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Male & Female Special Ankle Words Tattoos




Milla Väänänen (@_miltsi)

“The monster running wild inside of me” quote tattoo on ankle

tattoo artist 채화 (@_ch11388)

Flower and the quote ankle tattoo

Anchor and words ankle tattoo

Pauliina Peltonen?? (@pauliinaroosa)

“Big sister” words ankle tattoo

Izzy Maisonpierre (@imaisonpierre)

“I love you” words tattoo for ankle

Word tattoo for ankles

Quote and colorful flowers ankle tattoo

Federica (@twyggi13)

Words and a red balloon ankle tattoo

Leti Mortimer (@letimortimer)

Sign with words creative ankle tattoo

Shae Sullivan (@sullivan363)

Funny “thig life” quote ankle tattoo

“Hopeless romantic” words ankle tattoo

#tattoos #ankletattoo #inklife

Matt Clark (@mattmassclark)

Card and words ankle tattoo for guys

Marine Caleri (@marinecaleri_illustration)

“Baby doll” words ankle tattoo for girls

TIFANA TATTOO (@tifanatattoo)

“One in a million” quote ankle tattoo

Lucia Casella (@loutchhhfitness)

“Do it with love” quote ankle tattoo

We hope you liked this set of quotes ankle tattoos!

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