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150 Incredible Thigh Tattoo Designs and Meanings



Thigh tattoos are very popular in the female world. The thigh is the best place for making tattoos both of large scale and great orientation.

Women with thigh tattoos immediately appear much more sensual and women-like, making thigh tattoos for women in high demand almost all the time in tattoo parlors. There will always be plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to thigh tattoos for girls and women alike.

We would love to let you know about the common thigh tattoos that men and women ink, but there are so many variants that it is difficult to choose just a few to write about!


Unique Thigh Tattoos That You Can Ink This Year

Women can bare this part of a body distinctly from men and boys. This gives the opportunity for girls and women to decorate such convenient places with expanded pictures of different designs.

Female thighs are a symbol, which is concentrated with grace. Since the thighs are considered a slightly more intimate area on a person’s body, a lot of thoughts need to be put into selecting one thigh tattoo design that speaks out to you the most.

These tattoos can be inked at the back of thigh tattoos, upper thigh tattoos or anywhere else surrounding it. Care to look at all the thigh tattoo ideas that we have in store for you? Let’s get started!


1. The Classic Rose Thigh Tattoo

Roses are a common tattoo theme for women of all ages, wherever they might be inked. For this particular piece, the roses are inked surrounding a broken mirror with a golden frame, a diamond and a bottle of perfume. Looks like vanity and womanhood, does it not?


2. Dotwork Lion & Watercolored Petals

This upper thigh tattoo features a magnificent lion with its mane, surrounded by gorgeous flowers inked in gentle hues and tones. The contrast between colors for these two tattoo elements creates perfect harmony for this tattoo piece.


3. Of Religion & Zen

Most of us do not need to be Buddhists to know that this tattoo along the upper side of the thighs features Buddha and the lotus flowers that are also well associated with it. The dotwork mandala patterns in the background add a sense of harmony to the tattoo as well.


4. Mandala Style Upper Thigh Tattoo


Upper thigh tattoos for women can sometimes extend to the side and hip area like for the women above. A mandala pattern that spreads outwards from the side of the thighs can spread to the butt cheeks and to the front of the thigh areas as well.


5. Like A Canvas Art

Some tattoos can make it seem as if the wearer treats their body as an art canvas. This piece is a great example, showing how the tail of the phoenix tattoo can become an upper thigh tattoo on its own. It does not require any inking to make the tattoo look better!


6. Almost a Full Body Coverage

This woman’s full body tattoo only stops short of her chest area, her right arm, and her feet. The thigh tattoo here can be seen as just another section that completes the rest of her tattoo. What a strenuous amount of time this amazing tattoo must have taken!


7. Like A Samoan Tattoo

The upper thigh tattoo for this lady here follows the same theme as the rest of her body. The repetitive patterns might remind you of Polynesian or Samoan tattoos that you might have seen elsewhere on our site as well.


8. Medusa

Want some cool thigh tattoo ideas? How about getting inked with some of your favorite characters or even Medusa like this lady did? No one said that you can’t have a portrait inked on your upper thigh area anyway, right?


9. Full Leg Tattoo

thigh tattoo

Why go only for thigh tattoos when you can ink your entire leg? The thigh tattoo depicted here is just a small part of the rest of the artwork along the length of her legs. It’s almost like the sleeve tattoo that she has on her right arm too!


10. Just Along the Upper Thigh Tattoos

If you aren’t sure where you can ink your thigh tattoos, you can go for the side of your hips. Your tattoo can extend from the side of your abdomen down to your upper thighs. Inside tattoos like this piece, you might just be able to get yourself a wonderful side portrait!


11. Peacock Tattoo Design

peacock upper thigh tattoo

We can’t imagine the amount of time needed to create this entire tattoo piece. The tail of the peacock extends in such a way that this can be perceived either as an upper thigh tattoo or a back of thigh tattoo as well! That’s the beauty of a thigh tattoo – it can extend to surround the entire thigh areas.


12. Abundance of Flowers Thigh Tattoos

Not too surprisingly, flowers remain a constant theme in tattoos for women. As such, flower thigh tattoos like the ones shown above are common too. This is even more so when these are decorated with strings of beads to make the tattoo a more intricate design.


13. Candy Skull Thigh Tattoos

Candy skulls are popular tattoo themes for women too! The bright colors and the cute skull design is just too adorable to resist. These candy skull tattoos are not restricted to be just an upper thigh tattoo either – it can fit just as well between the collarbones or anywhere else.


14. Medusa Portrait Thigh Side Tattoo

This tattoo of Medusa has a line art that we would just call as perfect. Even the drawings of the plants surrounding Medusa and the little accessories that she’s wearing is impeccable! There is only a small hint of red color on this thigh tattoo, and it fits perfectly in the tattooed piece too.


15. Wolf Upper Thigh Tattoo for Girls

In case you didn’t wolves with flowers are a real thing when it comes to thigh tattoos for girls. Why? Just look at this gorgeous tattoo piece! The flowers and the dotwork in the wolf tattoo look so delicate and amazing – do we really need a reason for this?


16. A Devil Ablaze

We can’t be sure about what this tattoo is trying to show, but it sure does remind us of the burning inferno that awaits some people at the end of their lives! A tattoo depicting evil or the devil like this can be a common thigh tattoo for men.


17. Full Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Want a tattoo that will cover your entire thigh and then some? Select a theme and just go with it! This one might remind you of the popular GTA game where it’s all about money, cops and lots and lots of cars going around. We won’t be surprised if this is a tattoo depicting Los Angeles either!


18. Delicate Thigh Tattoo for Girls

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - lily and the bird

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – lily and the bird

Thigh tattoos for girls can also be soft and gentle like this wonderful tattoo piece. The thigh tattoo here has only a few simple lines and some watercolor brush strokes. There’s barely anything complex in it, but simplicity is beautiful enough at most times.


19. Little Does

Upper thigh tattoos with docile and gentle animals like doves and deers are also among the top few choices of tattoos for girls and women. Just like the piece above, a thigh tattoo for girls does not need to be complicated. The colorful flowers around the animals give a pleasant vibe to the deers in black and white.


20. Black and White Roses & A Beating Heart

What exactly does Psalm 34:18 say? Whatever it might be, we are sure that it would go along perfectly with this heart surrounded by roses and other flowers. While this tattoo could have been done in plain black and white line art style only, the shadows and shadings within it make the tattoo more striking.


21. Upper Thigh Mandala Tattoos with Beads

First of all, do you see the amazing dotwork for the top part of the tattoo with the mandala patterns? The details in this upper thigh tattoo is simply amazing! When you have a tattoo like this one, it can almost look like you are wearing a very decorated garter belt.


22. A Simple Mandala Pattern on Side of Thighs

This simple mandala patterned tattoo is further enhanced with just a little bit of white ink. Do you notice the white dots around the tattoo? Yes, white tattoo ink is a thing! Maybe you can consider adding some white ink into your next tattoo.


23.  A Dark Back of Thigh Tattoo

Back of thigh tattoos can be filled with a bigger image that wraps around your thigh or even up to your butt. In this tattoo, there is a portrait of a woman and a skull right underneath it. We love how the tattoo seems to have perfect lighting drawn on!


24. Sunflower Side of Thighs Tattoo

sunflower thigh tattoo

If you have tattoos on your back, you can extend it to your thighs and your hips area as well. Since the lower body areas are typically bigger than the upper halves, tattoos below the hip areas can be covered with big-sized images and motifs.


25. Woman and Flower Thigh Tattoos

It is not uncommon to have a side portrait of a woman with some flowers, just like this thigh tattoo here. Usually, whenever women are inked in a tattoo, they are shown with several types of emotions – either brave and strong, or sad and forlorn.


26. A Chinese-Themed Upper Thigh Tattoo

chinese upper thigh tattoo

This looks like it came straight out of a Chinese painting! You can see the Chinese storks, an outline of the sun and some branches in the background. This type of tattoo will need the tattoo artist to have some skills in a watercolor tattooing style!


27. Flowers and Roses Thigh Tattoos

While this tattoo may seem like a complex piece, there are only several basic elements in it. You can see some inscriptions, a big mandala pattern, a few roses and even a little leopard at the bottom around the calf areas!


28. Lace & Crosses on Upper Thigh Tattoo

Tattoos on the thighs of the girl - crosses

Tattoos on the thighs of the girl – crosses

Want some gorgeous thigh tattoo ideas for yourself? How about a cross tattoo like this one? The cross symbols are very intricately decorated, so the tattoos have a very graceful and feminine look.


Advantages of Thigh Tattoos

  • There is a lot of space for developing your and your master’s imagination and creating unique and unusual pictures of stylish designs and great power and meaning.
  • This kind of tattoo can hide some disadvantages of your figure, as well as emphasize on its strong sides.
  • They are also practical and comfortable in the way that you can easily hide them under your everyday clothes and show it only when you want.
  • Thigh tattoos force you to keep fit and try to preserve the elegance of your body as long as you can.
  • Thigh tattoos give you the opportunity to develop your sketch, for example, to an ankle, belly or loins.


29. Rose Thigh Tattoos on the Side

Since the space available around the thigh area is big, you don’t need to think twice about inking big-sized roses like this one. Just two or three roses is enough to cover the area and give you a gorgeous rose tattoo!


30. Cover Up Rose Thigh Tattoos

Cover Up Rose Thigh Tattoos

You don’t need to always ink a rose tattoo on its own – it can be used as a cover-up tattoo too! In this tattoo as an example, the roses are inked atop of some mandala tattoos, appearing to bloom from the mandala patterns.


31. A Big Red Rose Thigh Tattoo

A Big Red Rose Thigh Tattoo

Rose thigh tattoos are almost exclusive to women. Even then, there are several colors that these women can choose from. You can even say that thigh tattoos for women earned their variety from the colors and styles that they choose to ink their tattoos in.


32. Dragon on Back of Thigh Tattoos

back thigh dragon tattoos

When it comes to dragons, the tattoo in Japanese or Chinese styles is equally popular. These back of thigh tattoos can feature the entire length of a dragon, making the tattoo wearer’s body appear like a full-body canvas.


33. Dotwork Mandala on Side of Thighs

Some of the most popular tattoos are the side of thigh tattoos for girls. The patterns featured on these tattoos can be that of mandala patterns or something symmetric like this one, shaded with intricate dotwork and some beadwork.


34. Upper Thigh Tattoo Featuring a Shark

While shark tattoo designs may be more popular as tattoos for men, it does not mean that women might not ink it as their hip or thigh tattoos. This lady here has a fierce shark with its sharp teeth out in the open right across her upper thighs – how fierce!


35. Tribe Tattoo on Upper Thighs

A tattoo like this one can be inked either as a thigh tattoo for men or for women – there is no gender set for this type of design. You can see a portrait of a lady with red paint across the top half of her face and a type of monkey’s head-worn as a trophy on her own head.


36. Skull Thigh Tattoos with Flowers

Maybe you want a skull tattoo, but you don’t want your tattoo to look way too morbid. Why not decorate it with some flowers around it? This upper thigh tattoo shows a hand holding the skull in place – perhaps as a sign of victory?


37. Thigh Tattoo featuring Butterfly & the Moon

Butterflies and moths are usually tattooed together with the moon because these little insects are frequently attracted to light sources from the moon. Additionally, the patterns in a butterfly or moth can contrast well with the brightness of the moon tattoos.


38. A Colourful Flower Thigh Tattoos

Some women may prefer to ink colorful flowers on their upper thigh areas as compared to just black and white ones. The flower tattoos depicted here are brightly colored, with flashes of bright blue, pink and orange.


39. Swans Upper Thigh Tattoos

Tattoos depicting birds, storks or even swans like in this piece can be placed on the upper thigh areas. As the body of the birds extends to their feet areas, the tattoos also reach the lower thigh areas or even lower than that.


40. The Eyes in a Butterfly’s Wings

Rather than inking a typical butterfly tattoo, this person here has inked what looks like an owl’s eyes in the wings of the butterfly tattoo. As with other thigh tattoos for women, this one also has lots of little beads decorating it!


41. Flowery Thigh Tattoo Ideas

The flower thigh tattoos in this piece are bright red, contrasting with what could be a black raven as pictured above. The mix of colors creates a vibrant appearance for the tattoos – an excellent choice!


42. Black and White Flower Tattoos

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - flowers

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – flowers

More people should implement the thigh tattoo ideas in this piece! The flowers are inked in a gentle grayscale tone so that the colors do not contrast too much with the rest of the skin.


43. Half Wolf Half Rose Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - wolf and red roses

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – wolf and red roses

A thigh tattoo like this is more popular for women who want to show off their femininity with some sense of fierceness. Usually, wolves represent a more feral characteristic, while the roses give off a more feminine vibe.


44. A Facial Expression Outline

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - weeping eyes

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – weeping eyes

This type of thigh tattoo design looks like something out of a retro comic book, perhaps due to its design and how the artwork style looks like. We definitely don’t hate it!


45. Hip & Thigh Peacock Tattoo

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - peacock

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – peacock

What can be more decorative to tattoo than a colorful peacock? These birds are known for their vivid colors, especially in their tails. This is why the tail area is a good area to focus on when it comes to thigh tattoo designs!


How Painful are Thigh Tattoos?

Thigh tattoos may be relatively painless, if not completely. This is a fleshy part of people’s body, where a lot of hypodermic fat is contained. But considering the fact that bearers of thigh tattoos are girls and women in most cases, it is obvious that their skin is thinner and more susceptible to pain.

That’s why there can be some blood when tattooing a thigh as well as unpleasant feelings. It is worth mentioning that thigh tattoos are mostly of large sizes and the process of making a tattoo is durable. This also puts an accent on painful feelings, which accompany a tattoo.


46. Red Indian

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - Indian girl

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – Indian girl

Red Indian tattoos can be found at the top few choices when it comes to tattoo designs. You can find a tattoo design like this not just on the thigh areas, but also on the arms or anywhere else.


47. Realistic Candyskull Tattoo

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl in the style of Chicano

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl in the style of Chicano

By now, you would have noticed that there are two styles for candy skull tattoos – the bright, colorful and cheerful one, and something like this – a darker version which is also more realistic.


Meaning of Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos are noticeable in some very popular cool sketches.

The most common tattoo on a thigh is a colorful majestic dragon. Different cultures represent a lot of images of this mystique creature. They are more or less appropriate both for women and men. People who are fond of eastern culture prefer to use this image of wisdom, the entire power, and philosophical quests. There are a lot of methods of placing dragons on your thigh. They can be continued to the belly or knee. Dragons are more picturesque if made in color and essential size.

Thigh tattoos in the female world are also rich in images such as suspenders or bows. They are placed symmetrically on both thighs on the backside. These images don’t have a special deep sense. They play the role of an emotional shade of friskiness and demonstrate women’s grace and tenderness.


48. Cool Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Cool tattoo sketch - skull

Cool tattoo sketch – skull

Not sure about the tattoos that you want to ink on your thighs? There’s always unique thigh tattoo ideas like this one to get you started! What type of design will you personally want to go?


49. Chinese Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo on the thighs and the side of the girl - the Japanese dragon

Tattoo on the thighs and the side of the girl – the Japanese dragon

Remember the girl with the dragon tattoo? Well, if you like that movie, you can surely opt for a tattoo like this one! Remember that your tattoo choices are not limited by your gender!


50. Skulls & Sunflowers

A tattoo design like this one is surprisingly common for ladies who like to mix up a few florals with a morbid pattern such as skulls.


51. Bright Blue Dragon Tattoo on Side & Upper Thighs

blue dragon side thigh tattoos

One of the coolest types of tattoo placements for dragons is right along the hips and upper thigh areas. Isn’t a tattoo like this awesome to show off?


52. A Red Chinese Dragon Tattoo

A red dragon tattoo on the upper thigh areas like this one can give a woman an alluring and even attractive appearance.


53. Full Back Tatoo with Dragon Theme

Doesn’t this tattoo look just badass? Japanese themes go along well with dragon tattoo themes, so this upper thigh and back area tattoo looks completely awesome.


54. Dragon Tattoo with Red Flowers

Tattoo on the thighs and abdomen of the girl - the Japanese dragon and sakura

Tattoo on the thighs and abdomen of the girl – the Japanese dragon and sakura

Dragon tattoos can be inked in black and white and still look beautifully decorated as long as you have some red floral patterns to decorate the surrounding areas.


55. Along the Upper Thighs & Hips Area

The scales on this snake tattoo look awesome, don’t you think? The mixture between what seems almost evil in the snake tattoo and the red floral patterns at the back gives the entire tattoo piece a harmonious design.


56. Two-Headed Snake Thigh Tattoo Ideas

We are not sure where this person got such an interesting tattoo idea from, but we’ll say that we love the idea! It’s not every day that you see someone inking a tattoo of a snake, much less a two-headed one!


57. Complex Thigh Tattoo Design

Wow, there’s a lot going on in this thigh tattoo, isn’t there? A full-coverage design like this one is bound to be one of the most badass thigh tattoos for women!


58. Colors All-Around

thigh tattoo

Here’s a perfect example of the prime usage of negative space in a tattoo piece! Most of the tattoo is covered in bright colors, save for the parts where it is left blank. It could be an unfinished piece, but we love this one as it is!


59. Upper Thigh Flower Thigh Tattoos

Not sure which flower to ink? You don’t have to choose just a single type of flower. Instead, why not ink a top 3 favorite that holds a significant meaning for yourself?


60. A Magical Scenery

A scenery tattoo piece is also greatly welcomed for upper thigh tattoos. This piece also makes use of negative space to create the outline of the moon. It has a soothing vibe, does it not?


61. Classic Girl and Wolf Thigh Tattoos

We might already have mentioned this, but here we go again. This is another nice upper thigh tattoo depicting a girl and a wolf. You will also notice that it is inspired by the red Indian tattoo designs.


62. A Single Bow Tie – Thigh Tattoos for Girls

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - bow

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – bow

Stay cute with a petite little bow as your back of thigh tattoos! While you can ink bow patterns on your back or on the front of your thighs as well, designs like this are more common for the back of the thighs.


63. Two Bow Ties Thigh Tattoos for Women

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - bows

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – bows

Aren’t bows just wonderful when decorated in pink and lacy patterns? Bow back of thigh tattoos are insanely popular among women due to its beautiful aesthetics.


64. Full Back Tattoo

While the centerpiece of your back tattoo doesn’t need to extend to your legs, the patterns surrounding the main piece can extend to the back of your thighs or even lower!


65. A Lion with Flowers Thigh Tattoos

This gorgeous upper thigh tattoo has a lion on the side and some blooming flowers on the front. The way the lion and the flowers are shaded is lifelike and beautiful.


66. A Floral Arrangement with a Big Center Piece

This isn’t the first nor the last floral arrangement thigh tattoo ideas that you will see. Regardless, this piece is also unique since it places a heavier focus on the flower in the middle. The smaller designs around the centerpiece give the image a boost too!


67. A Stalk of Flowers on the Side

If you aren’t a big fan of floral arrangements, how about just a single stalk of flowers with some that have yet to bloom along the side? The little leaves can be an endearing detail too!


68. Dangerous Woman

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - suspender

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – suspender

This is definitely one of the more badass thigh tattoos for women as well. The laced garter looks so beautiful and graceful, only for the delusion to be broken by the little piece of machinery at tucked into the garter.


69. Like a Corset

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - bows

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – bows

Too tired to keep up the whole corseted look? How about inking the corset pattern on your back and pair it up with the bowtie pattern back of thigh tattoos?


Men’s Tattoos on Thighs

As it has been already mentioned, dragons are very popular in this part of a body in both men and women, but they have many differences depending on the culture of representation. As thigh tattoos aren’t common for the masculine part of the world it is necessary to say a few words about the ideas, for which they give their preferences.

The Chinese dragon is a water creature, while the Japanese dragon is a symbol of the air element. Japanese dragons are interesting in their rich details and bright colors. The bearer of a Japanese dragon must be fair and strict. Dragon tattoos must respond to the character of a person. A Chinese dragon protects the owner from evil thoughts and helps to find truth and justice. Dragons in the western culture are a symbol of cruelty, negative characteristics, evil and cunning. They witness greed and malice.

Lions in thigh tattoos are symbols of mastery and greatness. This wild animal is emblemed with brevity, power and cunning, as well as his speed and smartness. Sketches of lions represent also sun energy, pride, dignity, justice, and protection. So, such tattoos can be talismans. Two lions in the unstudied pose are a sign of balance and harmony. Men and boys can also choose a photo of a lion to depict it on their thigh.


70. Blue Dragon Thigh Tattoos for Men

Tattoo on the thighs of a man - dragon

Tattoo on the thighs of a man – dragon

Do you like what you see in this Chinese dragon tattoo piece? We know we do! The colors are bright and striking, and the patterns stayed close to the traditional design of a Chinese dragon.


71. Colorful Dragon Tattoo on Side of Thighs

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - the Japanese dragon

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – the Japanese dragon

If you aren’t sure where you can ink your dragon tattoos, this example can give you an idea. Dragon tattoos can be inked in such a way that their head becomes part of an upper thigh tattoo like this piece.


72. Cool Dragon Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo on the thighs of a man - a Chinese dragon

Tattoo on the thighs of a man – a Chinese dragon

As to be expected, dragon tattoos for men are different from those in on women .This design, as an example looks a lot fiercer than what appears on a woman’s thighs.


74. Black and White Dragon Upper Thigh Tattoos

Tattoo on the thighs at the guy - the Japanese dragon

Tattoo on the thighs at the guy – the Japanese dragon

Japanese dragon tattoos do not need colors. You can ink it in black and white or grayscale and it will still look absolutely perfect.


75. A Smaller Dragon Tattoo Design on the Thighs

Tattoo on the thighs of a man - a Japanese dragon and flower

Tattoo on the thighs of a man – a Japanese dragon and flower

In case a full-sized dragon tattoo is not your thing, we have something like this too! You can ink a dragon tattoo as a smaller design to fit the size of the tattoo on your other leg.


76. A Dragon Among the Clouds

Tattoo on the thighs of a man - a Japanese dragon

Tattoo on the thighs of a man – a Japanese dragon

Is it just us or does this tattoo kinda remind you of the Dragon Ball series too? Must have been the pearl-looking thing that this dragon is clutching!


77. A Dragon Tattoo Matched with Skulls

Tattoo on the thighs of a man - a Chinese dragon and skulls

Tattoo on the thighs of a man – a Chinese dragon and skulls

This isn’t a very common depiction, but there it is! This dragon tattoo has two skulls in its clutch, almost like a trophy.


78. Crown the King of the Jungle

Men can also choose to ink the King of the Jungle on their upper thigh areas or anywhere else. In this case, it seems like they are pointing out just who the leader is.


79. A Lion with flowing Mane

Sketch of tattoo - lion

This sketch of tattoo depicting a lion is a great example of magnificent thigh tattoo ideas for men. Would you ink something like this on yourself?


Women’s Tattoos on Thighs

Women and girls decorate their thighs with different pictures. They are of big size, that’s why letters and quotes, as well as small tattoos, aren’t appropriate in most cases. The sketches of thigh tattoos are various and always original. It became popular during the last few years and captured the attention of many young girls, first of all. The dream catcher has the peculiarities of magic symbols, which protect you from bad spirits when your mind and soul have rest. This symbol came to our culture from Indian tribes, which believed in its protective capabilities.

It is often combined with the images of animal faces or paws. Lions are also popular in women and girls. However, for them this animal personifies family wisdom, devotion to family hearth and maternity. Tattoos with roses are one of the most full of senses. It has a lot of meanings depending on culture and age. The priority meanings are clear love, virtue and romance. In Chinese culture, roses are symbols of pride and tenderness. It is also prosperity and risking satisfaction.  In ancient Egypt this flower was associated with femininity and maternity.

Moreover, some elements of roses have their own additional meaning:

  • Stalk, if straight represents firmness of soul.
  • Leaves are associated with happiness and joy.
  • Thorns are signs of melancholy and despondency.

Different senses have also roses of various colors:

  • White roses are symbols of innocence.
  • Pink roses mean gratefulness.
  • A red rose is connected with love and passion.
  • Blue roses are appropriate for original individualities.
  • A black rose is a symbol of grief and mysticism.


80. A Dream Catcher with Feathers Thigh Tattoos for Women

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - Dream catcher

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – Dream catcher

Dream catchers are a common theme in thigh tattoos for girls. The feathers can dangle nicely around their upper thighs or down their legs where they choose to ink it from.


81. Big Dream Catcher Tattoo on Upper Thighs

Tattoo on the hips of the girl - Dream catcher

Tattoo on the hips of the girl – Dream catcher

Want to cover a wider area with a dream catcher? What about thigh tattoo ideas like this piece? The dream catcher is inked in a big size, enough to cover a wide area.


82. Lotus and Dream Catcher

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - Dream catcher and lotus

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – Dream catcher and lotus

Most girls like floral and dream catcher tattoo designs. With that in mind, is a tattoo design like this really unexpected for most of you guys?


83. Like a Drawing

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - Dream catcher with wolfs face and roses

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – Dream catcher with wolfs face and roses

This dream catcher tattoo has its classic patterns covered with a wolf tattoo as well – that’s a unique thigh tattoo design, is it not?


84. Dotwork Lion Tattoo with Simple Mandala Designs

The lion tattoo here must have taken ages to ink with all that intricate dotwork design! The flowers and little mandala designs at the back also add on to the overall aesthetics of this thigh tattoo design.


85. Well Decorated Lion Manes

So maybe you’d love to have a lion tattoo as your thigh tattoo designs, but you don’t want it to look too fierce or realistic. If that is the case, then this well-decorated lion tattoo is perfect for you!


86. A Shaded White Lion Design with Roses

there isn’t enough love for white tigers and lions when it comes to the world of tattoo! This is why we are so hyped up to see this beautiful upper thigh tattoo design. It’s beautiful!


87. A Single Rose

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - roseTattoo on the thighs of the girl – rose

88. Koi Fish with Lotus

Koi fish tattoo designs are also popular among women and girls. We aren’t surprised! This is a lovely tattoo to have after all.


89. A Shell and Flowers

Out of ideas for your own beautiful little thigh tattoo? How about pairing a nice seashell design along with some flowers.


90. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums with some surrounding leaves can be a great design when it comes to upper thigh tattoos. Perhaps it’s due to the size of these flowers and how they curve towards the center?


91. A Cross and A Rose

Cross tattoos look gorgeous as thigh tattoos for women, especially more so if there is a beautiful and realistic red rose motif like that involved too!


92. A Bunch of Roses Thigh Tattoo Designs

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - pink roses with leaves

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – pink roses with leaves

Does this rose thigh tattoo not look like a watercolor painting to you? This gorgeous tattoo design would make do as a thigh tattoo for women!


93. Black and White Roses with Thorns

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - roses with thorns

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – roses with thorns

Thorns on roses usually serve to be a warning to others not to come close. What do you think this tattoo means when it’s inked on a woman? Perhaps she has been hurt before.


94. Upper Hip and Thigh Rose Tattoos

By now, it would just be pointing out the obvious to say that flowers and roses are good choices of thigh tattoos for women. A simple tattoo design like this one still works well though, don’t you agree?


95. Yellow Butterflies & Roses Watercolour Upper Thigh Tattoo Designs

Watercolor tattoo on the thighs of the girl - pink rose and butterflies

Watercolor tattoo on the thighs of the girl – pink rose and butterflies

Watercolor tattoo styles always work wonders when they serve as thigh tattoos for women. This design is no exception! We love how the colors spread out around the rose tattoos.


96. Blue Roses & Butterflies

Tattoos on the thighs of the girl - blue rose and butterflies

Tattoos on the thighs of the girl – blue rose and butterflies

If there is one rose color that girls would love, then it would be the blue roses. I mean, look at that wonderful and gorgeous color! What’s not to love about it? This is one of the simpler and feminine thigh tattoos for girls that you can opt for.


97. Simple Rose Tattoo with Surrounding Leaves

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - black rose

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – black rose 

We are aware that this tattoo isn’t as striking as some of the other rose tattoos above, but what’s not to welcome with this simple black and white rose tattoo? Sometimes, simplicity works best!


Peculiarities of After-care

If you take care of your thigh, protect it from dust, dirt, high temperatures as in baths or solarium and close contact with wool and synthetics the rehabilitation of it will be successful. To make thigh tattoos in autumn or spring is better. You can put on light clothes of natural materials and won’t feel inconvenienced. The thigh should be always washed and treated with specific cream.


98. Purple and Red Peonies Thigh Tattoo Designs

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - peonies

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – peonies

This straightforward tattoo is gorgeous too! Peonies are already beautiful flowers on their own, so flower thigh tattoos with these designs do not need much designing. Just ink it and start looking gorgeous!


99. Upper Thigh Tattoo of Deer with Golden Frame

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl - deer

Tattoo on the thighs of the girl – deer

To be fair, this can serve as a highly aesthetic back of thigh tattoo design too! If you are a fan of deer tattoos, why not consider this piece for yourself?


Celebrities’ Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos decorate the bodies of famous people also. They are popular in female circles for the most part.


Lady Gaga’s Upper Thigh Tattoo

Lady Gaga has a unicorn on her left thigh.


Rihanna’s Upper Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo on the thighs of Rihanna - elegant letters

Tattoo on the thighs of Rihanna – elegant letters

Rihanna decorated her right side with elegant letters


Pink’s Back of Thigh Tattoos

Tattoo on the thighs of Pink - two bows

Tattoo on the thighs of Pink – two bows

She also has two small and delicate bow designs inked on the back of her thighs!


Which of these thigh tattoo ideas do you like best? Whether it’s rose thigh tattoos, back of thigh tattoos or any other types of designs that you can ink on your thigh areas, we hope that you have found at least one or two that is suited to your taste and preference. Meanwhile, why not check out other tattoo ideas for other parts of the body or with certain motifs that you are considering?

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