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Tattoo Model Joanna Zarate aka Black Widow aka NotoriousNymphette




Joanna Zarate tattoo

Joanna Zarate is a model everyone curious about. In 2016 she participated in the 5th season of the “Catfish” TV show on MTV. And now fans of the TV show made her one of the 2016 most searched tattoo models.


Joanna also took part in the shooting of the music video with Psycho Realm recently

“I’m an old soul obsessed with the 50’s” – that’s what Joanna says about herself

The latest addition to her tattoo collection includes Bettie Page tattoo on her right shin and Elvis portrait on her left thigh.  

One of the most noticeable of Black Widow tattoos is a spider web on her chest. It has a heart with a keyhole in it and a couple of black flowers.

Other tattoos that stand out is a skull tattoo on her back and a huge word “Nymphette” on her tummy. 

With all those tattoos she is a perfect example of a rock-n-roll bad girl.


Joanna Zarate on Instagram

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