflower on the Foot

It is usually extremely painful to ink anything on the foot because the skin is very thin and the pain nerves are directly under it. Will you be able to take the pain involved in making this tattoo?


56. A Sunflower Tattoo for a Bright, Sunny Day

Most sunflower tattoos here have a dull color – something that won’t stand out too much. This one is different – it uses very bright colors! Which one will you opt for, something bright or dull?


57. A Blooming Sunflower on Your Hips

If you are inking a sunflower tattoo on your hips, you can have a small sunflower tattoo design! It is small enough not to get too much attention, but still enough so that it is visible.


58. Only the Flower

Talk about taking only the simplest tattoo! If you want a simple and fast sunflower tattoo idea, just get inked with the flower and nothing else.


59. Minimalist Sunflower Tattoo

This is another great idea for a sunflower shoulder tattoo. It keeps things simple – just the outlines and some shading.


60. Sunflower Tattoo Location for Women

Boost your femininity with a gorgeous sunflower tattoo design like this one!


61. Delicate & Small Sunflower Tattoo

The way this tattoo is colored gives this tattoo a very feminine and beautiful vibe, and we love it!


62. Small Sunflower Tattoo Idea

This is probably already the best way we can draw sunflowers as kids. Were you able to draw sunflowers like this?


63. Delicate Sunflower Tattoo Designs

Sunflower tattoos like this one definitely seem more in place when inked on a female than on a male.


64. Feminine Sunflower Tattoo Design

Looking at this tattoo already makes me want to get a similar one on myself right now! Do you like sunflower tattoos like this one?


65. Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo Idea

There are other motifs and designs included in this sleeve tattoo, but the sunflower remains a central theme.


66. Black and White Sunflower Tattoo on the Legs

Sunflowers can be an awesome tattoo motif to cover up various parts of your body. You can shade it in anywhere you want, so just choose your favorite spot!


Artistic Styles

Most customers want to put an emphasis on the bold sunflower colors, so the majority of the sunflower tattoos are colored realism, 3D, watercolor, American traditional or neo-traditional. However, if you want to put an emphasis on the symbolic meaning and lining rather than the colors,  check out the Celtic sunflower designs, dotwork, geometric styles, etc. Another popular theme is the sunflower Mandala tattoo style. As you can see the possibilities are endless, so create a special piece together with your artist and do not forget to send us a photo of your tat.


67. Realistic Colors

Some of the more popular styles include the colored sunflower look. The petals look realistic too!


68. A Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo with Skulls

This can be one of the creative portrayals of a sunflower tattoo meaning. It’s not the conventional happy tattoo, but it still looks elegant.


69. Black and White Skull & Sunflower Tattoo

This specific design can work well either as a sunflower sleeve tattoo or a sunflower shoulder tattoo. Whichever location it might be, you have to admit that this is a good black and white tattoo!


70. A Mixture of Colors

This tattoo looks unique because it mixes the blue sunflower patterns and a full-colored, realistic one. There’s even a nice little butterfly to top it off with.


71. Full Colored Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo

The flowers in this sleeve tattoo look super realistic and detailed. Photo-realistic sleeve tattoos are always a popular choice!


72. Not Fully Colored

Some of the best tattoo works look like they are incomplete, just like this piece! You have to admit that there is a certain charm to unfinished tattoos like this one.


73. Sunflower Tattoo Near the Chest

Carry the sunflower tattoo meaning close to your heart with a tattoo near where your heart is. Colored or black and white, the choice is entirely up to you!


74. A Black and White Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo

Since the sunflower is a big sized flower, one single tattoo can fit nicely on your shoulder, covering up a substantial amount of space.


75. A Tattoo Atop the Thighs

Match your sunflower tattoo with another decorative frame around it if you want a slightly more elaborative tattoo.


76. 3 Sunflowers on the Shoulder Blades

Sometimes, the sunflower tattoos are carefully inked on the shoulder blades are – just a small corner of the back. This little corner filled with sunflower tattoos looks perfect as it is!


77. An Abstract Sunflower Tattoo

Is this a sunflower? Is this a tulip? We won’t really know since it looks very abstract. Nevertheless, it still is a type of artistic sunflower tattoo that you can go for.


78. Among Sunflowers & Dreamcatchers

The butterfly in this tattoo is flying among brightly colored sunflowers and a big dream catcher decorated with blue beads. Is it seeking for its own happiness?


79. A Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo Artwork

This tattoo looks like an artist painted sunflowers on the person’s shoulders – it looks absolutely stunning!


80. Only Partially Colored

The sunflower tattoo on this person’s arm is only partially colored. To be more precise, it is only colored where the sunflower is located in the triangle. That’s a good contrast, isn’t it?


81. A Small Sunflower Tattoo on the Back

Make your back appear much more decorative with a simple sunflower tattoo. It isn’t a complex tattoo design and you won’t need to think too much about the designs that you want!


82. Decorative Design with Sunflower Tattoo Inspiration

So this isn’t exactly a sunflower tattoo, but the design of this particular piece looks like it is inspired by the spreading petals of sunflowers. That looks great too!


84. Focus on the Middle

This shoulder sunflower tattoo design focuses only on the middle of the sunflower rather than the petals. While the remaining parts of this tattoo are uncolored, the middle part of the flower is fully colored!


85. The Wolf with the Sunflowers

It’s definitely rare to see flowers as bright as joyful as sunflowers being portrayed together with a wolf. These two living beings seem to be on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but when put together, the tattoo still looks stunning.


86. Mandala Style Sunflower Tattoo

Mandala sunflower tattoos are popular with women, and just like the tattoo pictured above, you can usually see these sunflower tattoo designs on the back of their hands. It can be in other areas too, of course.


87. On the Small of the Back

Small sunflower tattoos are well suited to be inked on similarly small areas, such as on the back. This little area just around the hips is also a popular tattoo spot for women.


88. Mandala Sunflower Tattoo on the Back

Who said that mandala tattoos have to be only with that design? This tattoo style can be paired with a portrait or other tattoo motifs too!


89. Small Sunflower Tattoo Design on the Heels

Here’s a small sunflower tattoo idea for you! Ink it on the heels area, close to the bottom. This way, when you walk around, it looks like the sunflower sprouted from the grass onto your feet.


90. Watercolour Sunflower Tattoo Idea

Have you ever considered pairing your watercolor sunflower tattoos with a quote that you like? This is one of the patterns that you can consider if you don’t have any other sunflower tattoo ideas.


91. The Sunflower in a Lightbulb

Sunflowers are bright – it only makes sense in an artistic way that they replace the filaments in a light bulb! It can shine along with the lights in your house.


92. Mandala Sunflower Sleeve Tattoo Design

Okay, we are aware that this is a tattoo on the calves area and not the arms. But this is definitely a good sleeve tattoo design that you can consider for mandala patterns inspired by sunflowers, so why not have it inked?


93. More Mandalas & Sunflowers

This person even took it upon himself/herself to ink a bird above their sunflower-inspired mandala tattoo. On a second note, the dotwork in the mandala tattoo is absolutely incredible.


94. Sunflower Tattoo in Grayscale

This isn’t exactly black and white. It leans more towards a grayscale pattern, which looks amazing too! The little dotted details at the back are delicate and beautiful add-ons to the sunflower at the front.


95. Sunflower-Inspired Mandala with Snowflake Center

In a way, sunflowers’ petals branching out is similar to what we see in snowflakes. As such, these two motifs can make an incredibly matching combination.


96. Two Big Sunflowers

Want to go for a simplistic design? Opt for something like this one! This sunflower tattoo design on the calves barely needs any thoughts. Add two sunflowers, a blue backdrop and you’re all set to go!


97. Simple Arm Tattoo Design

Don’t want to get things too complicated, but still want a tattoo? Opt for a simple one like this! You can surely get some attention with these bright colored tattoos, so there are no worries about it not being visible enough.


Boys and Girls Preferences

Guys can wear sunflower tattoos too! As a matter of fact, the flower theme is just as popular within male tattoos. Boys love the geometric style, trash polka and bold lines, as well as bigger and bolder designs. They also love to use sunflowers as an ornament or a part of some bigger design. A sunflower picture would look amazing as a sleeve tattoo against a darker edgier background.

Girls love photorealistic flowers, as well as watercolor, stained-glass, geometric styles, etc. You can go for the smaller design as well or put it onto a private body part away from the public view.


98. Sunflower Tattoo Design Idea for Women


Women can feel more confident or empowered just by having a tattoo like this one. They can hide it easily – almost at all times, and they choose who they want to show the tattoos too. Simply beautiful!


Famous People with Sunflower Tattoos

The most famous celebrity sunflower tattoo example is Paris Jackson with a design right below her elbow. It is a bold colorful sunflower tattoo with thick lines.

Another fan of sunflowers is heavy metal singer Krysta Cameron, a former leading vocalist for the band Iwrestledabearonce. She has a large chest piece ornamented by the sunflowers on both sides with a winged heart in the center and sky and notes on the background.


Eva Marcille, America’s Next Top Model season three finalist, has a colorful sunflower tattoo on her left wrist. And by the way, bold bright yellow works wonderful with her darker skin tone, another proof that anyone can pull off a colored tattoo.


There is more than one sunflower tattoo meaning, so anyone who can interpret it to their own unique definitions is more than free to go about inking their own sunflower tattoo designs! We hope that this list of sunflower tattoos inspired you a little, even if it is just with one or two pictures. There are plenty more ways that you can ink your sunflower tattoos, on your arms, chest, back or anywhere else. Find other tattoo inspirations on our site too!

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